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Dance Moms: Christi Calls Kendall A LIAR (Season 7 Flashback) | Lifetime

Dance Moms: Christi Calls Kendall A LIAR (Season 7 Flashback) | Lifetime

– Chloe is dancing
for the first time in years against her old team. We’re with someone new. I mean, there are so many
emotions flying around, like, I don’t know
if I can be held accountable for my emotions. Like, I’m a wreck. Look, you guys. It’s Christi. I wanted to tell Chloe, we want
to present you with your very own M Dance Project jacket. Thank you. You deserve it. You earned it. I feel like you will own it. Who’s a studio hopper now? Just saying, Chloe. Because your mom beat the
crap out of me for that. Hey, it’s like Chloe danced
at one studio for 12 years and left because
no one had my back. Who is this lady
in the red jacket? Oh, Christi? She was on our team. You know who Chloe is. Then she left. And now she started
another team. A long time ago. A really long time ago. Like, a really,
really long time ago. Excuse me. My daughter danced with
Abby since she was two. And unfortunately, when
I left, not everyone was all that supportive. Got it. We knew you had to leave. You had to leave.
– Really? Why did I have to leave, Jill? Because you could
not control Abby. You had to like– we
all stuck up for you. – No, you never did.
– She had to– Jill, you did not
stick up for me. How do you know? You weren’t there the last
three years, when we’ve been traveling around the world. No, but I’ve seen you. And I’ve seen the things
that you said on social media about my daughter. Show me what I
said on social media. I don’t go on social media. What your daughter’s saying. But I’m not going to throw
Kendall under the bus. She doesn’t go on so– she never said anything
[BLEEP] about Chloe. – She lied
– About what? She lied, and she sat there
and called her all summer. Not one of those girls
called her except for Nia. Kendall. Yeah, yes, she did. No, you didn’t. Yes, she– are you
calling my kid a liar? I am. Well, then you’re a liar. – No, I’m not.
– Yes, you are. I am not. Yes, you are. Chloe had major surgery. Chloe knows– Chloe– –that Kendall texted
her and called her. Did she call you
before your surgery? Yes, she did.
And guess what. So did I. No, you did not. Yes, I did. You’re a [BLEEP] liar. OK, all right. Yeah. See, this is why
she had to leave. That’s it right there. You had to. We agree. I’m happy to take a seat. I don’t care. And that’s why. Thank you. OK. [BLEEP] You want
to make my kid cry? Do you feel good? Do you feel good about yourself? You know what. My kid cried at home. It’s not about you, Christi. It’s about the kids. My kid cried at home for three
years because of your daughter. And my kid tried to call her,
and she wanted no part of it. She didn’t call her. It’s because of you, Christi. She didn’t call. You blocked all
the phone calls. No, I did not. Yes, you did. I blocked you, Jill, not– The trash took herself out. Stay there. Aw Chlo. [CRYING] I’m fine. I’m just going to go rehearse. [INAUDIBLE] Don’t fall for that crap. I’m not [INAUDIBLE] Don’t fall for that crap. Let’s try to rise
high and really walking a different stride. No reaction.
No reaction. Try, try, try, try.
Hold it. Hold it. Hold it. Hold it. Let it settle. This is all the [BLEEP]
that Abby Lee has left for someone else to clean up. Yes. This is not the way
to start competition. The girls are on
a winning streak. But we’re going against one
of our greatest rivals, MDP. And at this point, they
cannot be distracted. I expect nothing
less from that woman. It’s frustrating. I don’t think what she said
about Kendall was right. I think it was below
the belt. It’s wrong. Well, it’s a flat out lie. She’s a liar. But whether it’s true
or not, it’s wrong. Of course it’s wrong. We don’t want
talk about a child. Any adult that’s 10 feet away
from a 13-year-old and screams in her face she’s
a liar, I’m sorry, is going to make [INAUDIBLE]
look bad and not us. But she doesn’t care. Here’s the thing. She doesn’t have anything except
what happened five years ago. OK, sit up and
don’t cry, please. Don’t let that woman
do that to you. She’s coming back. She’s bitter because she left– –on her own. I know. But I don’t want you
to be affected by it. All right. Done.

