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Custom Painting my iPhone…

Custom Painting my iPhone…

Today, we’re gonna custom paint an iPhone. Ok, so Hello? [Minty]: Hey girl, what are you doing? Yeah, so I’m about to paint my phone. Oh.. So I’m just gonna yeah, I’m gonna put this down. Uh, okay, I guess I’ll just like call you back then. Yeah… right… Who even – who even does that? Who paints their phone? What a complete idiot! [music] If you think I can do this and succeed – Slam that like button! And if you think it’s not going to go so great – leave a comment and tell me why! [music] I’m going to be using Holbein Acryla Gouache because it has a nice matte finish. [distorted voice] Oh my goodness, are you kidding me? Paint actually got into my camera! All right, let’s paint this baby! [deep voice] I suppose we should get a palette, huh? So before we go further into this I just wanted to credit ZHC. Because I got this idea from him and I want to give credit where credit is due. Thank you ZHC for inspiring this! Bring it arooooound town! I hope I don’t mess this up because I only have one of these! Mine is an old iPhone 6s. And I’m trying to get as much life out of this baby as I can – so… I mean, hopefully it looks cute after this, right? Let’s hope I’m not making a big mistake! [weird Mira noise] Oh my word, I’m nervous! Here it goes! Wow, it feels almost criminal to be doing this! Also I should add this stuff dries so fast! Yeah, I think we’re gonna do a couple layers of that – that’s a little, uh, streaky. Layer two… All right, one more layer and hopefully it’s not this streaky, anymore – this is – Yeah, this will be layer number three. Oh yeah, we have some good coverage here. Okay, I think I want to do phases of the Moon. As the *thing* on my phone – with like botanical stuff. So we’re gonna do that. I think I’m just gonna freehand this. A little nervous… [music] Alright, there’s half of it. I’ll have to touch some stuff up, I can see. [music] Wow, are you actually still painting that?! Yeah, this has taken a couple hours now. Hey, man, no judgment. Actually – actually looks pretty good. Wow, I’m surprised to hear you say that. Thank you. Just remember to call me back – Cuz this is a really dumb reason to blow me off, alright? Wait… Why – why would I even need to call you back? You’re literally standing right in front of me. [extremely obnoxious noises that Mira thinks she can get away with because she’s wearing a wig] [music] This part makes me so nervous! Doing a steady line… [music] Oh guys, I think I just lost a lot of footage. But this is where we’re at now and I think it looks pretty good. But we need to put pink in here. Have all these cutesy pinks to choose from, but what one are we gonna do? Okay, I think I decided I want to do some mauve looking branches. Like this – and then I’ll do some lighter pink leaves coming off of them or florals of some sort That’s pretty branchy. [music] This paint cup looks pretty NASTY. [music] Hmm, I don’t know what one to do. I don’t know. What one do you guys think? The really bright pink or the skin toney pink for the leaves? All right, they’re side by side. I have them in some water to dilute it a little bit. I think I’m gonna go with the brighter one. I think we’re gonna need this itty bitty baby brush for this part. [music] Alright, I think it’s time to do the stars. [music] Alright, I think it’s done! Are you ready to peel the tape off and see what this looks like finished?! [eeeep] Gotta get the edges here. Okay. I hope this doesn’t like lift anything! [music and satisfying tape removal sounds] Ooo! What a clean line! [music and more tape peeling] Not gonna lie, I’m most nervous for that camera. So, we’re going to wait ’til last to do that. Alright, the scariest moment of all [nervous chuckle] Let’s hope my camera is not ruined… and… yeah. That’ll – that’ll just be the hope here. [dramatic silence and tape peeling] Oh my goodness, are you kidding me? Paint actually got into my camera. Oh no. Oh no. No, no… We have to perform phone surgery, guys. At least it didn’t touch my lens it just got near my camera. Oh, it’s actually still wet – okay I can deal with this. I can deal with this. Phone surgery! Right, yeah, I actually just used a palette knife. But, whatever, phone surgery sounds more intense. So are you ready to see what this finished phone looks like? Even though you already know because you just watched this entire video, hopefully. Anyway, this is it! I think it looks really cool. Like the phases are kind of hidden – amongst all the plants. Oh I should do a lens test because, uh… I did kind of get paint everywhere. Oh, the lens works just fine. Look at that. All right, just to be really trippy here – What one are you looking at? This is weird. Anyway, yeah, my lens works just fine! The paint missed the lens, I got lucky! Good thing I taped stuff off. Now I just need to get like a clear phone case, because it just dawned on me. I can’t enjoy this because – this current apparatus is my phone case. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this. I’m gonna link some other videos below so you can keep enjoying some art videos if you want – And I’ll also include a playlist like right here on the screen. If you’re new, make sure you subscribe and join the art family! I’ll see you soon, and I should probably call Minty back cuz you know forgot about that phone column I’m supposed to return… Yeah. Okay. Bye guys! Have a good day!

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  1. You said something bout a clear phone case and I recommend speck it is protective and very nice looking and it is like $20.00

  2. I think when u got called u dressed up it's obvious because u would not be able to see them when u Phone them such a fake but I still like your vids

  3. Because if you mess up and hate it than you will haft to by a new phone why didn't you use a phone case your still the best🤩

  4. I said I’m scared because it might not work and I watched another art youtuber she was painting phones but then she changed to phone cases because the paint might of damaged the phone by not making it work like mine for like a year or two

  5. For a better job, you should of dismantled phone, remove all the parts inside and then paint the metal housing from then on… wont have to worry about messing things up, and you can get to paint the entire outside without leaving the edges

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