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Did Apple Just Cancel The iPhone X?

Did Apple Just Cancel The iPhone X?

This is an iPhone 10 otherwise referenced frequently as the iPhone X. I really don’t care what you call it. There’s been some news developing, and I feel like we should discuss it. I’m no stranger to this device, I used it for an extended period of time and I came back to you with some video content. My findings my feelings and so on and I want to be clear about something at this point right now. This is a good phone the camera is nice and so on and a lot of people enjoy it and that’s cool. For me it just ain’t my choice. And I don’t think it represents a great value given its price point. But today’s video is about an article that I read yesterday on Forbes which was informed by an article on Apple Insider. Essentially stated that this phone, right here in front of me, might be getting canceled by Apple. This is not a TV show, how do you cancel it? What do you here well according to Ming Chi Kuo, this prolific Information leaker who is essentially, I mean he’s never wrong this guy, all right? His company KGI Securities reported recently that production was going to shut down soon and that the reason for it a lack of demand for this device right here. Now he stated that one of the reasons for this potential cancellation is a lack of demand specifically in China regarding the overall screen size of this device. It’s not the biggest screen in the world. Face ID, where are you at? There you go. Obviously there’s plenty of orders that are already put in for this. There’s retailers and telecommunications companies that are gonna have these things on the shelf. It just means that you’re gonna shut down the assembly line sooner than you normally would, and the current rumor based on the information from this guy is that that’ll happen at some point in the summer. This would mark the first time ever that Apple has shut down or canceled a particular device before the next one has actually launched. Like you you buy an iPhone 7 right now. You can even buy a brand new iPhone 6S. I believe. The idea here is not that the 10 would be completely dead but a modified Larger version would take over for it and this one would be buried, forever. But that’s not where the story ends. All of a sudden there was an update Ming Chi Kuo, he kind of backtrack a little bit he was like wait. iPhones performing pretty good. I’m not really sure they’re gonna shut it down I’m not really sure what’s going on. And to me, that 48-hour backtrack is kind of interesting on its own was the original information bad, did something change, in the face of the reporting. I’m not really certain. The question still remains is this phone going to be canceled or not. Now of course you guys know where I stand on this particular device. I don’t think it’s the greatest value for money, and I even anecdotally I know people in my life I have chosen to upgrade to the iPhone 8 or 8 plus instead of this. And so when I saw the report come out Stating that that’s what people were doing that they weren’t gravitating towards this model, I could see some reality in that at least in my own personal experience. So at a certain point you have to wonder if that influence has leaked out, or if people just in general haven’t gravitated towards this particular phone. You might think something is a great deal, Or a great design, and someone in China or India or elsewhere might think otherwise. But this development it certainly lends itself to my intuition, Which is that this marketplace has gotten incredibly more competitive recently. And what you are able to get at lower price points has improved substantially. So the question going forward probably not just for Apple, but also for Samsung and the various other premium smartphone makers. How big is the demand for a $1,000 phone and do they sort of need to Reconfigure a little bit in order to match the demand that does exist. Now for the record, I don’t imagine that the next generation iPhone flagship will be less than this one. I think Apple is perfectly happy playing in that premium space and so is Samsung, but the numbers once they eventually become public well Those won’t lie, and we’ll find out for certain what the demand is for this particular device compared to the others. What do you think is gonna happen? Do you think that this will survive, that the iPhone 10 will remain intact or will this one go to bed somewhere? You let me know down in the comments. Also. What do you think is the perfect smartphone screen size? Tim Cook, he’s gonna be down in these comments. He’s gonna be reading what you’re saying so get your voice out there. Captions By: joshuaktanki

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  1. Buy Garbage🤑iPhone X 🤮🤢 only Three years of use. a few days later New Garbage

  2. IPhone x is like the LG Optimus G Pro it came out with the idea and then there was no successor except for the second one and then it didn't do too well it was like way ahead of its time but also kind of like the curved TVs and the Gear S watch but I wish they could drop the price because it will be one good collector's item

  3. The iPhone has a great software system and their specs are adequate. I just switched over from an iPhone 7 plus to a galaxy 8 plus because my lease was over and I wanted a good bang for my buck. I'm paying three times less now. It's a little unfortunate that apple doesn't have facetime or iMessage with android and that's what kept me locked in for so long but I soon realized it wasn't worth it. Google duo ☺When I can get an AMOLED screen, larger screen, higher quality resolution, bigger battery life, NFC transfer, heart rate monitor, a sleek & sexy looking phone, Samsung pay that can work at ANY credit card machine, wireless charging… i started to wonder whether this apple ecosystem was worth it for me.

  4. i have played with the iphone x and i have to say its not worth the money they asking i think the 8+plus is better

  5. People want bigger screen more often then not. I think that’s the biggest reason. I mean, you pay over $800 for other IPhones anyways I just don’t think that gap is too big. $800 is also very pricey.

