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Dell Inspiron screen replacement / How to replace broken laptop screen on a Dell Inspiron 7559

Dell Inspiron screen replacement / How to replace broken laptop screen on a Dell Inspiron 7559

Hey everyone this is Joe. And I’m going
to be showing you how to change the laptop screen on your Dell Inspiron 7559.
This process is virtually the same for most laptops. It involves all the same
steps, but, in case you happen to have a Dell Inspiron 7559, you’ll be able to see, you know, exactly what to do. Again it’s a very simple process.
All we’re going to do here is we’re going to take this bezel off. We’re going to
remove four screws. We’re going to lay the monitor down gently. Unplug it. Move
it to the side. Put the new one down. Plug it in. Put the screws back in and bezel back on and that’s it. Again it’s a simple process but a lot of people have never
tackled something like removing a screen and it seems way more complicated than
it is. So I’ll go ahead and walk you through it and show you exactly what you
want to do. Now one thing you’re going to need is a screwdriver. Just the small
Phillips like this will be perfect. There’s also small laptop screwdrivers. I
have one somewhere but I just like this little guy here. First to get this bezel
off you just fill around for a loose spot if you don’t have one I mean I can
go anywhere and start and make one. You don’t have to be too gentle either. I’ve
heard people say you know be real gentle. You want to be somewhat gentle. You don’t want to really pull but as you’ll see you can just pull it right off. You don’t have to be too gentle reason you want to be a little gentle is there’s there’s prongs
here that snap together you don’t want to break those off. So, be a little gentle,
but, don’t be so afraid that you know you don’t get in there and really get it off.
And then these little things at the bottom they just pop right out simple as
that. Now we want to remove the screws. There’s four of them. One.
Two. Three. Four. Top and bottom. There’s some on the side here you might think
you need to remove those leave those alone they don’t need to come off. Just
these four. Very tiny screws so I always like
to leave one on top just to make sure it doesn’t fall forward. Or anything silly. Now when we get this last one off, you might wanna kind of hold the screen together. I mean make sure it doesn’t fall forward. I know
you’re not worried about your broken screen, but, there’s a cord connecting the
laptop to the monitor and you just don’t want to have that, you don’t want to
damage that at all. So when you lay this down, just do so like this. Don’t pull the
screen away, because you could damage this cord. You could rip it out from over
here, and and then that’s a lot more complicated to fix. So what we do here is
there’s just a little piece of tape right here connecting the connector to
the screen. You just pull that tape up like so, and then just pull away don’t
pull up. Just pull away like that. That’s it. It’s unplugged. Then we just move that to the side. We
get our new screen, which I have right here.
You lay it in the same position and we do the same thing that we just did just
in reverse. We plug it in from this way in. Make sure it’s nice and secure. You know, push it all the way in and then just tape it back down. And then there’s this cord here and
there’s these little prongs. That court will usually come out from those
prongs a little so just make sure they’re back in there in place. We set it
back up. When I put it back on I like to do the top ones
first so I know it ain’t going to move around too much. Very tiny screws. My hands aren’t the
steadiest so bear with me. See we’re almost done it’s as simple as
this. Now that we got them screwed back in, we just take our bezel, just put it, just place
it right back down in there. It’ll snap a little. Even if it doesn’t snap, it’s fine. I’ll
show you at the end how you can snap it back in place. And you just go around and
just snap everything back together. Up in the font it’s always tricky on on
most laptops I’ve done this to. You just got a, you don’t want to press too
hard but just kind of feel around and you see you’ll get it. There we go. There’s one there. There we go. Perfect. On the back mine snapped together. But there’s right here, if it’s
not snapped together just press it together like that. Right here, same thing.
Just press it together and that’s it. Now let’s kick it on and you should be good.
Let’s see. Perfect. Okay so now you can have
confidence you can do it yourself too. Thanks.

82 thoughts on “Dell Inspiron screen replacement / How to replace broken laptop screen on a Dell Inspiron 7559”

  1. Good video. I had the Dell 7559, great specs but I was really disappointed with the touchpad and the screen bleed! Also when I shut the lid the corners wouldn't close completely. Other than that, it was a good laptop.

  2. Hey awesome video! I have the same laptop with a broken screen! Where did you buy your screen and find the part number?

