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Common French Phrases : Common French Phrases for Using the Telephone

Common French Phrases : Common French Phrases for Using the Telephone

Common French Phrases for Using
the Telephone
Bonjour, my name is Stéphanie with Expert Village, and today we will be
learning to speak French.
May I make a phone
Pourrais-je téléphoner?
Where is the nearest telephone booth?
Ou est la cabine telephonique la plus proche?
would like to make a telephone call.
J’aimerais téléphoner.
May I speak to…
Pourrais-je parler à…
Hello, this is … speakingAllô, c’est…
I would like to speak to…Je voudrais parler à…
Can I
call abroad from here?
Est-ce que je peux telephoner a l’etranger?
I would like to make a collect call.Je voudrais téléphoner en PCV.
Excuse me, I need some change for the phone.Pardon, il me faudrait de la monnaie pour téléphoner.
How much is a three minute call to the US?Combien coûte un appel de trois
minutes pour les Etats-Unis?

You are welcome.Je vous en prie.

43 thoughts on “Common French Phrases : Common French Phrases for Using the Telephone”

  1. mmmm… I'm sorry to say that but, I'M french and I can make the difference between good french and shitty french… and her accent can prove that she's not native french at all… and some phrase is not really appropriate… and pls, don't put me a thumb down for something that I'm right, ok sweet 🙂

  2. and also, we can hear an english wave in her voice while she's talk french… this is not a french intonation. And word like "téléphoner" and "monaie" you can see there's something weird… of course, english people CAN'T make the difference… enough said.

  3. Of course not… Hard to see that difference when it's not our language… and I'm sure I did some mistakes when I wrote my comments… but I'm still learning 😉

  4. je voudrais parler francais, please i really wanna learn french,, my gf is french, she sounds so nice,,

  5. people from canada do not speak french the same way we french speak it. they tend to pronouce some words diffrent. this happenes constantly in one example the samething is with the way an american speaks english and how someone from the UK speaks it.

  6. @HolyDio666 sorry, guy (or girl) but her french isnt bad only because it isnt the same as your city's.. so you mean there is only one accent in the entire France? sorry, I was never in France before but I know it is bullshit.

  7. people there are different dialogues for all languages, even English. so give her a break. P:s she might not even be french

  8. Why people is making nasty comments about the video-lady ? at least she speaks french, her grammar is correct, her accents?..who cares about accents anymore?…which accent is correct?…french from Paris?..french from Lyon?..French from Quebec?…English from UK?…English from USA?….grew up losers! stop dputting down other people skills.

  9. @Boutdenature why are you watching her if you speak french? Just to drop your sh….on someone or something?
    My english teacher is german, my spanish teacher is french…they both speak correct and perfect grammar. What is the problem with accents?….

  10. @HolyDio666 So..which accent from france is correct?…or should i say which accent from french- european- speakers is correct?..because most people i know from Germany, Italy, Spain, etc …speak at least 3 languages perfectly, including french. THERE IS NOT CORRECT ACCENT! ONLY CORRECT GRAMMAR!

  11. @Boutdenature She did mention "de rien" as "you're welcome" on another of her video's.

    I'll have to ask my mum about this tomorrow, she's French.

  12. @borgduck she's using some word that we don't use in Canada like " appel en PCV " and "monnaie" .. we use to say " faire du change" Those expressions come from Europe… enough said….

  13. @nAstrid89 la différence c'est les expressions… comme un appel en PCV .. , monnaie et je vous en prie…. au Québec, on dit un appel à frais virés, faire du change et bienvenue.

  14. @Boutdenature Donc, si quelqu'un te dit " Merci Beaucoup! " tu vas répondre: Avec plaisir ?? Ça fait pas de sens… Ça serait plutôt : Vous êtes bienvenue ou Bienvenue ou Ça me FAIT plaisir… / … Pouvez-vous m'aider ? " AVEC plaisir ".. là ça fait du sens…….. Et ton " de rien " est bon aussi mais pas trop poli, si tu travailles avec le public, ça manque de classe, voir effronté.

  15. @HolyDio666 certainly when you say "merci beaucoup" to a frenchie he or she wont respond "vous etês bienvenue!".. idiot.. he or she will respond "de rien" which means literally "(it is) for nothing"..

  16. @paske2001 Bienvenue may also be used to say "you're welcome." Pretend you are dining with friends and ask someone to pass the salt. The dialogue may look like this:

    * You say: "Passeriez-vous le sel s'il-vous-plaît." (Pass the salt, please)
    * (Receive the salt.) "Merci" (Thanks).
    * Your friend says: "Tu es bienvenu(e)" (You're welcome).

  17. @HolyDio666 oh! really? tu es bienvenue is youre welcome? i thought it's "de rien" only and bienvenue is Welcome in english and can be used only when welcoming someone or everybody.. and not the formal "you're welcome"… i am learniing french from alliance de Francaise .. i have not asked this to my professor but usually we use de rien! eneyways, im gonna ask them about this,

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