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Can you still use Windows phone in 2019? 8 year Android user switched to a Microsoft Windows phone?

Can you still use Windows phone in 2019? 8 year Android user switched to a Microsoft Windows phone?

Since 2011, for the past eight years, I have been an Android user and used a myriad of phones including the current daily driver the Pocophone F1. So last week when I broke the screen of my Pocophone F1, it would have been a no-brainer for me to go to my previous daily driver the Oneplus 2 which is still in a working condition. But surprise surprise I got
this device. This is the Nokia Lumia 630 and I plopped in my SIM card into this device to check whether myself or you can survive with the Windows Phone in 2019. Let’s jump into what happened last one week! As you all might know, Microsoft has announced that they are officially going to call off the support for Windows Mobile platform in December of 2019. And that was the trigger for me to use this phone because probably this is going to be my last chance to try this out. To send the expectations right, let’s talk about the specifics of this phone. I was using a Nokia Lumia 630 which was released in May of 2014 with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 chipset and a tiny 4.5-inch screen with a screen resolution that is unimaginable in today’s standards. Now this is something that striked me on day one. The form factor of this phone is so much comfortable. I realized how much uncomfortable my 6.2-inch Pocophone F1 is to handle compared to this little phone. Now, I was expecting the data speed to be pretty ‘meh’ on this device because most of the windows phones are 3G rather than 4G unless you have phones like the Alcatel idol 4s or the HP Elite X3 which were the last 2 phones to release with Windows mobile platform. But, I was surprised to find out that I was
getting speeds up to 3.6 MbPs which was enough to stream at HD video without any lag. This phone also has a whopping 8 GB of internal storage and 512 MB of RAM and was extremely dim outdoors. It also doesn’t have a selfie camera and I thought “well I’m not a selfie buff anyways so what’s the big deal right?” But then reality hit me hard: I cannot make video calls with this phone. But still, this phone comes with Skype pre-installed! For adding to the bloatware I think… I mean, who is a Skype just for audio calls these days? Anyways, enough about the specifics of
this particular phone and there are not the things that you’re here for right? Let’s jump into the software experience of a Windows Phone. First of all the good stuff! I was mildly surprised to find out that basics like making calls, accessing data, connecting to Wi-Fi and text messaging were all easy enough and smooth. The dark UI looks quite amazing and saves a lot of battery and yeah Apple is realizing this in 2019. Trust me, this phone feels pretty futuristic for its time and even with a tiny 1800 mAh battery, it lasted me a full day
on regular usage. The OS was also designed for one-handed usage even in larger phones by putting all the required stuff at the bottom of the display. Typing experience was also quite smooth but remember that this doesn’t have any third-party keyboard apps so there is no swipe gestures or any third-party prediction but for me, Windows prediction was bang on. Live tiles were also quite useful like how Android widgets are and it looks absolutely better than how Android look. Multitasking was smoother than what I had expected for a phone with fight will M be ramped and overall, there were a couple of features here and there, but I was quite amazed about how optimized and organized this phone is. Okay, now let’s get in the bad stuff about the windows mobile platform which vastly outnumbers the good stuff, but here are some things that I felt was prominent while usage. First of all, Windows didn’t implement always-on display or lift to wake this plate which means that every time you have to turn on your phone even to check the time. The quick-action toggles were a bit of a mess because you don’t have many options will you pull down the notification panel. And even for accessing and changing options which are there like Wi-Fi you still have to go into the phone settings every time. And the camera: the hardware on these phones are obviously going to suck and on the software side, Microsoft includes Lumia-camera in all Windows 10 phones. It has all the manual controls that you would expect a camera to have. Things like ISO shutter speed and focus were manually controllable and the software processing was also quite mild. Now obviously, there are no fancy portrait modes or no low light photographic capabilities on any of the Windows phones. So camera enthusiasts should certainly stay away from these phones. Everything till now went smoothly until I checked out the various apps that I wanted to use and trust me the situation is obviously horrendous. This is the biggest problem that you’ll face when you try to use a Windows Phone as a daily driver as app developers have shown little to no interest in
