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CUSTOMIZE iPHONE Without Jailbreak FREE! iOS 11 – NO JAILBREAK (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)

CUSTOMIZE iPHONE Without Jailbreak FREE! iOS 11 – NO JAILBREAK (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)

Okay, so here. It is the big reveal (Not Big) What’s up guys and welcome back to the axe paw exams are done today. I’m back with other video and this time (It Yo Boi TBD) it’s going to be on how to Frame your iPhone iPad or iPod Touch even on iOS 11 with that a jail break and without a computer. This is so cool (Dont DO This(Why? Because Im Mean)!!! I’m sure you guys really enjoy this Let’s jump right in alright now before I start this was brought to my attention by Alex 74 at Halloween on Twitter saw his link down below in description But anyways all you want to do is first click on the link They’ll be down below description and make sure you do open up this link inside the Safari app not YouTube if you do open up Inside YouTube app there’ll be a safari icon tap on that and you’ll be brought right here So anyways tap on OK god if you get this right here and here We are so we got a bunch of themes of guys go down right here you guys could see that serenity OS Concept to Mac OS X would pixelated apps and the guys could also get blank spaces So you could really make her a theme your own getting you icons and the list goes on and I’m gonna go ahead try out that out because you guys know I like my colors especially my thumbnails so enemies I’m gonna tap on rainbow theater Stoff if you’re gonna scroll it down You can really get a feel for how you can make this theme look so look at the icons Anyways down over here you could tap on lock screens to first get the lockscreen wallpaper for this theme and again This is what they recommend so once it going to tap on it will bring right here All I gotta do is tap and hold on the image of course AB and save the image and exit of here Let’s go back so it there. We go. We got the wallpaper. Let’s go set that real quick. I’m an X out of here Let’s go to open up our photos, and the new wallpaper is right there Let’s go ahead and put it to our home screen and lock screen for this one set for both there We go now. We got the black wallpaper there we go now It’s gonna go back over here, and let’s go ahead out the app icons now so there they are all I gotta do is tap on that go down over here and look at this we could go to select all the Ones you want for example. I want the app store. I want the contacts Facebook FaceTime Instagram okay, let’s just do all of them alright So they’re gonna cost you the name of the app so I can name this whatever you want or just put some emojis in there If you want to by the way this iPhone 8 right here is running by 11.2 beta 2 so I have the new emojis if you want to know how to install this beta to get the new emojis link Will be down below to my a video on how to do that, but anyways it’s going to the star eyes 1 the monocle Oh, dude, and there you go That’s the name you changed to whatever you want, but you guys just hit generate themes now, and you will get this pop-up So it’s tapping allow again make sure that you are in Safari Rainbow theme Install tap your passcode if you have one BAM and there we go ahead install install and I’m so excited to see how this will look super pumped and Wow would you look at that using the iOS 11 powers by just putting a wiggle mode, and it’s tapping on the icons I’m going to put them on a new page So I love this feature in iOS 11 really helpful to move multiple icons at once so there you go I’m gonna go and slide over Drop them down and what you look at that, okay? That looks pretty cool already and again with different themes there will be more icon supported and again I’m gonna be showing guys. You could do some more stuff with this now before I move on how do you uninstall a theme? It’s pretty simple go to your home screen settings General scroll on to profiles and device management hmm an iOS 11 point 2 it’s just called profiles. Let’s tap on it There’s a rainbow theme and all you do is tap on remove there We go simple as that and now you don’t have the theme anymore. Oh my gosh guys look at this theme This is absolutely epic look. How cool this looks on my device the app icons. I think that’s my favorite theme I’ll show you guys what it is in a second, but let’s appreciate it for a second That looks ridiculous I really Do love this look of the app Icons now of course if you do tap on any of these app icons if you do have the app installed, okay? So it’s Safari and there we go now. It’s Safari is open so pretty cool stuff This theme is called flat waking OS But there are just so many different themes and they look absolutely awesome So and by the way this wallpaper that I have is not From the theme that theme does not have a