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Clap to Find Lost Phone

Clap to Find Lost Phone

Today’s cellphone has become
an important part of our life but sometimes it happens that we forget and misplace
our phone at home office or car and if the misplaced phone is in silent mode it
becomes very difficult to find it. In such situation, we keep on doubting
and asking everyone where is my phone? who took my phone? Did anyone see my
phone? These are the questions we repeat at least once a day we have brought a
very simple and handy solution to find out your misplaced or lost phone in
seconds just clap twice and your phone will start buzzing an alarm Download this free application from
Google Play Store to your Android phone It has simple settings there are some
very loud emergency ringtones added in the application, select any of them or you may choose anyone from the
phone ringing tones. You may also turn on a flashlight
indication to find it in a dark place Activate the application by pressing Start and see the magic One our friend has dropped his phone in
the car but no worries he had installed this app in his phone
and see how easily he traced his phone with just
clapping if you forget your phone in the office
drawer this app would help you to find your phone in seconds. Watch this Download it now and see the magic

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