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Cheaper Samsung Galaxy Phones!

Cheaper Samsung Galaxy Phones!

Samsung’s Galaxy S line like their S10 S8 phones are very well known. They market them heavily especially in North America we see these things everywhere. They’re A line up is not as well known and for the past couple of years their A line which is kind of their mid tier budget line has not been great. They have these mediocre phones and they’ve let chinese brands just dominate that market over the past little bit. But this year they brought something that feels legitimate and competitive in this market. These are the A20, A50 and A70 phones from Samsung so these phones have been available in Europe and Asia for the past month or so, maybe two months. Ah.. but they’re finally coming into north america and the fact that they’re bringing these into US and Canada is both interesting and somewhat telling as to how confident Samsung is about these phones in terms of how well they’ll actually do how competitive they actually are in today’s market so these are priced at 250 350 and about 550, maybe 570 US dollars I’m not able to get the exact US price on this because this one is not available in the US, the other two are. This I’m just converting from Canadian dollars to US, the A70 Now, at this price point for these exact prices, If I’m being honest, if you’re getting a chinese branded phones like either a Huawei or a Xiaomi phone you’re gonna get slightly faster processors for your money with the chinese phones. With these three Samsung phones you’re getting a way better OLED panel you’re getting cleaner software, a wide angled camera system and a brand name if that’s important to you now these are missing some relatively important features such as things that they are missing that matter to me you don’t get stereo speakers you don’t get wireless charging and you don’t get any kind of water resistance so there are phones out there that dont have an official IP rating like they are not officially certified for water resistance but they do have a degree of water resistance kind of built in to the phone manufacturing process there is seemingly none of that with these phones so when i pop out the sim tray there isn’t even a rubber gasket on that. On devices like the Oneplus phones and the pixel 3a, even though these aren’t officially IP certified, they’re is a rubber gasket. So in the manufacturing process of these Samsung A series phones, they really didnt seem to care about water resistance now in terms of things they do have have on these phones now these are probably more important they have excellent OLED panels these are really nice looking screens for the price point they also have headphone jacks they have expandable storage they have big batteries and they also have a flat screen edge this is something I have talked about in some of my phone videos feel like some of the premium phone manufacturers out there put this curvature to the front display and it just dosen’t really do anything functionally, if anything it impedes the display it just looks really pretty and I’m glad for a device like this they kept it flat so clearly these phones are made for real use. Not to look pretty in pictures of commercials but for real functionality now another feature all three of these share is a plastic back now I’ll be honest for the first few days I used this I actually thought this was glass because it’s got that glass shimmer it’s got that glass glossiness to it but it is actually plastic while samsung calls it glasstic, but it’s actually a plastic back with that plastic back this device scratches more easily and because it’s got this shiny finish the scratches show but it’s the right decision if you ever drop a plastic phone it’s not gonna shatter it’s not gonna spider this is the way to go and it makes it cheaper right I’m glad that they spent less money on the backing material and more money on the internals of they device where it actually matters plastic on a phone at this price is the way to go. The previous A series phones they had glass even at the $300-$400 price point it made no sense plastic was the right choice okay I’m not gonna do a review on all three of these phones the one that I like the most is the A50 it’s the $350 unit so I’m gonna focus this conversation around this. This is $100 more than the A20 and you get a higher res screen, it’s 1080p instead of the 720p on the A20 you get a zoom lens on the camera you get an in display fingerprint sensor which works surprisingly well for a $350 phone it’s not super fast like you do have to get used to it’s speed and you also have to get used to the positioning of your thumb when you place it on the screen but once you used to it, it works well and it’s features like this that make this phone stick out for me it’s not like a flagship killer, now clearly that’s not what they are going for they do not wanna cannibalize the sales of their actual flagship phones but they’re bringing features like this in display fingerprint sensor and just a solid overall phone experience at a $350 price point, it’s awesome. But you should be aware of I guess two big differences between these three phones and the more expensive flagship phones so I;ll just go over the two the big one is performance these three phones are not running the fastest SoCs out there the A50 and A70 are running more mid tier stuff the A20 is running more entry level stuff it’s still offers great value for the money at 250 dollars but if you’re looking for kind of like a snappy experience and I kind of feel a lot of audience is I wouldn’t go for this one it’s not so much the in app performance or even the UI it’s more about switching between apps. With only three gigs of RAM this is a more limited experience the A50 is a lot better with the faster processor and 4 gigs of RAM but I still did notice some pretty aggressive app closures and I do think it’s a matter of RAM management, Samsung’s never been awesome at it I really wish I was getting better performance with this phone because of it’s price point but that’s what we have if you’re just using your phone in a more, I guess like a more simple manner like you’re not switching between 5 or 6 apps frequently then you probably wont even notice it but for the people that are used to multitasking and want to multitask then you will notice a difference in performance between this and something with more RAM and the six gigs of RAM in the A70 delivers a more smoother experience but it is a lot more expensive so you kind of expect that now the other feature that is similar between these three phones and different from all the other flagship phones out there is the camera system and traditionally Samsung’s mid tier phone line up has usually been packed with poor cameras and this years cameras are good but they’re not great. I wish I could say they were great but i can’t because of the existence of the pixel 3a and the pixel 3a XL this phone’s camera is just so much better than these three and it;s like similar in price so it’s hard to, it”s hard to call these things anything better than good if you’re taking shots in good lighting conditions or outdoors it’s fine there’s some over exposure and sometimes focusing has some issues but I’m happy with it it’s the low light photos that it has troubles with it over exposes some of the lights and it just struggles but to be honest I’m content with these cameras like for the money just I’m not gonna complain right and I’m not looking for the best camera if i was I’d be picking up the pixel 3a, the pixel 3a XL for this price point but you’re getting a really good phone experience overall with the A series and as I use these phones for the past little bit it just made me realize that like I remember Marques a few years ago saying good phones are getting cheap, cheap phones are getting good and this to me is like this is clearly a really cheap phone that is great. It’s pressure from the consumer market and it’s pressure from the chinese manufacturers that have shaped these phones to be what they are to be as good as they are for as little as they cost if you are interested in an inexpensive phone I highly recommend checking out these A series phones they surprise me like I have never loved the older ones but these phones are fantastic okay hope you guys enjoyed this video thumbs if you liked it subs if you loved it see you guys next time