wallpaper So I will post this wall promote my Twitter page if you do want it I could see it’s a stock image, so we still got those watermarks But still it looks pretty class was Experimenting and look what I came up with in just a few matter of seconds now We do need some blank icons to do that tap on any of the themes scroll down tap on make blank icon So there it is There’s also make custom eye clips You can make your own icons if you want to do that and get a little bit more crazy But anyways I’m gonna tap on make blank icons, and we want to do Then is tap on go-to I empty and tap on create blank icons You can say it blank folders if you want to but anyways what we need to do before we enter over here is Exit out of here and put our apps in google mode Just like this go to the next spot where there are no icons except your dock and its take a screenshot there you go boom we have screen shot and now back in our browser tap on add right there and Over here, you want to go and upload the photo they just took so choose file and go to your photo library There’s a photo right there, and there you go hit upload that’s gonna wait It’ll generate it for you real quick and there you go. That’s it of course. It’s to say okay God on that swipe down and there we are so you get I blank icons for anywhere that you want on your home screen So for example if I want on the top left. I just going to simply just tap on it So there you go it will start loading the page. There’s our blank icon now what you want to do is tap right here Right there, and then go in and tap on the share, but at the bottom, and then go to add to homescreen There’s that option add to homescreen and there’s a blank icon so shouldn’t have a question mark do not type in anything and sleeveless is tap on add and Now want to go over to our home screen XE now we have a blank icon, so it’s actually not over here It’s over here in this blank spot But anyways all I gotta do I’m gonna bring it over to the other page 30a guy could still see it But if I go to bring it to the right spot where we selected there you go now it is completely gone and also It does what the work with parallax to see I could see you still not cannot see anywhere on my device so that is really Really cool, and there’s that blank icon So now to remove it is tap it hold on it boom you got the X But let me come up with a design real quick Okay, so here. It is the big reveal and Boom, so here. It is this is what it looks like it turned out a lot better in my head I had like a key shape in mind look at that. It looks like a key, but yeah guys There’s a design I came up with you guys see that there Blake Icons in a place as to mainly make a unique theme and put the icons really anywhere you want in Blank spots where you want them, so that’s really cool again it turned out a lot better my head But still it just shows you guys what you could do with this really ads for a complete redesign on your home screen so it Looks really cool ahead. Yes I’m sure you guys will be a lot more creative But I hope you guys enjoy this video enjoy customizing your device to its full potential Using this themes without a joke break of course kit is so much more with a joke break But without a joke break. This is pretty cool these guys Hope you enjoyed subscribe for more videos, and I’ll catch you guys in the next one peace out

100 thoughts on “CUSTOMIZE iPHONE Without Jailbreak FREE! iOS 11 – NO JAILBREAK (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)”

  1. I'm on iOS 10 and this doesn't actually work. All it does is just creates new apps which link you to the corresponding app so it doesn't actually replace the icon

  2. @TheHackSpot if there is a way, could you make a video on how to get tutapp for windows 10 pc. My iphone doesn't work really much then i got a laptop.. I missed all those hacks and stuff and I want them for my pc so yeah.

  3. The reason why it only says profiles is because you only have profiles on your new iphone, if you had enterprise apps it would be as before

  4. 😮 this look really amazing People ganna be like “Wtf how u did that” and I be like “I’m a nerd I do weird stuff on my phone ;)”

  5. the only thing that sucks about this is that all the different aesthetic app icons are just redirects to the actual app. meaning that you can’t delete the OG apps so you have to hide them on another page on ur phone, i find it kind of useless

  6. too much work nobody would waste their time for this lol it just clones the icons and thats it, you cant have cylinder/barrel gravitation etc… this is lame,if you REALLY want to customize your phone you have to be jailbroken so just dont update and stay on lowest ios version

  7. This is cool but it is a separate app so has to load into the real app and that takes a little while sometimes it doesn’t work

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