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Creating YouTube Videos with Your Mobile Phone

Creating YouTube Videos with Your Mobile Phone

>>Hey, I’m David at YouTube. I’m going to
show you how you can post videos that you tape with your mobile phone. If your phone
can take videos, you can send them straight to your YouTube account. It’s as simple as
sending an e-mail. Just one quick thing first. Before you get started, you need a unique
e-mail address, so we know to post your videos to your account. To get your unique e-mail
address, you need to log into YouTube. If you don’t have a YouTube account, it’s free,
and just takes a few seconds to make. Then when you logged in on your computer, go to That page will have a unique e-mail address you can send your videos
to. If you add it to your address book, you can easily upload your videos on the fly.
Now that you have a unique e-mail address, try taking a video with your phone. Once you’ve
finished recording, send it to the e-mail address we created for you. Your video should
be live on your account in minutes.>>[pause]>>Just like on your computer, YouTube doesn’t
charge you anything to use the site or upload videos. But your cell phone provider may apply
charges for sending e-mail or multimedia messages. If you aren’t sure if this is covered by your
plan, contact your provider. Thanks, and have fun posting YouTube videos from your phone.

99 thoughts on “Creating YouTube Videos with Your Mobile Phone”

  1. its not very good when people upload a music video then youtube puts a mobile block on it (WHATS THE BETTER I DONT GET AN ANSWER BACK ?)

  2. the app for iphone is a shit! does not cache the video, you can't choose the definition and stops every 5 seconds 🙁

  3. When i uploaded finish,I cant search for my videos and they said the video not available for mobiles ?? How can i fix it ?

  4. Every time I try to upload it says I have to create a channel but I already have and it says I already have

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