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DFU Mode on iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR: How To DFU Restore Your iPhone

DFU Mode on iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR: How To DFU Restore Your iPhone

Hi guys, David and David here from,
and in this video, we’re going to show you how to put your iPhone XR, iPhone XS, or iPhone
XS Max into DFU mode and restore. Before we show you those steps, please give
this video a thumbs up and subscribe to this channel for more awesome iPhone videos. So DFU mode: What is DFU mode? What does DFU even stand for? DFU stands for “Device Firmware Update.” It is the deepest type of restore that you
can do on an iPhone. It takes all the software off and puts it
back on again, and it affects the firmware, which is how the hardware works — not just
the software itself. If you’re a longtime fan of Payette Forward,
we recommend the DFU restore in a lot of our videos. Yep. Then when I was at Apple, we did DFU restores
all the time because it’s the last thing you do before you decide that the phone is actually
broken. So somebody comes in with a phone that they
think won’t work; we’ll always try a DFU restore and then give them a replacement phone if
it’s necessary. Yeah. You can put your iPhone into DFU mode sometimes,
even if it seems like it won’t turn on. But a lot of the time, you might be a jailbreaking
person, maybe you’re trying to get new software. We don’t judge you for that. Let’s just show them how to do it. All right. So yeah, first step. First, plug it into a computer with iTunes. So I’ve got my fancy adapter here and my lightning
cable. If you’ve got regular USB ports a regular
lightning cable will do the trick. Yep. I got this little adapter on Amazon for the
new Macs. So plug it in. The second step starts off just like a hard
reset. So to hard reset your iPhone XS, XS Max, or
XR, you’re going to quickly press the volume up button, the volume down button, and then
press and hold the side button until the screen turns off. We have more to do because it’s the DFU. This isn’t the hard reset video. This is the DFU restore video. It’s not going to be that simple. There’s going to be a couple extra steps. So the screen just turned black. What do you do? As soon as the screen turns black, keep holding
the side button on the right and then press and hold the volume down button for 5 seconds. 5 Seconds. Count to five, and then after five seconds
keep holding the volume down button and let go of the side button until your iPhone appears
in iTunes and iTunes says it has detected an iPhone in recovery mode. So let’s do it. All right, we’re going to walk you through
every step of the process right now, on screen. Let’s do it. How to DFU Restore your iPhone XS, XS Max,
or XR — let’s go. Okay. Volume up, volume down, side. Keep holding that side button. As soon as the screen goes black, we’re going
to press the volume down button and hold it. Okay one, two, three, four, five. Let go of the side button and just keep holding
the volume down button until your iPhone shows up an iTunes, which is going to happen right…
about… now! Oh, well done. Yeah. Now iTunes has detected the iPhone in recovery
mode. You can download the software for your iPhone
right here by clicking Restore iPhone. It’s going to connect to Apple servers. You can also manually select the file that
you want to put onto your iPhone. This is going to be helpful if you’re trying
to do something fancy like a jailbreak, or if you just downloaded the file separately
like I did the other day. On a Mac, you hold option and click on Restore
iPhone; you get this prompt you can select the file. But I have a Windows computer! Tough luck. No — on the Windows PC, hold shift and click
on restore iPhone. That will let you select the file. So most people are just going to click Restore
iPhone. It’s going to talk to the Software Update
server to make sure it gets the right version. It’s going to download it automatically with
iTunes. It’ll put the new software on your phone. It’ll reboot a couple of times and then you’ll
have a fresh copy of the iPhone software on your iPhone. That’s a great video. Great step-by-step process, and it worked
the first time, unlike our original DFU Restore video. We’ve gotten better. Yeah. Well, and a lot of comments we receive are
like, “I got error 500” or… What we’re going to do is put a link down
below in the description box. Apple has a huge list of DFU errors. We’re going to link that in the description
box. If you experience any errors, go to that link. Yeah. It’ll explain it. A lot of the time you can just restart the
process. Right, you can start the process over. You could try a different PC or a different
Mac. A lot of times that helps, because there’s
some sort of a software problem on the PC that’s preventing the phone from communicating
it with it, or antivirus software. Just remember in this case, you’re not syncing
your iPhone with iTunes. This is not putting music on the phone. You’re using iTunes as a tool, and that’s
it: a DFU restore tool. So you can use any computer to do it. Check your antivirus software. Check out Apples article because there are
a whole bunch of errors, like David said. Link in the description section of this video. Any final thoughts on the DFU restore? Nope. All right! That is how to put your iPhone XS, XS Max,
XR into DFU mode and restore using a computer that is running iTunes. Thank you guys for watching this video. Give it a thumbs up if you found it helpful. Don’t forget to subscribe to this channel
for more awesome iPhone videos. If you have any problems with the DFU restore
process, leave us a comment down below. We’ll try to get back to you as soon as we
can. Thank you guys for watching! Please subscribe.