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  1. Just noticed these phones are on mega sale right now on amazon with 4.5 star rating – they're going for $100 bucks off.
    I don't think you're gonna find a better value than the A50 in a new phone
    A20 –

    A50 –

    A70 –

  2. I like it when they talk about the fingerprint speed lol it's like it matters , it's not a sniper that could make a difference half a second won't change anything

  3. There's even a $150 A10 version.
    Edit: However, it's geared more towards 3rdWorld country markets..

  4. well, i exchanged my A8 to an A50. the differents in terms of display is just huge, the display of A50 is way bigger, after like 5 minutes holding both in hands i felt the A8 like a 4 inch toy literally.
    even thou, in this trade i lost the IP68 rating from A8, also the aluminium and back glass, but i guess it can be solved with a case

  5. Replacing my wife's S7 Edge with an A70 this week … just waiting for the stock to arrive locally. Should be great for her. Big screen, BIG battery, 25W charging. She goes on about her phone being "almost dead" when it hits 50% … so … yeah. Big battery is a win. LOL I was actually quite shocked when I put it side by side with a Note 9 in store, and the A70 is bigger. It's a BIG phone. She's just a little cranky that we don't get the pink version in Canada … or even the iridescent white. But the sparkly case is already on order. So she'll be fine. I'm curious how it holds up over the next couple of years for her, without the "top tier" 8-series processor on board. I like where Samsung is going with these phones though – and especially that they have returned to FLAT DISPLAYS!! Can't stand that curved nonsense.

  6. Dave, I bought the A50 for my son and we both love it. I did speed testing with my s10+. I noticed 1to2 seconds difference but opening certain apps they were identical. This A50 for the money is a very good buy. The display, cameras & battery are very good. For a mid-ranger this phone is vastly improved & competitive against the others in this price range. The pixal3a has a better camera but this one ain't too shabby! I definitely agree what you stated about the A50, I highly recommend this phone & price point!

