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CNIB Phone it Forward (Full Version)

CNIB Phone it Forward (Full Version)

Can you imagine how
empowering it would be for me to find my way through
an unfamiliar place? How empowering would it be for
me not to depend on someone to safely take my medication? For me to walk to school
without my parents, just like my friends. For me to be able to read
a card from my daughter. For me to do the simple things that may have seemed
challenging before. Announcer:
With smart phones these things
and more are now possible. For some people, it’s hard
enough to make ends meet let alone afford a smart phone. By donating your old smartphone, you can help to empower me and half a million other Canadians with sight loss. Here’s how: Donate your used smartphone
at and we’ll send you
a tax receipt. We’ll wipe your phone,
refurbish it, and load it with
accessibility apps that will help
people who are blind. Then we’ll give it to
a Canadian with sight loss and give them one-on-one
training on how to use it. Woman:
Donate your old smart phone. Man:
Donate your old smart phone. Woman:
Donate your old smart phone. Man:
Donate your old smart phone. Announcer:
Change the life of
someone who is blind. Visit A program of the
CNIB Foundation.

7 thoughts on “CNIB Phone it Forward (Full Version)”

  1. An exciting and innovative program that's sure to help thousands! I know our Facebook LSWD members will be as excited to hear of this program as I was. Thank you, CNIB, great job!

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