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Connect Xbox 360 Controller to Android Phone/Tablet (Wired & Wireless)

Connect Xbox 360 Controller to Android Phone/Tablet (Wired & Wireless)

Mobile gaming is great. Every day technology
is improving and graphics are getting better and better. But there’s just one tiny flaw
in playing games on your phone. The on screen controls. They take up half the screen, get
in the way and are generally just not as good as physical controls. That’s why today I’ll
be showing you how to connect your xbox 360 controller, xbox one controller, ps3 or ps4
controller to your Android tablet or phone. Let’s get started.
Here’s what you’ll need: One controller. This can be wired or wireless
but it’s a bit easier if you have a wired one. I have both a wired and wireless xbox
controller so I can show you both ways. For playstation controllers the process is exactly
the same. An Android Tablet/Phone. Unfortunately this
won’t work on iOS phones. You don’t need to be rooted.
A USB OTG Cable. This is the most important part of this setup. Don’t worry if you don’t
know what it is. I will link it in the description for you to buy. It’s extremely cheap but it
will come in handy for loads of things as it lets you connect a mouse, keyboard, pendrive
or any usb device to your phone. And lastly, if you have a wireless xbox controller
you will need a wireless receiver. I really recommend getting one of these because it
lets you connect up to 4 controllers and works with your computer as well. I’ve made a tutorial
for PC’s which I’ll link in the description along with places you can buy the receiver.
Microsoft make an official version which is more expensive, but the amazon/ebay versions,
which I use, work fine as well. Once you’ve got all the stuff, you’re ready
to get started. First, plug the USB OTG cable into your phone, using the micro-usb side.
The next step will be different depending on which controller you have. For a wired
xbox or playstation controller, all you have to do is plug the usb into the OTG cable.
The lights on the controller should come on, letting you know everything works. You don’t
need to install anything! Just get a game, I’ll use gta, and start playing! It’s that
easy. If you have a wireless xbox controller, plug
the receiever into the OTG cable. Hold down the xbox button on the controller, Press the
small button on the receiever then hold the sync button on the controller until it starts
flashing. Now you’re ready to start playing games!
This setup is great for shooter games, driving games and platform style games because it
lets you use the entire screen for the game, without those annoying on screen buttons blocking
the view. You
may have noticed I haven’t mentioned using
a playstation controller wirelessly. That’s because those controllers require root and
a much longer process. I recommend using them as wired controllers because all you have
to do then is plug it in. SO that’s it for this video. If it helped
you out, leave a like and subscribe for loads more tech videos and tutorials like this.
Any problems, leave them in the comments and I will try to help you out. Thanks for watching!

100 thoughts on “Connect Xbox 360 Controller to Android Phone/Tablet (Wired & Wireless)”

  1. I hate usb type Cs I have a million type B otg cables lying around but no type C (I use a huawei honor 8)

  2. Glad I found one of those otg cables in my drawer and I don't even know why it was there k this comment is random and pointless have a nice day

  3. Hey. Your video is wildly inaccurate. I spent $20 on the parts for nothing. New phone, new parts, new controller. NO connection. Thanks for getting my hopes up and wasting my money, bromance.

  4. To use a ps4 controller via Bluetooth. You just need need to press the PS button and the share button on the controller at the same time for 4-6 sec and the wireless controller show in the Bluetooth menu, just connect it and you are goog to go.thanks

  5. would you be able to use a USB connector? Female to female? Hence plug controller in one end and charging cable into the other side?

  6. I did it today and its working on my samsung Galaxy Tab e 8.0 Verizon 32gb and 1.5 GB ram but I strongly recommend ppsspp games

  7. He is making you fool in the wireless method because the receiver will not connect your controller to smartphones but can connect to pc

  8. no doesnt work on my wired xbox 360 controller, if ONLY it was this easy……my controller is old, maybe thats why , not sure…..

  9. My phone has otg compatibility, but doesn't work with the joystick, tried to connect a mouse and it worked, connected the controller to my dad's and it works but mines doesn't, heelppp

  10. 🤣🤣🤣u are so dumb its fake look at the controller when he's actually playing that's not a 360 controller.

  11. Ha!! Not like Nintendo…
    Look at that! That's kind!
    They give you a controller for your console… But you can also use it on everything else!
    Even I devices from a foe company!
    Nintendo until now makes a normal controller because wiimotes were locked to the console and wii u gamepad… No way…
    But Joy-cons now can be use in something like android… I think…

  12. I think you can connect a PS4 controller on your phone wirelessly. You just have to press and hold the Share and PlayStation button until the light on the back of the controller starts flashing, and then go to your phone's Bluetooth settings and click the wireless controller. Works great on my phone.

  13. So you and I have the same phone, but mine overheats and the battery does not last long, do you know how to fix this problem

  14. Does this work with Xiaomi redmi note 3? Cause I did everything like you said but nothing. Don't I need any drivers?

  15. Does the wired controller have to be the shiny one?
    Or can you use the normal one? I know shiny one isn't the right term btw

  16. The ps4 controller enters bluetooth mode if you hold the ps button and the share button at the same time without root or a 3rd party app

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