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Charles Schwab on Why Chromebooks Just Work

Charles Schwab on Why Chromebooks Just Work

SPEAKER: There are multiple
sides of Schwab’s business. And one of those sides
is the advisor side, or the institutional side. And obviously, we offer a lot of
products and a lot of services to our institutional customers. I’m responsible for making
sure that we deliver on behalf of what our clients need. As we were looking
for solutions, bringing about a
device to the branches where, again, clients could
very easily open up an account, we reached out to our
colleagues over at Google. And we asked them whether
or not Google’s Chromebook was something that would
be applicable to what we were trying to solve. That was on a Friday. On Monday morning, we had two
of their top engineers engaged with my engineers here. 3 and 1/2 hours later, I
get a knock on my door. And I’ll never forget
what they said to me. They said, we’ve solved it. Google offered a number of
services and capabilities within their Chromebook
platform that were incredibly attractive. One of them was the ability to
remotely control the devices. We could force them onto a
specific network, our network. If they fell off that network,
they would be unusable. If someone stole them,
we had the ability to remotely wipe them. I would say one of the unique
features of the Chromebook has to do with their
operating system. The device isn’t burdened
with a lot of legacy or with a large OS. Instead, you know,
the experience is you open the Chromebook and
10 seconds later you’re online. Because of the kiosk capability
that the Chromebook had to offer, when
one of our clients came in to open
up a SIP account, it would start up a new session. And as soon as that Chromebook
was closed, session gone, everything gets erased. The full roll out
and development started with a number of
weeks of user engagement. We would take the Chromebooks
out to specific branches, test it out. And then from there
it was making sure that the device could stand
up and do exactly what we need it to do, but do it at scale. When you’re working with a firm
that’s got hundreds of branches out there, and you’re going
to eventually deploy well over 1,000 of these
devices, the ability to control them from
a central location is absolutely paramount. Really the Chromebook was
the one that met our needs. They work at any
time, all the time.

5 thoughts on “Charles Schwab on Why Chromebooks Just Work”

  1. Our business needs include voip, which Chromebook cant do (our clients are international executives). So thanks for this informative interview. If our needs every change maybe Chromebook can be for us what it is for you.

  2. I see more people adopting iPad for this though. I'm sure chrombook is probably cheaper but the iPad is less bulky and easier to understand by the mainstream. Also, we barely see Google employees using chrombooks on this channel so its usefulness is not very convincing.

  3. Chromebooks are all most people need. Easy to use. For me the biggest advantage of a CB is that its very easy to maintain. Less software clutter and build up over time as is the case in Windows. Most people that buy PCs don't have the time or knowledge to maintain their PCs and this can be a problem overtime. There is also less security issues to worry about. You just open. Sing in. Surf. Sign out. The same exact way with no slow down no matter how long you use it. Can't say this for the other guys. My current CB: Thinkpad T450s running Chrome OS. Fast, quiet and cool. Fan hardly comes on.

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