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Create better videos with your phone or tablet

Create better videos with your phone or tablet

When it comes to creating video, you
don’t need a massive budget or professional camera skills to make a
quality, engaging piece of work. If you put some time into planning and follow
these tips it’s possible to use your own mobile device or other basic camera
equipment to film and share quality content with your audience. Video isn’t
like writing text, where you can scribble or type out notes and edit them as you
go along. You need to have thought about what message you want in your video
before you press record, because although you can move things around and cut
things out in the edit, you can’t add something in without having to re – film it
and you might not always get that chance. Write a basic script at the very least.
If it’s an interview plan out questions. For anything a bit more
complex you should consider a storyboard. Really think about your audience. Who
they are is everything when you’re planning. Think about the language you
use and the context in which the video will be viewed. Make sure you can work
your equipment and practice framing lighting and sound techniques ahead of
making anything for real. Have a go at interviewing a friend or a colleague or
practice in front of the camera if you’re getting on-screen yourself.
When thinking about where to film consider the subject of the video and
whether the background is appropriate. Factor in the noise levels, the light and
whether anything could be distracting to the viewer. The more recognisable shape for video is
landscape, so unless you want to film in portrait for a specific reason then
remember to rotate your device. Ideally use a tripod, otherwise try and find
another way of keeping your camera still. Try use the rule of thirds as a guide
for interviews, where the subject is positioned at eye level with more space
to the left or the right depending on where the interviewer is standing. Some
mobile devices have a grid to help you with this. If you’re using the available light then
use it to your advantage. Always have the subject facing towards
the light and try and avoid any light directly behind your subject. If you have
lighting available, then do some experimenting beforehand. Sound is so
important, so use a mic if you can. Otherwise get as close to the subject as
possible, still considering the framing. Listen to
the background noise, do a test and listen back to it – if you can’t hear your
main speaker well enough, move to a different location. Back up all your
footage before you do any editing. You can do simpler edits on the device
you’ve filmed on or if you prefer you can upload your footage to a computer or
laptop to edit from that. There are so many things you can do with editing
but before you get carried away think about whether what you are adding changes
the tone of your video. Finally, think about anything you want to add to direct
your audience to further information, if you need to. For a more in-depth look at
creating video, visit our create website

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