China, U.S. made progress during telephone call between trade negotiators

according to both China and the US
progress was made during a recent telephone conversation held between the
two countries top trade negotiators this latest development could hint at a
possible resolution to their 16 month long trade dispute our Kim Jiyeon has
this report China the US said progress has been made regarding the trade
dispute between the two countries China’s commerce ministry said in a
statement released Saturday a consensus was reached in principle during phone
talks held between their main trade negotiators the previous state China’s
vice premier Liu ha called US Trade Representative Robert light hyzer and
Treasury secretary Stephen Venusian where they engage in serious and
constructive talks details on the cited progress were not disclosed in detail
but the ministry said they discuss a timetable to hold another round of talks
amid Chile’s withdrawal as a hosts of the APEC summit the two sides so far
said they have worked on a face1 trade deal for the two countries leaders to
sign this month phase one of the agreement is believed to involve more
purchases of US agricultural goods by China and greater intellectual property
protection while the thorny issue of technology transferred to China is to be
pushed back to a second phase the US Trade Representative in a statement
released Friday confirmed the call saying they’ve made progress on a range
of matters and were working to resolve outstanding issues the u.s. said the
discussions are expected to continue at the deputy level for now though the u.s.
plans to keep as tariffs on Chinese imports set to kick in on December 15th
according to White House economic advisor Larry Carlow if an agreement is
not reached on the first phase before then the decision to cancel them he says
depends on US President Donald Trump’s decision the location for the two
leaders to sign a landmark agreement remains unknown for now for president
Trump had hinted of doing so in the US state of Iowa a key battleground in the
twenty20 presidential election Kim Jiyeon Arirang news

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