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Clarity Amplified Telephones

Clarity Amplified Telephones

>>Wade: Hi. I’m Wade Wingler with the Indata
Project at Easter Seals Crossroads in Indiana. You know a lot of folks are using
mobile phones for lots of things these days. But, some folks still are using regular old
landline phones. Carol is going to show us a couple of phones from Clarity
that are easier to hear and easier to use.>>Carol: Hello. My name is Carol Girt, the
equipment loan specialist for the INDATA library. Phones seem to be an issue
these days. People who are hard of hearing can’t talk on the phone because they can’t
hear. I have two phones here from Clarity. One is the Alto Plus. Take the handset off.
This is the Alto, I’m sorry. And this is the Alto Plus. It has the this is like
your numbers will show up on here and any questions, any operations that will show up
on here. The really, really neat thing about these two phones. And I’m going to show
you the back of it and the bottom. We have a plug here for a bed shaker which
is on of those vibrating things that can help you wake up in the morning or help you wake
up when the telephone calls. And a second one is a headset and this one is for
T loop for your hearing aids. And on the bottom of here and on the bottom
of both of these phones we have how you can set your tone or your pulse for the dialing,
voicemai-you can set your voicemail appropriately, if you want to know when your
missed calls are-the boost override and the boost, I’m going to turn this over
again is this button that will boost the sound coming through the handset to 50 decibles.
25 decibles is about the loudest we normally hear. And the last piece on the
bottom, there’s one more, is voice assist on or off. And what that means is when
you touch a key, you can hear it through the handset and just your normal ear. So, that
may help you dial appropriately. We have all the normal fuctions of the telephone.
You can adjust the volume here. Or like we said you can hit the boost button.
You have 3 numbers that you can put in memory. And your delete and memory buttons and enter
buttons are all right here. Pardon me. Your numbers are on a black background. White
letters on a black background and this one comes with plastic overlays so that
you can put braille numbers on here. This red area down here will flash when you have
a telephone call coming in. That’s pretty much what both of these telephones do. The
only difference is that this has the caller ID on it. The run, this one runs about
a $179 and this one about $159. I’ve seen them a little lower than that on the Internet.
But, they are both very powerful phones for the moderate to severe hearing
and a person who has some vision. issues. Thank you.
>>Wade: So, that’s a handy way to stay in touch with the people who are important to
you. That’s your tech tip for this week. I’m Wade Wingler with the INDATA Project at
Easter Seals Crossroads in Indiana.

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