100 thoughts on “Cell Phone Etiquette | MATT KOVAL”

  1. ALWAYS make sure you hang up!!I once called my boss to tell them I couldnt come into work, and then thought I had hung up, and said god, she's a fucking bitch to a friend in the background, well I hadnt hung up-_- hahah

  2. Read the bio of Darren the actor who is driving (reference on the right). Darren OHare is an ex cloak and dagger intrigue type guy, an ex- counter Intelligence agent.

  3. i can think of some:
    don't chew in people's ear, that's disgusting.
    don't watch TV or play the computer. well, i do it all the time, and i get yelled at a lot.
    don't talk if there's a bad reception. that's a big argument maker.
    don't talk after midnight.people say stupid stuff when they're tired.
    and to avoid "good morning" conversations while you are still sleeping. silence your phone before going to bed….

  4. Today my buddy called me when I was at the drugstore. I knew he was on his first date with this girl he really likes, so as a joke I asked him if he wanted me to pick up some condoms and roofies for the date. He quickly informed me that he was on speakerphone.

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  6. Is it rude to text at the doctor's? My mom was being examined, &I was in the room w/ her. I was sitting off to the side, being quiet, texting my boss something important, &I wasn't being examined, so I thought it was ok. It was just a check up, not serious &I wasn't there as any kind of "hold my hand tell me it's going to be ok" type of support, I was just there because she picked me up from school on the way to the doctors. I'm just curious- was that rude of me?

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