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Call Me By Your Name Trailer #1 (2017) | Movieclips Indie

Call Me By Your Name Trailer #1 (2017) | Movieclips Indie

Professor Perlman! Thank you so much. It’s so nice to meet you. I can show you around. That’d be great. Thank you. So what do you do around here? Read books. Transcribe music. Swim at the river. Go out at night. Sounds fun. Alright. Later! Just watch, this is how he’ll say goodbye to us when the time comes. Later. Meanwhile, we’ll have to put up with him for six long weeks. Muscles are firm. Not a straight body in these statues. They’re all curved. Sometimes impossibly curved and so nonchalant. Hence their ageless ambiguity, as if they’re daring you to desire. Is there anything you don’t know? If you only knew how little I know about the things that matter. What things that matter? You know what things. Are you saying what I think you’re saying? I shouldn’t have said anything. Just pretend you never did. Nature has cunning ways of finding our weakest spot. Call me by your name and I’ll call you by mine.

100 thoughts on “Call Me By Your Name Trailer #1 (2017) | Movieclips Indie”

  1. Saw this film when it first came out and I'm so happy that it got recognized as well as ladybird.They deserve all awards they may have gotten!:)

  2. ughhh this film is so beautiful 😭😭 this is the kind of music you think about days after you watch it…bruh i was crying so much at the end

  3. I am a 60yo man now. When I was 17, the same thing happened to me. I met a handsome 30yo man and we had a relationship that lasted until I was about to go off to college. He was a friend of my mother's and he was in the closet. We had some amazingly intimate and passionate times together, but ultimately his self-loathing and societal pressure was too much for him to overcome and he took his life. I remember my Mother coming home from work to tell me that he had committed suicide. I stood there in silence not wanting to give away my grief and guilt that maybe I had something to do with his death. I remember this as if it was yesterday and it still haunts me.

  4. Am I the only one who went like "ELIO CAN YOU N O T?!? YOU'RE SPILLING APRICOT JUICE ALL OVER YOURSELF AND THE SHEETS!!!!!" In the Peach scene??

  5. I watched this movie some time ago and still can't stop thinking about it. Ended up downloading the soundtrack from spotify. Makes me want to experience first love again… I think lol❤💔

  6. I would like to be able to forget this film just to be able to see it every time as if it were the first and relive the same emotions

  7. I didn't watch this movie as it's banned in my country, I looked after it on the net but it seems that's not available yet, so I started reading the book and it turns me crazy. the story just brought feeling to me that I never felt. I want to be loved by someone. I'm very honest now. bye

  8. I've just finished the book. I'm afraid of watching the film because I don't want this endless summer in my mind to end…

  9. Call me by your name is a movie about a pedophile with a underage boy. This movie is sick and made for pedophiles! i am gay and that movie repulses me.

  10. I remember last years Oscar's buzz about this movie and I finally got to watch it last night and omg the film is a masterpiece on it's own. The two actors were incredible and had such chemistry I felt as if I were watching 2 ppl fall in love on screen in real time. Wow!! I can't wait for the sequel because now I want to know if "Elio" and "Oliver's" story will have a happy ending. no pun intended lol😊

  11. I'm in the midst of a grand mission to make myself as familiar as possible with gay-themed cinema. So far, staying off the beaten path, here are some of the movies I found worth watching. "The Hollow Reed" (UK), "Four Moons" (Mexico), "Five Dances" (US), "We Think the World of You" (UK), "Sebastian" (Norway), "Heartstone" (Iceland), "Nobody's Watching (US?) "Out of the Closet, Off the Screen: The Life of William Haines." The last one is a documentary about a man I had never heard of and whose story every Lugbut (I added vowels to LGBT to make it pronounceable as a word — I hope it catches on) ought to know. If you are interested in gay-themed poetry and music, you might want to check out my youtube channel.

  12. I liked the movie I just wasn’t into the actors. If it was Billie Joe Armstrong and Kevin Preston I would of watched it over and over again. If you don’t know who they are watch the video in my channel. And it’s not about the age Timothée is really 22 in real life and Armie is 31. Billie is 46 and Kevin is like 35. There consenting adults so I don’t really understand why people have issues with ages.