  7. I just buy old sht. My Duraforce is from 2015. Whats with everyone needing the absolute latest thing?
    My mothers still using her Galaxy s3 and wants something better. Honestly its been past time to upgrade. Never heard about the other models until today

  8. I want this phone but realized it does not work in the U.S. properly even though it is "international" and "unlocked" Just asia, Europe, and Australia works 😢

  9. Man here in Iraq the prices is much lower
    A20 = 140 $
    A50 = 220 $
    A70 = 310 $
    First time I feel lucky I am in Iraq 🤦🏻‍♂️
    Note: $ = USD

  10. How about the A80 tthat has he rotaring camera but in some days the rotating camera will get stuck for 5 seconds

  11. reality just hit me I thought Dave was sitting all these years (he is standing)

    like if you just clocked

  12. Hey Dave, is the LG G6 still better than the A20? It is the same price now 😂

    I just bought the G6, it is water resistant but I am curious if the Samsung A20 has a better camera . Thanks in advance 👍🏻

  13. i dont know why tech reviewers ask too much features like wireless charging,ip67 and etc. when they know it requires more materials and it costs more 🤦‍♀️

  14. In the Philippines and some Asian market… A50 is a real deal and would give Chinese Android phone OEMs a run for their money cuz A50 there is likely similar to Galaxy A70 alreadt with 128GB of storage and 6GB of RAM. Well unless you are looking for a bigger screen and bigger battery with faster charging you should go with A70 instead of the A50 but A50 should perform just well in normal day to day usage.

  15. It's great to see Pocophone F1 on your desk. As, I am currently using it. Overall it is a great phone even today. 😊😊

  16. No, the optical fingerprint scanner is actually very slow of A50, if compared with other optical fingerprint scanners.

  17. 3:45 oh why is the a50 not a full screen 3:47 bro what kind of witch craft did you just do starts crying this is not what is signed up for😭😭

  18. Well you gotta consider that Xiaomi is pumping out so many phones that fit any kind of consumer. Whether you like a bigger screen or a bigger battery or whatever. You really gotta be careful with your choice, these midrange or "budget" phones are cutting off things that you might want. (Such as putting in old gorilla glasses that scratch so easily, crappy speakers, etc.)

  19. The cash back from Samsung for the A50 was great. I've never applied for cashback before and didn't really think they'd actually pay it. Only took 4 weeks, well worth it. Will probably have a serious look at their 2020 A-range too if they have them

  20. Thanks for posting this video on the budget end Samsung phones! My smartphones usually last a while, but my S8+ has met its end prematurely with its aux port not functioning and both wireless charging and cable charging barely working at this point. The premium that is being charged for the S10 and the upcoming Note 10 is extreme imo, and I've been looking at the replacement. I'm currently planning on ordering an A70 as my replacement! Thanks for making this decision easy ^^

  21. My honor View 20 is £400 with 6.4 inch display, kirin 980, glass rear, punch hole display, 4000mah battery and 48mp camera plus a time of flight sensor

  22. I think brands like xiaomi also make quality products as I own mi note 7 pro. It has all the feature better than these samsung products and processor and display are clean and camera is what this phone is famous for, you can also see it's specs. But samsung is Samsung

  23. I have the a40 it's also good it have 4 gb ram dual camera. I can play all games smoothly it looks good and it have facelock. Just a great midrange phone. I have bought it for 218 euros

  24. I bought A50 after watching your review and I am so happy with this phone. It has a really good display and almost all the game runs @60fps

  25. you should do a review on the connectivity of the mid range Samsung's vs the Chinese phone because in my experience the chinese phones are absolute dogshit, their connection strength is always low no matter where you are.

  26. These are nice phones so its a good video.Hovewer here is my solution:You want a very good phone for cheap?Buy Galaxy S7.Its now-with 10 is out- is between 2-300 bucks and ex flagship phone.Your welcome.

  27. Seems that Samsung focuses more on internal material(Hardware) than the external interfaces in their A-series phones like Super AMOLED display, wide-angle camera, etc. A great review thank you Dave Lee.

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