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Buy the BEST Phone at a 50% Discount [2020]

Buy the BEST Phone at a 50% Discount [2020]

How to buy the best phones at 50% off
David Jaffe with and in this video i’m going to
teach you and you are going to discover how to get the best phones for around
50% off. I’m currently recording this on a galaxy S10E that I bought for $340 in June of 2019. Previously I had a Samsung Galaxy S7, I
upgraded to this phone because the video quality is much better additionally my
old phone was kind of falling apart where the headphone jack wasn’t working
so I couldn’t type in or so I couldn’t plug in a lapel mic additionally it
wasn’t charging the charging port was broken and the camera was broken so I’ve
had to use my wife’s phone in order to record videos but in any case I’m going
to teach you how to get a fifty of our new phone for 50% off what you do is you
type in the phone that you want in eBay then you you sort all the listings for
the actual phones not the cases and not the accessories but you will sort all of
the phones by the highest price and then what will happen is you’ll click on
around the fifth or sixth page and then you’ll see the phones that are listed
for around three or four hundred dollars now you want to sort out and disregard
all of the phones that say that IMEI because those are phones that you can
activate and instead you actually want to look for a phone that’s unlocked
because that way you can bring it to your carrier what I do is so again you
you sort it by price and then you disregard all the of the phones that are
selling for a higher price you go to around the fifth or sixth page on eBay
that you will also disregard all of the phones that have bad IME eyes then what
you do is you look for phones that have a small cosmetic blemish or a small
scratch in the screen but which are fully 100% functional those are the
phones that if they are only two or three months old and they have a slight
scratch on the front or the back of the screen that in
no way impairs the functionality of the phone they will be selling for around
three hundred dollars off the current retail price of that phone because
people don’t want to buy a used phone that has a little bit of a scratch so
this phone has a relatively large scratch on the back I think it was a
cracking the screen on the back I think it was dropped on its bottom right
corner but it works perfectly and there is nothing wrong with it and I got this
phone for three hundred and forty dollars when it currently retails for
around $600 the other thing to be keenly aware of is you should always ask the
seller one you should look at the reviews you should make sure that the
seller has a strong history of selling products on eBay because you want to
make sure that they don’t sell you a stolen phone or they don’t sell you a
phone that’s currently being financed so you want to make sure that they have at
least 150 reviews and then you would look at their past auctions and make
sure that they have experience selling cell phones and technology items so at
least a hundred and fifty and the more stars or the more auctions and reviews
they have the better so I would have more confidence buying from someone that
has 800 reviews versus buying someone buying something from someone to list 50
reviews the other thing that’s really important is you have to make sure that
you type in the IMEI into your target phone carrier because you want to make
sure that the phone is not financed and you also want to make sure that the
phone has not been reported as stolen the other thing is I would highly
recommend that you wait at least three or four months until the phone is out
until you you do this for three reasons the first is that after the phone has
been released for three or four months you’re going to get a better deal
because naturally the phone is no longer brand new the second reason is that
there’s going to be increased inventory of phones that have been dropped or the
phones that simply have cosmetic scars but which work which work a hundred
percent functionally so as a result when there’s more supply that is going to
bring the price down all these objects and of
these phones in your goodness you’re going to be able to get a better deal
and the third reason is that by weighting it decreases and mitigates the
risk of you buying a phone with a bad IMEI that is going to be reported as
stolen or that is currently being financed because what a lot of these
scammers do is they’ll buy a phone and then they’ll immediately try to flip it
like a week or two later because they know that at that time the prices are at
their highest but after three or four months the phone has already been paid
off or at least like a third of it or a quarter of it or maybe even a half of it
has already been paid off if the person is late then the IMEI might already be
blocked and also you just substantially reduce the risk of buying a phone which
is a lemon so again by following these simple procedures you are able to obtain
a phone at around 50% off and by checking the IMEI and buying from from
sellers which have very high ratings and reviews you are able to substantially
reduce your risk I have used this strategy to buy almost all my phones I
typically update and upgrade my phone every three years and it has probably
saved me around $1,000 and it really doesn’t take that much time David Jaffee
with please like comment share and subscribe let me
know your thoughts and how you can buy discounted phones I read everyone’s
comments and also I respond and reply to everyone’s common so if you leave a
comment I would definitely appreciate it

16 thoughts on “Buy the BEST Phone at a 50% Discount [2020]”

  1. Excellent video. Your videos always provide good value. You actually inspired me to make my own channel. Keep up the good work David!

