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Can the Blackview Phone Survive? Reviewing the Blackview BV9700 Pro

Can the Blackview Phone Survive?    Reviewing the Blackview BV9700 Pro

Yucca Well, as most of you know I work in pretty rugged environments a lot of times, and my phone takes a lot of abuse Water, dust, accidental drops. All of these things resulted in an early death for my previous phones But not this one. I’ve had the Blackview BV9700 for
almost six months now. It has endured water,… dust,… drops… All of these things would have resulted in an instant death for the phones I used to have But, the Blackview continues
working perfectly just like when I first got it I even tested it in the ocean. Selfie video from this Blackview phone Photo bomb by a sea lion! Say, “hi” First of all, I just
want to say that this is not a paid product review I was given this phone by the company about six months ago and they asked me if I would do a review on it, giving my honest opinion And so I did I thought I would wait several months, use it, put it under a real test And so now I am here to tell you the results of me owning this phone for six months My previous phones would be pretty much destroyed by now But this has a really cool design and it’s tough, it’s like a military spec phone It doesn’t come with a case. What I’m
trying to say is that I did not add a protective case on it. This is the phone as it comes.
It’s metal, it’s heavy. It’s about twice the weight of a normal phone because of the metal
construction And it also has these really tough rubber corners and backing For me what is important about a phone is that it be a rugged design and that it be able to endure a lot of abuse Often I drop phones, but also in the weather I don’t have to worry about
this getting wet in the rain. Not a problem. If it falls in the ocean, not a problem Those are the features that mean the most for me as an outdoorsman But it has some other qualities
that are also very impressive. One being the battery life. The battery on this phone. I
don’t know how long is fair to really say for an average use. But I’m thinking close to two days. I’m very happy about that because I can go out all day and not worry about it.
I can take photos and videos. Now I personally haven’t owned some of the high end phones that are out on the market But this camera is better than that of any of the phones that I have had previously So I am very happy with the quality The front camera is really good The back camera here, for selfies or whatever, is pretty good That’s the opinion coming from a photographer who uses a little bit higher end photography equipment I know these phones will not match to the quality that I expect from my camera so we got to be forgiving there I does video in 1080p It does time lapse, which is pretty good The only thing
with the time lapse that I have noticed is that The auto-exposure will automatically
adjust throughout the time lapse, so for example If it is a setting sun you’ll see the exposure will be great and then it will kind of flicker based on when the clouds come in so you will have some flickering as a result of that What I use this phone for is just communicating you know whether it be Facebook or Instagram I’ll transfer sometimes photos from my camera to the phone And I also use
the data from my cell phone plan to upload to the internet So what I do is I create
a hotspot and I connect my laptop to this phone And that works pretty good because I’ve
had other phones where that connection was really really slow But it is good with this
one In fact, I’ve compared it to someone who owns an iPhone, one of the newer iPhones, and it was about the same speed So that is really really good and very important to me
because that is often how I connect To the internet is right through my phone through
the hotspot Okay so it has the toolbox which has a sound meter It’s extremely quiet here.
So that’s cool It has a compass Now the compass, you have to calibrate it by doing
this It says, “snake the phone to calibrate the compass” The compass is great. It’s showing
north is that way. Awesome. Now it has a flashlight Now it has a flashlight also Okay Most phones have a flashlight.
That can come in handy at times. Gradienter So it will tell you how level the ground is Just put it on a flat surface and if it is at a slope, it will tell you how much of a slope Heart rate, the heart rate, we can do that You know, if you are out running You have to put your finger on the back of this right here This is where it has the heart rate meter and it will measure your heart rate Now again, this is one of those measurements that should be done a few times and then you take the average Don’t just do it once and expect to have a
super accurate reading like you might get at your doctor’s office Heart rate is good.
I’m still alive. I still got a few years left. Just kidding, it doesn’t say that It has a magnifier. It’s kind of cool. You know, it basically shows the image like you’re taking a photo and then you just move the magnifier to zoom in Another thing an alarm Okay, this is for if you are in a crowd or something and you’re signaling, “Hey, I’m over here” So it has that flashing flashlight It has an alarm That’s kind of loud. But,
here there is nobody around to hear me. So, it’s not going to work here Screen flash. Again, if you are maybe in a crowd or, I don’t know This would only work at night though
when it’s dark out, in a dark place Yeah, it’s like an S.O.S. signal, that’s what these are. I know there’s an airplane up there and you know what? Look at this, I’ve got this reflection
