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Connect your iPhone with Apple CarPlay – BMW How-To

Connect your iPhone with Apple CarPlay – BMW How-To

apple carplay works seamlessly with your
BMW with apple carplay you can easily and conveniently present selected
content from your iPhone in your vehicle displaying the Apple icons on the
control display permits intuitive operation and control of the functions
the optional equipment apple carplay preparation and an active subscription
are required only a selection of apps provide apple carplay support and are
displayed on the control display set up your apple carplay connections
similarly to how you would connect your iPhone via bluetooth connect a new device for apple carplay turn on Bluetooth on your iPhone and
select the vehicle with the corresponding number select the device in the control display
and check if the subsequent numbers shown on your mobile device to provide the best possible experience
we recommend to allow synchronization of your phonebook a Wi-Fi connection is established in the
background and necessary in order to use apple carplay continue watching our how-to series to
get the most out of your BMW

25 thoughts on “Connect your iPhone with Apple CarPlay – BMW How-To”

  1. as far as i know , you have to activate wifi too to connect correctly to a " Apple CarPlay BMW "… additional it is highly recommended to activate some SiRi-Features in your iPhone, too. the more inconvenient way is to activate SiRi , Wifi & Bluetooth in your iPhone ( just activate , without connecting to any devices and make sure that the device is deleted before you will connect it again ) , then trigger your BMW to connect to a new CarPlay device , afterwards open the "Settings" Menü in your iPhone , open the menü "general" and go to "CarPlay" option. Look up for your car there and connect via this path… 😉

  2. I just got my 2019 X5 and when Carplay is connected, my iPhone can not access the internet! Is this how BMW's Carplay works?! All of the streaming apps like iHeart radio and Amazon music do not work either! help!

  3. You forgot to mention the subscription for the (free) service is $300 or soon to be $80/year. Pretty blatant cash grab.

  4. Not only do you have to pay for this shit, you can't plug your phone in and use a direct connect version. And no Android Auto. Totally clueless BMW…

  5. If apple CarPlay Preparation was not ordered with the véhicule, 225xe 2019 for me, is it anyway still possible to install it afterwards ?

  6. It’s funny that digital key only works with Android Samsung phones and BMW doesn’t support Android Auto. So the question is, do I buy me and IPhone or a Samsung?makes no sense

  7. I have a new 2019 series 3 Apple Carplay intermittently disconnects, I have tried 2 iPhones, both disconnect. I have to reboot the phones in order to get them to re-connect. all the software is up to date (car and iPhone) I have tried all the fixes suggested by the many others having this issue to no avail. This is very poor for something that will eventually cost me nearly £100 per year after the first year. Frankly, I'm inclined not to bother.

  8. Only 300€…rip of… the cheapest model of Skoda even has Apple Car-play for free, makes us the customers feel like we are idiots.

  9. Only 300€…rip of… the cheapest model of Skoda even has Apple Car-play for free, makes us the customers feel like we are idiots.

  10. i get in a rental car anywhere in the world and it just works… i get a BMW M2 and there is a subscription!!! My last BMW because this portrays the attitude of the brand to it's car owners

  11. Took my 5 series in for a recall and I had a new 1 series as a loan car- The car had the new digital dash which BMW seem to be making as standard on their latest models- The new shape of the main instruments ie speedo and rev counter look awful the two main needles are very difficult to see and the repeat of the sat nav info in the centre of the dash is very confusing- I am all for modern technology but this latest move by BMW looks cheap and not very functional

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