  2. I know you mentioned you use the headphone jack and note 10 doesn't have one but you can get most new samsung phones at 40-50% off on pre-order. Biggest Samsung discount are usually BEFORE the actual launch day (maybe to show preorder numbers to investors and compare them with apple?) instead of waiting several months until they are outdated and used with cosmetic defects. I just bought the Note 10+ for about $550 (MSRP $1100 + TAX) after selling the accessories they give you for free on eBay and trading in a pixel 3 phone that I bought on eBay for $300 and samsung took it for $600. Other discounts were referral code (10%), freezing card trick (10%), 9% cash back from rakuten, unidays/EPP account discount (7.5%) etc. I've been upgrading to each samsung flagship for free since the S7 (I usually sell the old one for more than what I paid for a few months ago).

    This only works with Samsung phones (I haven't seen the same to be the case with iphone, pixels, oneplus, sony, motorola, etc) but I'm commenting because you mentioned in the video that you use samsung phones if you ever want a samsung flagship on preorder for about 50% off let me know and I'll send you all the discounts and tricks available before you order.

  3. i always upgrade my smartphones. But i want a NEW phone that hasn't been used before, so I guess this method isn't for me. But yes, getting a $750 phone for $340 is a great deal.

  4. Isn't this risky though? What happens if you buy it, and the IMEI number is good and then months later they report it as stolen?

  5. nice video David. I've noticed that some of your recent videos have better video quality and audio quality than your past videos.

  6. Being non-materialistic is admirable. Frugality is sensible. But a super successful trader letting the single most important tool of his trade both for trading and making videos fall into such disrepair and then replace it with a second hand used phone with a cracked screen he bought off ebay? That's disturbing. No offense.

  7. Thanks for the video David. Will contact you later regarding the options trading. This is actually my old business I used to sell and purchase on eBay mobile Apple products mostly. What I learned after many many years the best legal Way of getting the best deals on the newest phones: this applies to Apple phones mostly as that’s my phone which are tougher to get subsidies from companies. The new Samsung‘s are high priced as well now but if you can apply it to Apple iPhones it would help at all the other makes and models. First always have a business account with your carrier I’ll get to that later. As soon as the phone is released wait 1 to 2 weeks for returns to your carrier stores. Example I’m in Canada I deal with Rogers Wireless. There’s always customers that use the phone for that 15 day return (that most carrier companies provide) and return it with absolutely no damages and the carrier has to sell it as a refurbished phone. Very important to get the Manager of the carrier business store you’re dealing with contact info and keep contacting every day as there will always be a customer returning and then you can go fast and pick it up before it sells. With Rogers the managers of the business stores can offer a maximum of $200 discount (refurb open box) with the contract additional to the other discounts. Now the reason I said business account is because they offer better subsidies for business accounts with Rogers and I’m assuming most US carriers as a post to the personal accounts. Example for Rogers when I got the last iPhone X max top phone I got that same $200 discount additional $200 port in credit (which is simple you port in your non-contract line to a prepaid virgin mobile or other prepaid companies and port it back into Rogers to get the discount) and they offer an additional $200 discount for business customers. This does not include the additional subsidy discount of $550. Now the only major negative of course is your in contract but if you do the math after all the fees my phone was pre-tax about $1800 CAD with the discounts came up to about $650 CAD. Even if you want to break the contract you only have to pay the 24 month divided by the subsidy discount to $550. So you still get the regular discounts in the beginning applied depending on your carrier right on the spot or you have to wait a couple billing cycles. It might be easier for US companies as there’s so much competition. Here in Canada it’s terrible with competition. But it’s important to always get a business account because they offer better discounts and much better customer service. I change my phones every year I’m a technology junkie 😁 I just keep using two lines that I use because eventually one line expires every 24 months so I don’t get the additional contract risk for more than two lines. I hope this helps anyone reading when purchasing completely high margin rip off phones like Apple 📱😂👍🏽

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