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CO4Pete: Phone Banking Step 2

CO4Pete: Phone Banking Step 2

Hi, Melinda with Colorado for Pete here.
Hopefully you’ve seen the first video which shows you how to get started with
phone banking. The first video will show you how to navigate to, how to get involved and select a phone banking opportunity, how
to access the training slideshows that are provided by the campaign, how to find
your script, and then print it off is what I prefer to do, work off a paper
script, and then how to create your vpb account. And this video is picking up
from there and starting. So, I’ve signed up for a phone banking
opportunity, I’ve received an email from the campaign, I’ve read through the
information, I’ve got my script, and I click on the link to begin. That’s
gonna bring me here. Once this populates it’s going to give
me names of the people that I’m calling. So a few things to make note of: up here
on the top “also in the household,” this shows me that two individuals are
associated with this phone number. So when I call I might get Melinda but I
might get Susan. If I get Melinda, I make sure that her name is highlighted.
If Susan answers, I make sure that her name is highlighted and I click on
that. Additionally over here is gonna be some information about Melinda. Now this
information varies, depending on who you’re calling. It’s gonna have
potentially their polling location, maybe an early polling location, it could
have voter history, it’s a lot of helpful information so make sure that you’re
paying attention to what’s on the left side of the screen. I have Melinda, I have
her phone number, I pick up my personal cell phone and I’m gonna make this call
and when Melinda answers – first let’s say Melinda doesn’t answer, that is what’s
gonna happen more often than not, then I’m going to click “I couldn’t reach
Melinda,” so depending on the calls that you’re making, you may or may not leave a
voicemail if they don’t answer. For the Nevada calls that we’re making currently
for the get out the caucus calls we’re not leaving voicemails, so I would just
select “not home” and “save and next call.” Sometimes for if we’re trying
to get someone to attend a town hall or a rally in their area, we can leave a
voicemail and let them know where and when the event is taking place and then
I would click “left left message,” save and next call. So you just choose the
appropriate selection. Now, for our purposes let’s say that Melinda did
answer the phone. So I call and she answers and I have my
script and I’m gonna ask the questions. So for this script here what candidates –
So, “Hi my name is Melinda I’m a volunteer with Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s presidential
campaign making some calls today. How are you doing?” Wait for that response and
then I ask them, “So are you planning to-” I want you to ignore the script that’s
on my screen, what’s important about this script is that the drop-down bars are
right, so I’m following my script here and I’m asking “who are you planning to
caucus for?” and they tell me, and hopefully, probably, they’re gonna say
Pete Buttigieg, why wouldn’t they? but let’s say they select a different
candidate. So if they select Pete I’m gonna select Pete, there we go, I’m gonna
follow the rest of my script whatever it prompts me to say. If they pick a
different candidate, let’s say they’re Yang Gang, and then I’m gonna ask if Pete’s
in their top three, and then there’ll be a drop down bar for me to indicate yes
Pete is in their top three. And we’re gonna go into an example of a persuasion
call in a different video. Right now I just want you to know how to navigate
the vpb, right? So I’ve answered the question, they’re voting for Pete,
excellent, and then I’m gonna come down here to “save and next call.” And that is
going to end this call, record the information, and I’ll come up, it’ll give
me a new name with new information. I guess one more thing to think about is
that if I can’t reach Melinda here, so if I couldn’t reach Melinda and I put not
home then this blue box pops up and this blue box reminds me someone else is in
the household, did you talk to them? In this case I couldn’t reach anybody, so
then I click on the other household individual, I also couldn’t reach this
individual, they were not home. After indicating an answer for every
individual in the house, “save and next call,” a new name and number will populate,
I will make another call. I know that’s quick, these videos have to be five
minutes or under so I hope that that provides some clarifying information. VPB
is very user friendly, just get in there make a handful of calls, and you’ll find
it’s incredibly easy to navigate. All right, team Pete, win the era!

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