  13. This is one of those few movies that make me forget I was watching a movie. Very immersive. Chalamet wasnt acting, he just became Elio.

  14. I got the chance to see this movie without needing any subtitles. I speak italian as a native tongue and english/french almost as well, the sound of all those languages sounded so clear and familiar. This movie is just the best thing that could happen to me, it was a true blessing. The setting, the plot, the actors…I loved every piece of this movie. I can relate to Elio, I had a similar experience, and seeing all of this beauty, the semplicity, the purity and at the same time the sensuality of this movie truly made me the happiest person alive.

  15. I will watch this film the moment I find someone who changes my world and makes me believe in love. 9/23/18 5:46 am just a girl curious about what's to come. might take years who knows but I'll be back. (17 btw)

  16. this is not just a movie …….this is a deep deep reality how a person unintnsnaly chng som1s life………..even after knwing this is jst a movie i realy feel very bad for both of them…..😢

  17. How on earth did the Shape of Water beat Call me by your Name for Best Picture. I loved Shape of Water but clearly this was the better film and should have won.

  18. Do movies get any more perfect than this? I am totally blown away by this movie. It captures first love so perfectly. I can't remember, if ever, I saw such raw emotion on screen. It was like watching a documentary. Also the emotional intelligence those parents showed made by heart soar. Why can't all parents be like that?

    Call Me By Your Name has become one of my most favorite films ever.

  19. I was 16 when I had my first consensual affair with a guy that was 23 and I knew exactly what I was doing. In fact much like the movie I was the hunter and he was the prey. And I wouldn't change it for the world, although much like this film he ended up breaking my heart by eventually cheating on me. Obviously looking back on it, it was a relationship that could never work, but as a tool for self discovery it was perfect. Now I am over 40 and I can fondly, and with warmth, look back on that period.

  20. this movie got an oscar for best screenplay but i only hear about it now ? gee , hollywood sucks more and more at marketing these days .

  21. Guys stop saying that this movie is about a pedophile falling in love with an underage kid. Elio in the movie is 17! Hes old enough to make his own decisions. And Oliver too is only 24. They are both very young and as long as whatever happend, happend because they BOTH wanted it then wheres the problem. In my country it happens very often and with bigger age gaps. The relationship that is shown in the movie is very pure and some could describe it as a teenage love story. If its not abusive and toxic then where's the problem?!

  22. the age gap is pretty creepy doesn't matter what country there from it's not ok. Hollywood loves to push there pedophile and homosexual agenda to destroy the Christian faith in America. I wonder what group of people want this and who runs hollywood!?

  23. '' this is not love
    this is beyond any labial
    it has so many deep emotions
    this feelings is so beautiful
    yet , makes us hate reality
    god gave us the power of feelings
    some pf them cant be described
    or felt agine
    it is so beautiful , yet so painful''
    this is what i wrote in my notebook after watching this movie
    im not a big fan of long comments but i felt this film deserived a part of me
    this film has woken something in me , the needing to be human agine
    we deal with all these bullshit in our daily life , it consum so much of our nature
    it is something i really felt sad about after watching this film
    it gave me a weird but familier feeling that i felt i knew it even thought i never lived in it
    this film is not realatable in many ways , but that emotions , we all felt it one way or another , somehow
    and i miss it so much , to be human agine
    thank you for reminding me for all the things i forgat
    a really great movie.

  24. so I came here because of Taehyungiee~ he mentioned this movie in their vlive, and he said that he watched this movie.. he likes the ost.. sooo imma watchhh thissss tooo ehhee❣️💜❣️💜

  25. My brother is 25 and his wife is 34.. she’s an amazing person and we treat her normally, love is love guys.. chill out

  26. why i cant get over to this movie?… it hit me hard, the last part on a train scene deep hugs for goodbyes and the car scene picked up by his mom and the last part.. ugh! the feel the pain. This movie is brilliant tho.

  27. Everytime before exams, I have this weird urge to watch all movies in the world. I hate it but can't stop myself. I should study

  28. i really want to watch this but my homophobic parents would never allow it 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  29. all i can say to anyone considering watching this movie is please do. i still think about it, the most beautiful film i have ever seen

  30. where does the tolerance end exactly ????? where will we be in 50 years? I dread the thought. stick to what is natural.

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