maintaining their apps. I’m going to divide the apps into various sections and show you how each section fares up in the windows mobile platform. First of all, Windows apps. Apps like Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint were quite useable and were up to date. I would never say that the experience was better than an Android phone but it was definitely not worse either. This being a Windows Phone I felt that these apps were quite optimized for usage and feel really comfortable! Now, if there are a group of apps that are
fairly up to date in Windows Mobile platform other than the windows apps themselves, it has to be an instant messaging apps. Apps like Whatsapp were updated as recently as the last week of May. This app was frankly very fluid to use with all the updates and features that you would expect an Android phone
or an iPhone to have. The telegram app was updated in October of 2018 and hike messenger was there but I was quite scared to use it as it was last updated in 2016. Snapchat and other instant messaging app were not there in the store but without front, cam I couldn’t care lesser. So it definitely gets a pass mark in this section and you can live with the Windows Phone for instant messaging even today. Now, here comes the first hurdle: there are no proper browsers in the App store, not even the popular ones. Now, it should be quite obvious that Google would be the first to pull out their
apps from the windows ecosystem right? And, there is no point in searching for
Chrome in the Windows app store but I still did it for you and found nothing. I searched for other popular browsers like Firefox or para Dolphin and even Microsoft edge to find nothingness. Frankly, that was a genuine surprise.. I
mean, does Microsoft frankly expect the Windows Phone users to use Internet Explorer today? Finally, all I could find was a browser
called surfy which was last updated in 2016 and unfortunately I had to use it whether I like it or not. the browsing experience was unexpectedly worse and
not even 2016 standards. This browser would take forever to load websites and sometimes not even load web pages properly. But at least, it was better than
the built in Internet Explorer. The worst thing that happened to me while using this phone was the unavailability of video streaming services like YouTube and Vimeo. This meant that I was totally cut off from the entertainment world. But the good thing was, I could access these websites through browsers and pin a bookmark in the home page. Now I thought there was no point in searching for apps like Netflix and Hotstar but to my surprise I found Netflix and it was actually pretty up-to-date. I did search for apps from the Facebook family but all I found was nothingness and then I found this article. Now there are banking apps from banks like Citibank, Axis Bank, and HDFC in the App Store but most of them were last updated in 2016 which makes them extremely vulnerable. Amazon app wasn’t there in the App Store and had to be again accessed by a browser bookmark and there was flipkart app which again wasn’t updated for the past two years but it was kind of usable at the best. Other apps like music streaming services
food delivery apps and cab services were non-existent in the App Store. Now, finally coming to gaming even when the platform was active there weren’t a lot of games that were released for the Windows mobile platform so gamers should stay away from this phone whether it is today or even in the past. Hyper casual games like move the block were handled pretty well by this phone and yes there is an Asphalt 8 app which was updated quite recently which is probably the only serious game for this platform even today. Alright, I’m happy that this past one we got over and I finally switched back to my Pocophone F1, but frankly, the experience wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Basic things like calling sending SMS browsing and instant messaging were handled pretty well by this phone. Now games and camera are two problems of its own and the unavailability of a lot of ass is yet another problem. So, I was thinking about recommending this phone as a secondary device but one thing stopped me from doing that. That is the unavailability of payments app and banking apps. Now, as mentioned earlier the nose mobile is going to be officially called off in December of 2019 but I’m really sad to see it go. There were so many good features that were introduced initially in the windows mobile platform which were later copied by Android and iOS like the dark mode live tiles and so on. In 2016 during the release of HP Elite X3, Microsoft did make one last attempt to save the Windows Mobile platform by introducing a feature called Continuum, which lets your phone to become a computer if you put it into a doc and connect a display, keyboard and a mouse. This was also copied in android by Samsung calling it Dex and later by Huawei. So Microsoft was quite innovative at the time with their platform but the sad part is today we basically have two choices for a phone platform which is Android and iOS. While other platforms like sailfish OS and Tizen OS are there, it is unfortunate that we as a customer are losing one more alternative and a serious contender like Microsoft from the mobile platform. Alright, I hope you found this video useful and if you did do give it a thumbs up and share it with your friends. As always, this is where I’m signing off wishing you absolutely nothing but the best of success!

