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Can We Auto-Correct Humanity?

Can We Auto-Correct Humanity?

Did you know the average person spends four years of his life looking down at a cellphone Kinda ironic ain’t it how. These touchscreens can, make us lose touch But it’s, no wonder in a world filled with Imax ipads and iphones so many eyes so many selfies not enough us is and we see? What can we do about it? Technology, has made us more Selfish and separate than ever Because while it claims to connect this Connection has gotten no better And let me express first mr. Zuckerberg, not to be rude but you should reclassify facebook to what it is an anti social network Cuz, while, we may have big friend lists so many of us are friendless all alone cuz Friendships are more broken than the screens on our very phones, we sit at home on our computers measuring self-worth By the numbers of followers and likes Ignoring those, who actually love us it seems we’d rather write An angry post and talk to someone who might actually hug us am i buggin You, tell me cuz, i asked the friend the other, day let’s meet up face-to-face they, said i what time you wanna, skype i Responded with, omg and so rested in a bunch of Estimations and realized what, about me do i not have the patience to have the conversation without Abbreviation this is the generation of media over stimulation chats have been reduced so the news is 140 characters videos at 6 seconds at high speed and you wonder why a dd is on the rise faster than 4g lte but Get a load of this Steady show the attention span of the average adult. Today it’s 1 second lower Than that of a goldfish So if you wanted a few people who are aquatic. Animals they, don’t get to click off or close, this video congratulations Let me finish by saying you, do have a choice yes but this one my friends, we cannot autocorrect. We must do it ourselves? Take control of beat control make a decision me no longer do i wanna spoil a precious moment By, recording it with a Phone i’m just gonna keep them i don’t want to take a picture of all my Meals anymore i’m just gonna eat them i don’t want the new, add the new, software or the new Update and if i want to post the old photo who says i have to wait until thursday I’m so tired of performing in the pageantry of vanity and conforming to this accepted format digital insanity Call me crazy but i imagine a world where we smile when, we have low, batteries Because that’ll mean it will be one bar closer to, humanity

100 thoughts on “Can We Auto-Correct Humanity?”

  1. fuck you you make everything seem so much worse than it is you fucking hypocrite who has social media despite saying it's ruining everything

  2. What confuses me is he posts this video and it starts more arguments and disagreements than it does conversation. I disagree with this video. I also don’t like Prince EA and some of his videos. My opinion.

  3. i mean if he didn't post this we would probably not be on our phones right now so if he don't want us on our pones then why is he making a video. I still LOVE him tho:)))))

  4. You’re right yesterday i was with my friends and i told them to get off their cellphones an they didn’t di it

  5. He claimed that add is because of technology which is completely untrue and not even related i have a friend with add and a brother with adhd and it’s because of brain chemicals and neurotransmitters not technology do ur research pls

  6. president of an country? Nah.. if you become president i rather vote you to be the President of the world 😊😍💯♥️

  7. I never liked humanity, but I hate political correctness.

    I don't care about others but unfortunately my freedom depends on The other stupid ergant who don't even understand what freedom is "specially freedom of speech"

  8. all people want is to have followers & likes.And people like junk food so um…uhhh yeah they want that.BTW be president of 2020 Trump said he would make america rich but he cheated plz be president

  9. Me: Okay this time i have to put down my ipad for once and for all!

    Discord notification pops up
    Ah nevermind , maybe another day…*continues using ipad*

  10. Tell it like it is. Technology has gotten us more stressed out, more isolated an society is going backwards. I miss this thing called communities an neighbors knowing each other. Why can't we simply talk to each other? I would gladly go back to before the machines took over!

  11. All of this is bullshit, he makes scientifically incorrect claims and sometimes just lies and makes up fake data. He sites no sources. He says add is on the rise from technology… what the fuck…? Add (also the medical term is adhd) is purely genetic and there is no evidence for his claim. This guy is a lying scumbag, don’t listen to him.

  12. ADD isn't on the rise because of tech as it is genetic although it can be exaggerated by it (the symptoms not the occurences) it is just that the level of understanding for it has led more people to see if they have it but I think you have a point.

  13. THINK about it "you humans are all worthless fucks" is basically all he says but says it in a nice way so you listen, BUT I DONT SUGARCOAT… stop having ugly slutty std children who are as stupid and worthless as u all… u motherfucking humans are annoying

  14. “What time do you want to skype” well that just didn’t happen did lol also who the fuck says “wANa mEeT fAcE T0 FacE” fake bs

  15. I have a friend that would rather text than talk on the phone or text to catch up rather than go have dinner and catch up. We aren’t friends any longer.

  16. Where is your Documentation research studies. This is an poem filling peoples heads with false facts. Next time document where you get your research. Also your opinion is never said but this is.

  17. I never understood what you said in this video intel I lost my phone and haven't have one for a month or so and now looking at this video again I finally understand so thank you for making this video

  18. did you know average person would spend 20 years of time to just talk what they talk in just a year on phone.. we save time and live life otherwise.. STOP THIS!

  19. My mom told me that back then people would live longer because they wouldn't eat fast food or use technology basically everything they did was natural and how we are suppose to live… and now people are dieing from being fat not exercising cuz technology people not caring for the planet global warming caused by factory's and cars
    By the way cancer didn't exist back then now people are dieing… cigarettes causes lung cancer.. Car accident caused by technology… Alcohol
    Drugs… Guns.. Food we eat
    Basically everything is killing us and we humans create it

  20. Everybody agrees with this, but yet they still continue what they think is bad, and I am not saying that I don’t do this. I do..

  21. Normally I try to talk to people about life and ambitions and goals but I always get blocked of or changed the topic by a interest of cars or something else so I lay on bed and write hidden messages on a app for others to see but most fail to see what I'm trying to say, to open their eyes but no its goes unnoticed to most but few react thinking I'm feeling sad but slowly but surely they will see buy what my point is technology is bad to a limit of popularity and other such stuff through social media but those who stand out will lead those people with words to make them know that life really is

  22. Finally somebody young speaking the TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!! Lord JESUS send more youngsters like Prince Ea to speak up & speak loud to help set the cell phone captive FREE!!!!!!

  23. Why is trump a president?
    Why is he only a youtuber?

    To be a president and lead a nation you need Humanity not be greed of money and power to be in the white house

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