here. What if I just ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta… We can do that to the airplane, where is it? Ah, they’re not going to see me. Anyways… What else we got here? A pedometer. Now, this is something I have never used in my life I know a lot of people do It’s fun to measure how many steps you walk in a day and people set goals I never measure it I just walk and my goal is just to get from point A to point B and do what I got to do I think it starts at the beginning of the day and I have 5,498 steps so far Trying to add a few more there. So yeah, if you want that then you can measure your steps. The barometer reading. Now this one I was disappointed in. I don’t know how accurate it is. It is supposed to measure barometric pressure, also altitude. And with the altitude I could never really
get it to work It just never seemed to,… wait, maybe this is correct No, but then it changes. What the heck? I don’t understand it. It says 2,120 feet. Maybe that’s correct. But then it says 2,664 meters which doesn’t make any sense. Anyway, so I don’t use that. Gas monitor Alright, this will measure the dangerous CO2 levels in your home Now I’m out in the middle of nowhere and other than the occasional jet that passes by there’s nobody here And the CO2 density is,… can you guess how much? Zero. We got good clean
air here. Mother nature taking good care of us Alright, so that’s the toolbox You know,
I should go over taking pictures with the camera This is a feature that is really important
to me because I do take a lot of pictures and I take some videos I’m going to take a
picture right now. This is a picture looking at you. And then it has a way I can just push
a button here and then we go into selfie mode And I can take my selfie picture. Hello everybody.
Okay, there is a selfie. And it has different modes for photos. You know, it has beauty, it has face cute, portrait, and so you’ve got these different modes and that’s for the
selfie shot, and then for the regular photo you also have night time. You have night time
photography mode which I guess would just be a slower shutter speed. The night time
photography is pretty good. And then you also can get into video mode and I’m going to shoot a quick video here. And yes, we are going to do my selfie shot. Video shot right here. Hello, greetings everybody, I hope you enjoy this video. Good to see you. Alright. So that’s the photography and video and again those are important features for me. Oh! I need to show you how to use this underwater. Underwater is a little bit different because when you’re in the water your finger touching the screen it just doesn’t work So, to set it for underwater you slide down. Or you swipe down. I don’t even know the lingo for tech stuff. I’m sorry. So, you swipe down. And then you swipe down again and you have different modes here. It says wi-fi, bluetooth, for turning on that and you’ll see one that says, there’s an icon that says, “underwater”. You press “underwater” and now when it’s in underwater mode the screen is inactive You can’t control anything by touching the screen. Only these three buttons up here will work for taking photos and stuff. So, it’s in photo mode. To take a photo underwater I just press this button here. Boom. And again, like I mentioned the different photo modes and to get to video you use this middle button And so you press that and you get into different photo modes. Now I’m in video. And to take video I just push this button to take video. Again here, and again to stop it. And that’s that. Now to get into selfie mode. I’m going to go back into photo. And now to go into selfie mode you press and hold the middle button. And now I’m in selfie mode. And to take a selfie photo. Hello. Alright. And to get out of the underwater mode you simply turn it off. Boom. Press that button there
that’s on this side Okay, and then to get back into your phone you press the on button and put in your password and you’re ready to go So, If you have interest in this phone,
if you want to check it out, and maybe get one, I put some links in the description. They are down below. So you can click on those, learn more about it. I don’t know how big it is in the United States I think it’s more popular in some other countries at this time but it’s a good phone. The value of it when I got it was about 350 dollars, which
is a really good price, considering all the features and the durability. So it may be
worth checking out, especially if you are an outdoorsman, if your phone goes through some abuse, weather, all this stuff. I believe that this is supposed to work under very cold conditions and very hot conditions Sometimes I have this thing very close to the fire Sometimes I’m taking a picture of the of the flames or pottery that I’m cooking in the fire or food I’m cooking and I get this thing really really close. So it gets pretty
hot. So, hey, it’s just another cool thing, good feature about it. You know, not being
plastic, because of the metal. That metal is not going to melt when it gets close to the fire. So, it might be worth checking out. So go for it and I hope you enjoy this video
and if you get the phone I hope you enjoy it too. Alright, happy adventures!

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    Anyway. This was a cool review and I thank you for it.

  15. Hi Tarzan 🙂 ! Yeah! I heard BlackView is better for the outdoor fans. I have lost my Apple iPhone because the migrants stolen the expensive Apple mobile phones. Apple iPhone is good for outdoor but not for bushcraft and adventure. I buy cheap BlackView with camera 1080p60 (60fps!!!) and new Android 10 (dark/grey mode) in next time. I don't know which outdoor mobile phone with camera 60fps from BlackView. Greeting ZilleOutdoor

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