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Certified cell phone & tablet repair at your door

Certified cell phone & tablet repair at your door

Does this ever happen to you? Got your phone in your lap,
get out of your car, and … [PHONE BREAKS] Of course it has. It’s happened to all of us Well now, you don’t have to waste your
day getting it fixed and worrying about it CellSavers will come to your place and fix it for you. You just go to Click repair my device and boom Mica? Hey, I’m Robert from CellSavers Robert, nice to meet you.
And you must be the tech! Yes, Chance, very nice to meet you Well, gentlemen, thank you so much for coming out We do it all day, everyday, all across America We go to peoples homes, we fix their phones, in under an hour with a guarantee. What could be better than that? Do you guys repair tablets as well? Yes! We do iPads All kinds of iPhones Samsung Galaxy the new Google Pixel We are the only authorized service that can come to your house and fix your Pixel. Now, I think a lot of people don’t realize the complexity that goes into repairing one of these devices. For instance, Chance, how many steps are involved in just replacing the screen on my phone? In this device alone, probably about 47 steps. See that’s crazy! People think that maybe they can save a few bucks by getting a kit, and trying to do it themselves. but there are a couple of things with that: You don’t know the quality of the parts that you are getting, and you don’t know if there is something else that is wrong inside that phone, once you’ve opened it up. That’s true! Actually, you have an inflated battery, as well. We can do that for him while we have the phone open, as well. Absolutely! That’s perfect! I have to say, this is up in my top 3 services. There is food delivery, ride sharing, and there is this, because it really is kind of a lifesaver for a lot of people. Exactly! This is your digital life. We give you your digital life back. Super convenient, Top quality. Chance, how are we looking over there? Just finished. Let’s take a look. How’s it looking? That’s brand new. That is beautiful. That is great you guys. Chance, thank you so much! Robert, pleasure. Keep up the good work I love the service Keep going out there and saving lives!

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