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Charge Your Cell Phone In 5 Seconds

Charge Your Cell Phone In 5 Seconds

oh man my phone’s dead now it’s full hey trace here for dnews I have to say if this technology pans out we are in for some amazing advancements graphene is a one-atom-thick carbon-based flexible capacitive material it’s biodegradable it’s cheap to make and it is the strongest material on the planet scientists have been working on graphene since the 1840s and after 160 years of research they finally made some in like 2004 using scotch tape graphene is made from graphite it’s the same thing that you would find in a number-two pencil and while cleaning a graphite rock with some tape these researchers discovered they’d accidentally made graphene their discovery caused Andre gaim and Konstantin Novoselov to be awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics in 2010 now that we know how to make it scientists are working on what we can do with it as we all know batteries suck they just they just suck if there’s a bottleneck with current technology it’s definitely batteries and it’s how crappy they are they run out of juice they die they overheat they take forever to charge and they are environmentally disastrous to be honest what if we replaced batteries with graphene super capacitors huh huh a super capacitor is different from a battery a battery uses a chemical reaction to produce a stream of electrons it’s a lot of work for not a lot of pay off capacitor on the other hand cuts out that chemical middleman completely and simply hold on to the electrons and do you need them and a super capacitor does that even more so after only a few seconds of charging researchers at UCLA were able to use graphene to sustain a light bulb for minutes captain minutes they also found a cheap and quick way to manufacture graphene using an ordinary DVD burner and liquid carbon so how is this gonna change your life in every way possible if scientists and industries can get this technology to market you could see a complete change in the idea of electricity storage cell phone batteries wouldn’t only increase in capacity I mean that’s nothin they would also charge in seconds instead of going to a gas station you could pull your electric car into a power station and charge the whole thing in in it and your tablet computer don’t even get me started not only would it charge easily and quickly and have a great capacity but as a bonus graphene is translucent and flexible so you could roll that baby up and stick it right in your back pocket another amazing thing is the graphene is just carbon essentially the same thing is charcoal so when you’re done with it you throw it into the compost pile you don’t even have to throw in a trash just take it to your garden and put it in with your plants my whole life we’ve heard about solar energy and how great it is the only problem is we can’t store all of the energy the Sun sends us in a day with graphene we could print solar panels that store the electrons right there and literally save them for a rainy day seriously I cannot wait to see where this goes can you tell I’m excited I also can’t wait to see what people do with it so why don’t you tell me if you had a super capacitor what would you make share it with us in the comments and don’t say a freeze ray dr. Horrible’s has already got that taken care of and thanks for watching dnews I hope you are looking forward to the future as much as I am so come on let’s get on our way see you next time

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  1. Well this technology will never go anywhere. The inventor will die within the next year. There is no money in easy power, curing a disease, or creating something that solves energy issues. You see. If you cute a disease you loose your income from the patient. If you make an engine that could run on solar energy the oil companies loose income. It’s all about money and power. The only way this would ever be brought to market is if the company that makes it builds a complete product. Has about 75 people to invent it and introduce it for free to everybody at once. Plus have a small army of security. Because everyone from Exxon to big pharma will be trying to kill the inventor.

  2. If I had a graphene battery, what would I do with it?… How's about this idea: a solar-powered lifter for cheap earth to orbit flight.   Don't tell me lifters are ionic flow/breeze and only work in the atmosphere… They've been tested and proven to work in vacuum chamber, so there!  🙂

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  4. Anyone wanting to know why this never happened?

    Because current battery tech cannot handle it. Lithium Ion batteries have a membrane separating the 2 reactive components. If too many ions pass through it at once then it overloads.

    While the tech to charge them was sound, the corporation would have to develop better membrane that could handle the throughput, and that means spending money, which they wont do.

  5. Here we are 5 years later and still waiting for it… So I guess I will need to stick to lithium-ion for a while for completing my self-charging eBike.

  6. first we have to consume the existant investment by global medicine, electronic, automotoive etc cartels.After than maybe graphene.

  7. Am watching this is 2018 and this is not working ugh my charger is the worst when I play a game it just go low I just hate it just help me pls and I try everthing but still just help am on s2

  8. My idea of a real howerboerd. Chaching elecromagnets with graphene and hoowing on a magnet feald. Yeh it´s hela expentsive, but howerboard. HOWERBOARD!

  9. And graphene would also help with the international problems like fule. Its no good. With graphene elecrocars, solar pover, absorbing nuclier radiation posibly

  10. 2019 .. and finally now we have super capacitors everywhere around the world to charge phones in seconds😱.. I thought they were lying. 🤤🤤

  11. I JUST WANTED TO CHARGE MY PHONE QUICKLY HOLY SHIT NO ONE CARES!!!! (No offense u seem smart but like I just wanna charge my phone)

  12. Its 2019 and looks like this is just like the fusion reactor that was promised 50 years ago.
    both will be released together alongside Half Life 3.

  13. Been 6 years, as cool as this is, I imagine most companies would prefer batteries, because money and greed

  14. It would be nice to replace the entire electric grid with it. Hospitals could use that type of technology.

  15. The future
    We will use sun a an energy
    The thermal power plant not needed. No pollution.
    A material which was needed to hold the electricity is invented.
    Even later we human will master the fusion also in earth and store energy in this. Fusion which is continuously happening inside the sun.

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