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Building the Ultimate iPhone X

Building the Ultimate iPhone X

This video is sponsored by RhinoShield. Hey guys, this is Austin. Here on the channel, we’ve built some pretty
questionable stuff, but today it’s time to
give the iPhone X a shot. So, when RhinoShield
challenged us to do something a little creative with their new Mod case, I felt like it seemed
like the natural choice. So, if you guys aren’t
familiar with RhinoShield, it’s what I use on my phone every day. Now, the idea here is that it
is a bumper that will protect your phone while still leaving
the front and back exposed. However, with their new Mod case, you actually can do a lot more than that. I like using the black frame
with the white buttons, but you can also add a back plate. Now, not only will this
help protect your phone, but also will allow you to
add lenses to the iPhone. So, you have a few different
lenses to choose from, but my favorite is the HD wide angle. Now, the idea here is,
especially when you’re using the iPhone X, not only do
you have the telephoto camera and the normal wide angle,
when you put this guy on, it gives you an even wider field of view. The lenses just screw right on and once you get them in place, you can just take off the lens cap, and if you open up the camera, boom! While a lot of lenses can be fairly soft, this actually looks really nice and sharp. Especially when you put it side by side with the normal iPhone camera,
it makes a big difference. The Mod case can also protect against some pretty serious abuse, and I found that out the hard
way, as well as on purpose. RhinoShield claims that this
will protect up to an 11 foot drop test, and uh, this looks like a little
bit more than that. So, (laughs) here goes nothing. This is my iPhone, so I
really hope it doesn’t break. Okay, three, two, one… (crashing)
Ohh! Three, two, one… (slow motion whirring) (crashing)
Ohh! I don’t wanna look. I don’t wanna look. I’m gonna look.
(laughing) Woo! It’s even still recording! Hi Ken. Okay. Oh yeah, totally fine. I wasn’t worried or anything. So any good vlogger
should know that you need the Casey Neistat special. So, not only do we have a GorillaPod, but we also have a tripod
mount for a smartphone. Now, there are a ton of
different versions of these. I like this metal one,
which I’ve actually seen under a bunch of different brand names, but I’ll make sure to link
this one into the description. Also, a little pro tip. Even though this has rubber,
it actually does make sense to use something like a RhinoShield, because it will scratch your phone. So, now this is looking a lot better. But, good video is nothing
without good audio. That’s where this comes in. So, this is the Shure MV88 and
it is a Lightning microphone. So, this should, in theory,
sound a lot better than the built-in microphone on the iPhone. But, the only problem is, is that the Lightning
port on this guy is tiny, which means that we had to improvise. By improvise, I mean Ken
cut up a Lightning dock to make it actually fit on our phone, because he’s talented and
dedicated and hates money. I mean, come on, you clicked on building the ultimate iPhone X, did you not think we were
going to get to this point? So, I think the wider angle camera definitely helps for vlogging, but the microphone sounds so much better than the built-in iPhone. And I mean, yes, there
are probably slightly more practical ways of
vlogging from your iPhone, but for something that if
you wanna carry this around (laughs) in your pock– (laughs) I can’t even say
it with a straight face. No one’s gonna walk around with this. But, it works. Kind of. All right, so I am now
vlogging from my super cool iPhone X vlog rig. So, you guys can be the judge
for yourself with the quality, but with the wider angle camera, you’re getting a little
bit more in the shot. Hopefully, the mic sounds
pretty good as well. But, say vlogging isn’t your thing, but you still wanna build
the ultimate iPhone. Oh, we’re not done yet. This is the Wireless
Universal Foldable Keyboard, and okay, well that’s a
little bit of a dirty pouch, but whatever. Ohh… What? (laughs) Wait.
(clicking) Ohh! (laughs) Wait, wait. That’s actually– Wait, that’s a full size keyboard. My Geology 101 report is Ken is a really handsome guy. Okay, that’s not great.
Can we talk about how you’re just using the phone sideways? (laughs) No, we don’t have to
talk about that at all, Ken. Because… I have a monitor. Hey! (laughs) (laughs) All right. Let’s do this. Let’s start Tweeting. Hi, my name is Austin and I make bad decisions. (laughs) This is so much fun. I love doing dumb stuff with tech. It’s the best. If all that wasn’t enough, you can also add a
Bluetooth game controller, such as the SteelSeries Nimbus. Because you know, when
you have an HDMI display, you gotta play some games. And, I’m playing Minecraft on an iPhone using a game controller and a monitor. Also, why is nothing loading? (laughs) How’d I break Minecraft? That’s not– That shouldn’t be a thing. Oh, there we go. I’ve actually gotta say
this does feel like playing Minecraft on anything else. The controller feels good, pretty much just something
like an Xbox controller. While for some reason
the iPhone is displaying in a smaller window, it does work. Should anyone ever actually
play games like this? Probably not. Is it fun? Absolutely. So, while some might say
that this isn’t the most practical setup in the world, but I’m actually pretty
impressed with some of it, most notably the video rig. Now, no you shouldn’t probably
use a Bluetooth keyboard and a controller and an HDMI
display with your iPhone, but if you’re shooting video, this is actually not a bad way of going. Just add a microphone,
and something like these lenses that go with the RhinoShield Mod case can make a big difference. So, what would you guys put
in your ultimate iPhone X? And no, you can’t just
say an Android phone. Let me know in the comments below, and I will catch
you in the next one. (laughs)

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