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Call of Duty Mobile on the iPhone 11 Pro Max is AMAZING!

Call of Duty Mobile on the iPhone 11 Pro Max is AMAZING!

100 thoughts on “Call of Duty Mobile on the iPhone 11 Pro Max is AMAZING!”

  1. Wouldn’t playing with a controller defeat the purpose? It’s call of duty mobile as in on the go. If people wanna controller why not just play console?

    *edit: I personally like to use the 3D Touch aim so there’s not as many buttons all over the place

  2. And this is why I use the advanced mode, cuz its too easy and gimmicky for me. Also advanced moode is far easier for me.

  3. i am talented with my fingies cause in every mobile shooter i play claw if i can but i play on a 6s so my game don’t look too good

  4. Me play cod mobile:man I'm destroying these guys!

    Merk uploads

    Me:oh he uploaded.


  5. Lol, played on my auntys android and maaaaate. The graphics are alright but takes time to load and kinda laggy. And btw, u can hold the fire button and u will automatically shoot until you let go.

  6. Yes, this game does i have SBMM. I went like 34:3 in my first game and in the next game i went up against people who were good.

  7. Oddly enough, he actually got used to the controls pretty fast. Knifing in this game is actually quite better than expected lel. Just wait till they add gun game hehehehehe.

  8. Having fun with this game. Advanced controls definitely the better option. Just takes some getting used too. Definitely wanna see more of this

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