64 thoughts on “DFU Mode on iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR: How To DFU Restore Your iPhone”

  1. Good job guy! However you don’t have to hold the vol down and power after the screen turns off. Just press and release vol up> press and release vol down> then hold just the power button till you see the iTunes logo on the screen. If you have trouble getting the iPhone into Recovery mode, you can also put it into this mode by plugging it into a wall outlet.

  2. Hey Guys, thanks for your videos. Quick one, when my phone gets to battery low, I experience static disturbances when making calls. How do I solve this? I am new to iphone and it is really stressing me out. Thanks!

  3. I need help urgent
    Every time i try to download a free app it tells me verification required o have an iphone 6 also it keeps restarting every 5 mins or so

  4. Stuck at the airport , no screen, no uber or lyft home, no phone calls. Luckily I had my laptop and found this vid, you guys saved my phone THANK YOU sigh of relief

  5. Does the DFU restore delete all the apps and preferences on the phone/ipad? Do I need to backup on iTunes first, then restore after the DFU?

  6. thank u Sir's u guys saved m ass , after buying the iPhone XS Max, my display crashed none of the things worked not even the hard reset and when i follow the DFU thing idley it turns on ! THANK U GUY'S (REALLY) !!!!! THANK U!

  7. I watched your previous video to restore your iphone in dfu mode if the touch id dont wok, i did it but now my sim card doesnt work anymoreee. It says sim not valid. Its all your fault

  8. can I get a reply back is there a way to to activated a iPhone xr error code
    "there is a problem with your iPhone this cannot be activated for service. please contact your service provider or applecare"

    I have restored the iPhone and DFU restore doesn't seem to work .also tried sim card activated didn't work

    wondering if you guys can help me or any one in the comments

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  11. my xr wont work. its a week or two old never been dropped never been around water…I put it on the charger as I went to bed I woke up and it wont do anything ive tried changing chargers charging from the computer but still nothing

  12. You both rock. Thanks for doing what you are doing.

    Main Point: I didn't have to go through the entire DFR process to restore dysfunctional wallet access

    XR wasn't able to access "wallet" either via app icon or power button double-tap. You may find this sequence helpful: 1) pressed volume up button 2) volume down button 3) held power button for 20 seconds 4) phone went black 5) Apple icon appeared 6) carrier service message popped up asking to accept service carrier 7) entered 6-digit pin 8) home screen appeared 9) was able to access the wallet via both power button double-tap and through app icon.

    You may already know why, but I thought it may be useful to some.

    Thanks again.

  13. I tried this method on my iPhone X that I haven't been able to get on. And this made the apple logo come up on my phone, and what I thought looked like a loading bar for a quick couple of seconds before going black again. The iTunes part didn't show on my MacBook. Any idea what that means?

  14. Ooof! Many thanks, Guys! Was struggling with the timing of the button holding business. Your demonstration just cracked it open! The phone didnt reach iTunes. I guess it didnt need to!

  15. You guys are fucking LEGENDS!!! I was stuck unable to restore my brand new iPad after an update had went sideways. This vid solved my problem first try. If I could give more than one thumbs up I could! THANK YOU!

  16. had to DFU Restore my phone due to recently updating to the latest iOS 13 PB it kept restarting my phone for no reason, i hope this works…

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  21. My phone screen is cracked, and I'm trying this with my XS Max right now. All controls, except for the screen, work well. But iTunes won't recognize my phone in recovery mode. 🙁

    Edit: after messing up the finger combination and letting go of the volume down button instead of the lock screen button and pressing it again, it worked. Heh. Weird.

  22. the screen is black and not responding.. so, other than counting to ten(for the 10 seconds its supposed to take to reset) i don't know when the screen is "off" to go to step two, volume down & side button. Any other suggestions?

  23. One question. I have an Iphone XS MAX locked to Sprint Network. Can I replaced Firmware to an unlocked Firmware so i can use on any network???

  24. James and James, thank you once again. I have followed the steps carefully. Now I am currently waiting for iTunes and iPhone 8 plus to fulfill their mission! I will let you know if it worked well. Peace

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