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De Mobo Slides Tutorial, Use Your Phone as a Presentation Remote

De Mobo Slides Tutorial, Use Your Phone as a Presentation Remote

Hi everyone I’ll be showing you how to use De Mobo Slides today All you need to use this app, is a
smartphone We have an iOS device right here but you can use an Android as well You will also need a laptop that has a built in webcam we have a Mac Book Pro but you can also use a PC so the first thing they want to do is go to the App Store search for De Mobo Slides After downloading, open the app and then next you want to go to your laptop, open up
Chrome and go to On this page it’s going to prompt you to enter a code To find this code you need to click on this gear icon on the upper left corner, on your phone and on the bottom of the page where it says BBEEGS, that’s going to be your code yours will probably be different so enter that right here and now your phone and your computer is paired together as long as you’re on the same WiFi network now you can start to use
your phone to control the slides with the volume
button and we’ve implemented this new feature
where we turned the laptop into a digital overhead
projector All you need to use this feature is an iPad stand like so What you have to do is, prop up your laptop like so and make sure you’re pointing the webcam down and now if you move your mouse you’ll see two buttons right here. The one on the top with the overhead projector icon if you’re to click it It’ll prompt you to use your camera Press allow and this will turn on your webcam and now you can use this as a digital
overhead projector to do your lesson and if you were to click on this icon again it’s going to go into a
picture in picture mode where you can continue their slides and
also continue with your lesson right here on the overhead projector and if you press this button one more time, it will disappear and that is all for today, thank you

16 thoughts on “De Mobo Slides Tutorial, Use Your Phone as a Presentation Remote”

  1. hello, i like the feature.. but may i ask if i can still use the phone as a remote controller even if it is not connected to the laptop? i mean, i dont like to connect a USB cable while presenting.. thanks.

  2. I use a very lightweight PC that is thin and sort of emulates a thin Mac laptop, it weighs under 5 lbs… I'd like to find that iPad stand you use in your video, but I'm having trouble finding it (I live in China). Any suggestions?

  3. Is there, or will there be a way to use this app on a pc that is not connected to the same Internet Device? I cant Access the School Internet (Kinda Logical) but i still want to do it with this app and not buy a expensive device only to use it once. Please tell me if there is a way to use this for example over some other connective way like Bluetooth or Direct Connection.

  4. I like it though it took me a little to fiddle with the controls. The overhead projector replaces a graphic tablet that not everyone has & it is much easier to draw on paper than on the screen. Looking forward to try this in class!

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