  3. I ordered the one in the description, installed all good but it's super dark, any ideas? I need to fixed for class

  4. Those clips around the bezel are the devil! Despite being very careful I popped two of them on the left side which left the bezel far too loose so I've had to order a new top cover from Dell.

  5. Thanks for this, I want to replace the screen in a Inspiron 7000 7567, want a decent IPS screen in it, I hope it's as easy as this.

    Might play with the one in the store and see if I can get my fingers under the bezel 😮

    Got to find a screen now 🙂

  6. Hi dude,

    Thanks for the video. I bought Dell Inspiron 7559 i5 few days ago. I am about to use it for graphic design & event photo editing. But I noticed it has very low colour accuracy & can't show many colours. It's very annoying & disappointing. I don't know the model of the monitor. I just want to replace it by another display with better colour accuracy & more colour coverage too. Can you please suggest me a display model which will be good for graphic design?

  7. hi. got this exact laptop. where can i buy a replacement screen for it. first time im doing this

  8. How do you know the screen is compatible with your Dell laptop? I've read somewhere that Dell laptops require specific screens exclusively for their models. Is this true or can you find a replacement outside of its manufacturer?

  9. Will I must say your a life saver. Your video gives good understanding and clear actions how to do everything. This is help ful to me as I bought broken one with bad screen. And now I know how to fix it.

  10. What screen do you recommend? I'm not a fan of the TN panel wanna upgrade just wanna make sure I get a good one.

  11. Thanks for the video, but you obviously ran through this procedure before shooting the video, and you under emphasized the difficulty of the first part (most difficult by far) of removing the front bezel on the screen.

    For those of you reading this, I am a licensed engineer with lots of experience repairing devices, and I will guide you through this tedious step. First grab a flat blade screw driver or plastic pry tool or even a pop sickle stick cut flat. Close the lid and from the back of the laptop, looking at the hinges, you should see a hard line. This is where the front bezel snaps into the rear cover. Now open the screen to about a 90 degree angle (cross sectional view), and from the back you should still see the line (barely). Use your tool and push in and downward gently and you should see the two pieces separate. Repeat with other side. Now slowly open the screen as far as it will go, and using your tool, lift the hinge cover upward, using a prying motion with your tool from the side of the hinge. Try both sides of the hinge if it doesnt' seem to want to release, because it's tight in there. Eventually, it should release for you. repeat other side, and voila..

  12. I bought a Dell Inspiron i5577-7359BLK-PUS: Very good laptop but the TN panel is horribe. I would like to upgrade. Can you recommend a decent ISP pannel?

  13. I need help i bought the screen from the description and now my backlight wont turn on with the new screen (but with the old it will)

  14. Can i replace my 4k touch screen for the 1920×1080 one? Windows lags a lot with a 4k screen, for anyone wondering why i would want to downgrade

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  16. This laptop looks exactly like Inpiron 5577. How do you think, will that screen fit the Inspiron 5577? or just 7559?? I will be waiting for a response. Thank you!

  17. Oi
    Tenho um modelo idêntico esse do seu vídeo
    Dell Inspiron 15 5000 Garmin
    A tela tem destorcão e preciso trocar para o IPS sem destorcão
    Sabe se serve?
    E onde eu compro?

  18. Will this work for the new dell g series laptops? The screen is HORRIBLE and I want a nice 120hz none matte screen for it.

  19. Thank u for this video I have this laptop, I have a question about the charger for this and buying a replacement. I need just a plug that goes from the wall to the actual square piece… if u could direct me on how to purchase this I would greatly APPRICIATE it 😊😊😊

  20. Great video. Ordered screen replacement directly from dell, watched this video, and completed the installation within 20 min. My plug had a little clip which is not in the video, but figured that out. Forgot to remove the film, so took the frame off again, but was easy. Saved $100+ doing my own install. Thank you!!

  21. Hey brother
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful video
    My display was not working,then I saw your video & follows your instructions, it works, my laptop's display literally gets on……
    Thanks for video
    Please ,if someone's display get shut, atleast from your side you should check the problem by following this video, I am not promoting this video,but the Dell customer care has given me quotation of about 13000/-
    By following this video,I have saved 13K ……

  22. Be aware that when you take the bezel off, the hinges will be loose and will creep slightly from the corners, pretty much for good.

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