62 thoughts on “Can you still use Windows phone in 2019? 8 year Android user switched to a Microsoft Windows phone?”

  1. Skip to the specific parts of the video:

    0:48 – What is the reason for using a windows phone right now? When is Windows mobile officially going to be called off?

    1:04 – What are the specifics of the phone that I used? Nokia Lumia 630 specs and configurations

    2:33 – The good stuff about Windows mobile platform (Maybe very few including basic things like calling, accessing data, form factor, dark UI, typing experience, battery life, one-handed usage, live tiles, and multi-tasking)

    3:40 – The good stuff about Windows mobile platform (Vastly outnumbers the good stuff, but prominent ones are not having a lift to wake the display, quick action toggles, camera software, camera hardware, and apps)

    4:42 – The good and the bad summarized

    4:54 – What is up with the apps in the Windows mobile platform? Do we have all the necessary apps in the app store?

    5:05 – Are Windows apps like MS Office, MS Word and so on still usable on Windows mobile?

    5:25 – Are instant messaging apps like Whatsapp, Snapchat and so on still usable on Windows mobile?

    6:08 – Are browsers like Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and so on still usable on Windows mobile? Which is the only usable browser in Windows mobile platform other than the internet explorer?

    7:09 – Are video streaming service apps like YouTube, Vimeo and so on still usable on Windows mobile? How to use YouTube on Windows mobile? Can we use Netflix in Windows mobile?

    7:47 – Are banking apps still usable on Windows mobile?

    7:58 – Are shopping apps like Amazon, Flipkart and so on still usable on Windows mobile?

    8:10 – Are cab services, music streaming services and so on still usable on Windows mobile?

    8:16 – Can we still game on Windows mobile in 2019?

    8:42 – Final verdict? Can you live with a Windows mobile as a daily driver? Why you can still use it as a dumb phone?

    9:17 – Why I'm sad to see Windows Mobile platform go? What were some of the cool thing about it? What were some features newly introduced in Windows Mobile and later copied by Android or iOS?

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  2. i just copied your under display camera content video and converted into malayalam language .. no one make that video in malayalam ..thanks to you to help me to make that video 😊😂

  3. Instagram app used to be infuriating, it was literally barely unusable, it took 5 or more tries to start the app and not get only a blank screen, and when it started it would last less than 5 minutes to crash, good luck trying to use its filters like boomerang. Facebook wasn't as bad, because frankly the only other app as bad as WP's Instagram ever made was WP's Spotify, it got a kinda of usuable beta app at the end (2018), but still more painfull than using it on the browser.
    Spotify was nearly on Instagram's level of badness, the app took minutes to start, it was slow even for the most basic actions, like taking 15 seconds to load a playlist, or to show the results of a search. I remember regularly being stuck in the garage for 5 minutes trying to open the playlist I wanted and get the music going, before I could leave.
    Having to use spotify and instagram on a WP is something I do not wish for my worst enemy

  4. Lumia 950 user here, great 20 megapixel camera, continuum connection to a monitor/external keyboard/mouse/ , Edge Browser, OneNote and all the other Microsoft Office Applications, …with the Edge Browser I access all the sights and banking etc. My Nokia 650 runs Windows 8 and has limitations like you mention but the Windows 10 on my 950
    is far more capable device: especially with "continuum" and my docking station. I do love the interface and the live tiles.

  5. Bro, malayali ano? Awesome video btw.

    But I think you missed a few things:
    1. You should've gone with a better phone. 9- and 10- ranges or even a 540 would've been better.
    2. Front camera on above devices comes with Lumia Selfie, which for the time was awesome and it could replicate today's portrait mode if done right.
    3. Try checking out Gestures app. Idk if its still there, coz Microsoft is pulling their apps from store. Also you could've shown more on the one hand mode (holding windows key).
    4. Glance on Windows 10.
    5. At the time, Windows cameras were rocket science. Lumia 1020 rocks a 42 MP camera.
    6. Google never gave their apps to Windows. Also, Edge is compatible on Windows 10 Mobile and comes pre-installed. Also, Google went "Microsoft mode" made it harder to use Google services on Windows just to kill of competition. FB pulled their apps first, so it was pretty much owari desu for WP.
    7. As for games, it rocked even a Halo RTS.(I think they pulled it from the store). Of course, don't expect PUBGM on this. WP peaked before 2015. So, expect only that level of quality. And tbh, it handled games better than the crappy Android I owned at the time (for the same price range. I'm too broke dont kill me. But, if you're on a fairly "better" mobile (like with 4-8 GB RAM), install actual windows for ARM (yup, its possible, and play old fallout).
    8. PWAs. They "kinda" work. Keyword: kinda. Won't be as good as the apps but usable. And apps that make pwas of sites are also available.
    9. No offense, but why do you need banking apps on secondary phone.
    10. TechAltar has a great video on Windows Phone's fall from a business and consumer standpoint. I'd recommend that.

