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Calling Numbers You Should NEVER Call

Calling Numbers You Should NEVER Call

BOO! Did I scare you? No. . . Okay. There, now I got you. So since it’s October, I wanted to do more spooky videos so here it is! Today we are doing it Phone numbers. Not any other number And I’m gonna be calling them on my phone. Before I start, PLEASE don’t try any of these. I don’t want anything to happen to you guys. I wouldn’t put you at risk like that, so I’m doing it to myself. So if anything happens to me It’s me and not you well. Why do you know on this site? It said warning these numbers are said to be cursed and have a urban legend or creepy stories related to it So whatever you do don’t call these numbers. I’m doing it for you guys. Don’t do this so the first one is according to urban legend in Thailand 999 999 is a cursed number if you call and make a wish your wish will be granted But however you will die soon afterwards in a freak accident. You know what I ain’t no pussy We’re gonna call with my real number. All right 9 9 9 9999 Let’s go oh Thank you for calling Zayn’s law if you’ve been injured I would like to open a new case with us Please press 1 if you have an active case with us, and you would like to speak to your team. Please hold up You’re saying is the urban legends in Thailand, but what I call this number as a lawyer’s office that one’s in the clear? Oh, I heard about this one. It’s called red numbers You can’t really call it but appears on your phone, so people in Pakistan or warning each other not to pick up calls from numbers that appeared on the screen in red They claimed these are cursed phone numbers Or death calls apparently if you answer the call you will hear a high-frequency Signal that causes you to have brain problems killing you instantly These are reports that dozens of people have already been killed by answering calls from these sinister numbers Bro that’s actually insane. I don’t know if that’s true, but imagine getting a call from a red number And you just die instantly whenever they made a movie about this cuz I’d be a really good idea I mean you could just not answer the call you guys ever got a call in red Don’t pick it up cuz you’ll probably die. That’s not really something I can try the next time We’re doing is known as Sadako’s number if you call this number you’re supposed to be able to hear some strange Creepy noise they say that anyone who calls the number will die within a week of some type of accident guys if I die in a week, you know why is because I did this damn video Was it worth it? Probably not I in Japan the number four sounds like the word for death Sadako was a ghost from the ring movies So maybe this number was set up to promote the movie I don’t know. Let’s call it zero ninety four four four four four four four Music when you come back again The music You guys hear the first time I could hear it clear, and then the second time. I call those like breaking up and I Don’t know. I don’t know it’s just a little creepy. I’m just a little creeped out just a little bit alright guys The reason why we’re all here the scariest most forbidden number the six six six six six six six six six six I know it’s a mouthful for many years people all over the world have been receiving creepy text messages Some people believe these numbers come from the devil and in many cases these calls don’t show up on the phone bill Here’s a little story of someone’s experience with this number We’re in a car going home when our friend received a call on a cell phone from 666 6666 he never picked up the phone, and we even joked about how the devil was calling him from hell several minutes later He received the voicemail now This was the oddest voicemail I ever heard it Sounded like a hallow voice and there was a lot of static in the background We were only able to determine a couple words But it scared the sh** out of us and for some reason the message was erased several hours later And there was no sign of it on his bill. I mean did y’all die Y’all didn’t die So I’m gonna call the 666 number alright guys I think we should just try this first before the actual long one so let’s see Okay that didn’t work y’all ready for this y’all. I am ready for this Ringing Hello Hello hello I Don’t think I want to do this video, anymore I’m like what am I curse now? That was really creepy it was a hallow voice and there was a lot of static in the background I don’t know if this is a joke I don’t know any of these are jokes, but I call this number before and it didn’t work That’s why this is creepy Cuz I have called this before like several months ago And nothing happened like I think it just has the error like welcome to Verizon Wireless whatever I mean Well Well, they said the message was erased several hours later didn’t show off on the bill I’m scared, but I think I should call it again I want to know what happens. I want to know what happens. I’m not scared of this Wireless your call cannot be completed as dialed Please check the number I again and what? Why does it do that, I’m actually getting a little freaked out all right, let’s move on another one in 2010 the phone number 0 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 Was suspended after 3 previous owners of this phone number all died The first to die was Vladimir grass nog, who died of cancer which was apparently caused by radioactive poisoning The phone number was then given to Constantine Demetrio who was shot dead while out on a date the final owner of the number was Constantine dish leav who was shot dead while eating lunch Ok well I mean all these guys sound Russian so I Aint Russian Try this again 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 There’s a lot of eights Well that didn’t work That’s a relief alright the last one We have here is 1 million In some Asian countries people claim that the phone number 1 million was cursed if you call that you would hear male voice telling you That if you did not call 15 more people and tell them about the curse number you would die this sounds like those MySpace things where you have to like repost, and if you don’t repost them you’ll die, I never did that I never believe that But this is gonna be the last one. I call so we’re gonna call this one literally 1 million All right Hello Hello Hello hello settle Walt hello hello Is the dude talking hello sir can you hear me? The fuck Hello, like someone’s playing a movie All of these is from maybe put a curse on me I’m gonna call 15 people real quick and tell them about this curse number. I really asked 15 people in my contacts Yeah, so I hope I called this cursed number, and they said to call 15 people so you don’t get the curse Thank you, I appreciate it Okay have a nice day Yeah But anyways that’s all for today, I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you gotta little creeped out make sure you leave a like and subscribe to the Wolfpack Love you guys so much things watching bye guys guys

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  1. I just wanted to let you know that your intro was really really really bad it didn't even scare me one like if it scared you?

  2. 666 666 666 scarde the shi out of me because My dog was liking around the house for no reason and when he Heard a noise he don't play attention

  3. My stepsister tried an Indian number and 3 weeks later she died from a heart attack she said she heard and saw people I really miss her so never call any of these Indian or red numbers please I’m telling u this is real FOR YOUR OWN SAFTEY DO NOT !!!🙅🏻‍♂️🙏🏻

  4. You didn't even scare me not to the jump scare and I'm not trying to be mean but I'm your biggest fan of the world

  5. The last one was a prank, its an online scary funeral music that you can find on youtube. Atleast from I know, its a prank.

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