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Call of Duty: Zombies

Call of Duty: Zombies

Modern Warfare? Oh the times we had! Short range headshots with the Scar… The airport terrorist attack… Chernobyl!!! So many happy memories! Happy Birthday babe! I’m making your favourite! Not long now. I can’t wait to meet him. Or her! Just as long as it’s healthy! Time for one quick game? If you must! -perts are recommending that you stay calm, lock doors and don’t make unnecessary journies. Oh, gun runner! This is gonna be fun! Sniper. Old School. Oh, oh! Just a little rusty… Oh… just need to get my bearings. Gah for ffff… Dinner’s ready! Just a sec babe! Sorry, this is harder than I remember… Tim? Shall I bring it in to you? FOR THE LOVE OF GOD JUST GIVE ME ONE DAMN SECOND! You’re the noob, noob! I was playing COD while you were still a twinkle in your daddy’s nutsack! Are you coming to bed? AH you… you just got me killed. Fuck’s sake. Sweetie come on, you’ve got work in the morning! SILENCE! Give me. Fucking. Silence. The news said not to go outside, but… We have no food, Tim. TIM! Shitbag? You’re calling me a shitbag? You’re the one who eats your shit. Should we open it? Tim? I think I’m sick, Tim. That’s fine. You look lovely I think. AHHHHHHHH WOO! That is what I’m talking about, can you smell what the Tim is cooking! Oh yes! Now who’s the douche noob huh? Who’s the nooby douche? OW! Who’s the nooby douche hahahaha not me- OW! That’s how it’s played sunshine- OW! ARGH! AAAAARRRGH! Loser. Let’s go to the creek! Haha

100 thoughts on “Call of Duty: Zombies”

  1. Yeah, that game drained a LOT of people's time lol. It was fun, but going over 3 hours a match in Zombies was a LOT of time per game lol. You turned it off and felt…. dirty lmbo

  2. tim has some problems but if it came to a zombie apocalypse I would be prepared I already have a armory and like two backpacks full of ammo because me and my friend will survive the epidemic

  3. Great video just one question: Why the hell would she open the door during a zombie outbreak without a gun? Or at least checking the peep hole

  4. This scenario would never actually happen in real life,

    The game wouldn't finish downloading until LONG after everyone died out.

  5. Ah, now I realize why we have never nor will ever glimpse a pregnant woman in a zombie movie.

    … But seriously what would happen?

  6. This is a reality, oh the reputation of games in the west really got fucked up by Call Of Duty, oh the gamemanity, what have you done? What have you fricking done! Now trump will send the Zombies!!
    Ps. This is quality PSA

  7. Props to the overall message.
    Firstly, The Lame Store

    Secondly, Zombies, Band Wagoners who seek no cognitive-behavioural engagement infest Call Of Duty & bland cash cows like it.

  8. If I ever had a zombie apocalypse in my area? I'd just find the nearest gun shop, hope they sell C4s and create a giant ass bomb out of it and drive away with my family and nuke the whole town? Yeah… That sounds about right.

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