  6. I had used Lumia 530 with snapdragon 200 and 512 mb ram for 3 years it was a basic phone but I never felt like that because of its performance. It was so fast that many android phones worth more than 20000 rupees were not able to compete with that and asphalt 8 was most famous game and with my phone I played it day and night with out a single lag and continuous charging where as my friends with Android phones installed it and with in a week their phones started to lag that was the level of optimisation and it was great .

    Windows Phone lover for ever but using android and never liked it

    But such a great os was ruined .


    And my phone is still running great bought it in 2013.

  7. I used a Windows 10 phone for a long time. first on the lumia 550 and after the lumia 640 LTE …
    Windows 10 phone is a good system and I'm sorry that everyone was so easy to give up …
    we are now left on ios and android who are recording, tracking, sending our information to the parties in the voting … stealing our identity, but we are guilty self..

  8. The Edge is on all Windows Phones which have windows 10 mobile and many "Apps" like YouTube etc. you can use in the Edge and they are likely optimized for phone users.

  9. Sorry mate but you're wrong about the keyboard. Windows Phone 8.1 comes with a swype key features, if you can't use it maybe your current region/language isn't supported. Fyi, Skype on WP 8.1 has been dropped by Microsoft since 2017.

  10. My first smartphone was the Lumia 535 Now i did switch to Honor 9 because one the battery started dying, and i could not connect My phone to other Bluetooth devices.

  11. I have a Lumia 540 on the W10M Anniversary Update. Quite slow but still usable for me. Cost me £45, I use it for school and for the times where my main phone (J7 Nxt) battery is low (it charges quickly though). I miss WP, had a Lumia 520, 550, and an 820 (recently).

  12. Your using 8.1 mate with a low range phone :3
    My secondary phone (950xl)
    Has always on display and lift on display and also has 16+18 quick Toggles !!!
    Yeah phone has appps issue thats the problem :3

  13. Maby if macrosoft make a surface phone to exist update for Windows phone different I do not think macrosoft that he cares

  14. Hey Param, I appreciate your overview of the Windows mobile device. I could clearly see you were testing a Windows 8.1 device. If you get a chance, please find a phone with a Windows 10 update. You'll find the "positives" may be more that what you experienced. I have a Nokia 929 (Verizon) phone I purchased on e-Bay after I could no longer get a replacement from Nokia or Verizon. It came with Windows 8.1, but has the hardware requirements to update to Windows 10. I found on an OVER-THE-CABLE UPDATER FOR WINDOWS PHONES zip file that includes files needed to update the 929 to Windows 10:
    • CabApi.dll

    • otcupdater.exe

    • UpdateDLL.dll

    • Microsoft.Tools.DeviceUpdate.EvaluationUtils.dll

    • Microsoft.Tools.DeviceUpdate.DeviceUtils.dll

    • CabApiWrapper.dll

    • PkgCommonManaged.dll

    It has a drop-down screen for frequently used settings, It can run browsers such as Edge or Google. Apps for Uber and OneBusAway (Seattle market) are still supported. And when an app is no longer supported, I just use the web version of the app (Bank of America, Target Cartwheel, etc.)

    Why do I stick with a Windows phone? Because of tech articles I read about the vulnerabilities of the Android OS. And I am still hoping to trade it in for a Surface Mobile.

  15. The thing I hate about Windows is different language keyboard. How hard is it to just copy android keyboard. Everything about windows keyboard is a pain in the ass.

  16. Commenting from Nokia Lumia920. Planning to move on to new phone. Someone could advise about IOS or Android better ?

  17. Good view
    I still use Lumia 950xl and he still working It's best phone 📱 in the world
    But when the WhatsApp will be stopped i will get another smart phone

  18. Nice Video,which camera are you using for recording these videos brother I need a good macro/portrait video gear like this

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