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Cell Phone Symphony

Cell Phone Symphony

check your backpack with your cell phone in your bag with your cell phone on as loud as it can possibly be the other fifty people are going to be here agent Kula is gonna be conducting those people to call all of you simultaneously could we get everyone with a Nokia phone over here where’s the Samsung group? Samsung group? Samsung group is over there everybody is gonna have a buddy and you’re gonna get their phone number 1….2….3… (many cell phone rings going off) well done, that sounded great, now let’s start with the Nokia phones all set? 1…2….3 (many cell phone rings going off) next we’re gonna do the Motorola phones (many cell phone rings going off) ready for the next group? ready, 1..2….3 (many cell phone rings going off) who’s up next? Samsung great job everybody ready for the finale? (all fifty cell phones ringing) this time just hang up and call back, hang up and call back, over and over (laughter and cheers) that was great, thanks everybody, thanks for standing in the cold

100 thoughts on “Cell Phone Symphony”

  1. So this is it a decade ago?
    I was 4 years old that time (or 3 because my B-Day is September)

    Damn that video quality though, I thought that my LG G4 has a bad camera, but this video made it look like a DSLR

  2. Oh wow. I was so young that I hadn't even heard of YouTube at the time, and I imagine that if this were to be done today, it would probably be done with the phone's "clock" app, or even an Android "Instant App".

  3. See, if this happened now my phone would go off and everyone would just hear "J-HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPEEEEEEE J-HOPE J- HOOOOPE" this is why I like getting unique ringtones

  4. Here I am watching this on my smartphone in 2018. These ppl at the time had no idea that these would exist.

  5. I looked at "uploaded 12 years ago" and i was like this is not right

    Ive never seen the years in the double digits holy

  6. I was like, “what about Apple???” Then I realized: “wait it’s 2006…THEY DIDNT HAVE IPHONES” Agghhhhggh

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