100 thoughts on “Dance Moms: Christi Calls Kendall A LIAR (Season 7 Flashback) | Lifetime”

  1. Tbh Kendall is like so fake because she acted like a brat and she was crying because Christi was telling the truth and she didn’t want to admit it.

  2. It looks like Chloe wants to be on her old team but her mom doesn’t want to and I think that Christi it just mad that she is not on that team

  3. I don’t find anything wrong with Kendall. It’s Jill, she ruins her opportunities when she starts arguing with Abby when Kendall doesn’t get something Jill wants her to have, poor Ken ❤️🙁

  4. What is wrong with these mums? The girls are fine but the mums have all the I squashed beef and jealousy and it’s destroying their daughters. The only thing I liked about this was after years of Jill saying “are you calling my daughter a liar” like it’s a threat someone finally turned round and said yes and she didn’t know what to do 😂😂😂

  5. That's all jill does reinforce herself n her kid. When they're both fake. She left and went to candy apples. Lame folks

  6. 3:33 Ashlee: Any mum that’s 10 feet away from a child and calls them a liar is wrong
    Me: 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️ OMgod before you kept saying stuff about Kendall so please in the nicest possible way SHUT YOUR F*** mouth and let it STAY SHUT

  7. Why are they attacking Christi and Chloe for them, just leaving because they wanted to, and they felt like they are being attacked. And disrespected. 😕

  8. Christi was loyal to the ALDC for 12 years. She was loyal despite Abby treating her like dirt, and them not getting along. She left because her daughter was insulted and nobody cared. Only Nia cared. Jill and Kendall are fake.

  9. Jill-your a studio hooper
    Me-you left when Kendall was at the bottom of the pyramid and Chloe left because it was too stressful

  10. Jill: oh so whos a studio hopper now?
    Me: who went to candy apples team and then begged to be back on abbys team?

  11. Kendall "K" shouldn't be yelled at but jill shouldn't have said those things about chloe and erin should've gave the jacket in the dressing room

  12. Chloe was completely silent. She didn’t look confused or worried. It was because Christi was telling the truth. Also Christi and Chloe have said long before this video happened that none of the girls called them except for Nia. Idk why Jill and Kendall are lying. All they had to do was say you know how abby was and wouldn’t let the girls call. Christi and Chloe would have understood if they talked it out. Instead jill kept lying which angered Christi even more.

  13. Bruh when Ashley joined the convo saying that what christi did to kendall was wrong is hilarious bc she did the exact same thing lol

  14. Lauriann: Who's Christi?
    Kalani: She left a while ago
    Nia: a long time ago
    Kalani: a really long time ago
    Nia: like a really long time ago
    Kalani: like a really really long time ago
    Me: Hunny i feel like she got it loool

  15. Ashley:any adult that screams at kid….
    Also Ashley:kendal you are not in it so you do not know…
    Kendal:why you are so mean (rans out of pyramid)
    P.s.scream is same as being mean

  16. I don't think Christy was ready for going back to the aldc. Chloe wanted to dance again, but I don't think either of them were ready to go back to the aldc.

  17. I feel like this is something the producers caused, cause just think about how nice and friendly they are when Chloe asks if she can compete with them. That would not have happened if this was real

  18. STOP HATING KENDALL. jill wants to make everything about her kid and that’s NOT kendall’s fault. I truly believe that kendall liked chloé and would’ve tried to contact her.

  19. Christ stayed with the ALDC for 10 years. She left because an adult made fun of her daughters medical condition. That ain’t what a studio hopper is Jill, it’s you

  20. "Long time ago "
    "Yeah like really long ago"
    "Like a really really long time age"
    Yeah I think she kinda understood in the first time 😂

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