Crosscall – the French mobile company making floating Android smartphones

Crosscall offers mobiles and smartphones that are
waterproof, resistant, and offer maximum autonomy. I first noticed in 2009
that in the workplace, especially in the construction
and manufacturing industries, phones are subjected to
incredibly tough conditions. I’ve also been an outdoor sports
enthusiast for several years. So I wanted to give myself
an added layer of security. In 2012, we created a mobile phone
completely waterproof, resistant, but which also boasted
an unusual quality: it floats. The phone was a great success
and so the brand was born. Android helped us, pushed us, to grow. Because Crosscall brought its first
smartphone to the market in 2013. For us, this was a major period of
transition and a very interesting time. Thanks to Android,
Crosscall has successfully moved from the feature phone market
to the smartphone market, which has allowed it
to grow at a phenomenal pace. We’ve doubled our revenues
every year for the past four years. We’ve also gone from employing
10 or so people in 2010 to employing more than 80 people
in the French market and abroad today. In addition to benefiting
from the Android community and the Android OS
delivered on all our devices, this has allowed us to concentrate on developing
applications specifically for the outdoors, which helps us to offer added benefits to our
target market that are linked to using our products. Success is created by people,
not just products, machines and processes. We want to attract as many talented individuals
as possible to join our dynamic team who share our DNA and our
enthusiasm to conquer the world.

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