  6. I should’ve followed your advice I should’ve never got iPhone X because I paid $375 with T-Mobile deposit now I lost my phoneI had to pay now $275 because the iPhone X out of the older phones like Samsung galaxy S9 plus you only have to pay $175

  7. If you have $1000 to throw away by iPhone X has as much scrappy phone and I was seeing android is more ahead of them

  8. If Apple plans to sell upcoming iPhones lesser than $1000 then I'll surely buy the iPhone X, Because people take iPhones as a status symbol. And if anyone…., mark my words. "If anyone says anything about they bought a new iPhone which is upgraded, then tell em that you have an iPhone which is $1000!" Because iPhone is a status symbol!!!!!",That's it. Mic drop

  9. the numbers showed that this was the best selling smartphone by far in the first quarter of 2018 so i think the iphone x is gonna stay

  10. I work and I can afford this phone if I want to, but it just not call my attention, I think I give up in the idea of look how cool guy, he got the expensier this or that. instead I am using a 35 bucks phone I may upgrade to 130 bucks phone but I would not go to 1000 phone that in 1 year probably will be junk, maybe that's why I buy disposables phones, I am not smarter than anybody or less cool I just think that way, I do me, you do you, it's a matter of perception

  11. Perfect phone screen size should be between 5-5.5 inch,anything under or above this range is considered as a shortcoming in my opinion.

  12. I think. That Apple uses it's own OS, that's why it costs 1000$, or 68,000₹ in my country, India.

  13. Another Repackaged piece of utter CRAP from the I-CRAP company. Who ever heard of a $1,000 smartphone!? No wonder no one’s buying this because it’s TOO EXPENSIVE. The Huawei Mate 10 or the latest top of the line Xiaomi would run circles around this crap phone and eat for lunch in the process. The top of the line Huawei/Xiaomi smartphones right now are less than $800.00 UNLOCKED and Brand Spanking New in either amazon or eBay and these phones have the highest Snapdragon CPU with octacore processors that you can get, much better than this phone. Only a Tool would buy this.

  14. I miss the freedom of android phones, iPhone X is my very first iPhone and I regretted of buying it just after 10 mins of switching it on…. it is a very good phone but with a lot of things I don't need I had found and iOS system is really…. just restricted! can't even copy my music collection freely! hate have to use iTunes for everything!!!!!! I think in short I hate iOS but like the iPhone design…

  15. What's the point of spending money on iPhoneX if there are somany other flagships available for much cheaper price!

  16. Honestly if they lowered the price, way more people would be buying it compared to the few who spend over a grand for it now, so like, they'd make more money and sell more units. Just do that.

  17. Galaxy s9 was the first premium phone I bought, usually stuck to budget phones from MetroPCS. But I didn't mind paying the $700 on the phone because I feel it's totally worth that. I would've preferred spending at least $100 less but it was a good investment. iPhone X did not pull me in as a long time budget Android user the same way the S9 did.

  18. A bit late but here they are priced at 1290 euros. Sorry but I don't think any phone is worth that much, I usually change phones every two years or so and stick to the mid range market. BTW 5.8 is the biggest screen size I'm willing to go for.

  19. It’s because no one can afford that price. it’s stupid high priced , that type of money can be used in a more responsible manner, apple bumped their head.

  20. The only thing I liked about the x was the a11 bionic chip. Otherwise, the galaxy blows it out of the water

  21. xiaomi mi mix 2s (i bought the mi mix 2s) is my perfect screen size. had the note 4 galaxy and was awesome but the mi mix is same size pretty much just better ratio… note 4 gets bulky with a rugged case….

    oh and fk anything to do with apple… was never on my list anyway lol 😉

  22. I switched to Huawei and Xiaomi. These brands are cheap but they will give you much way better performance and specifications than this shit Apple.

  23. I hope they keep the Plus series with anything they make number 1 we use it as a personal assistant like GPS.

    # 2 We the faithful with Apple Car Play in our Cars won’t pay over $900 something. It’s the Principle of the thing when there is so much else out there.
    My two cents! 😊

  24. I just don’t like it. It’s small. It looks like Apple is going backwards. I
    Do however really enjoy my IPHONE 8 Plus. ❤️
    My 6 distrusted kinda like Mission Impossible without the Smoke. But Hey I used it for everything else, hard for 4 years. Occasionally I made calls. These are my personal assistants. So I don’t like the Notch. I am not thrilled I have to buy a new set of over the Ear $300. Head Phons to get the quality of the $199.00 ones I Already have that use the Jack. And I also used the Jack for my portable Boom Box by Altec to the Hospital to sing and cheer up kids and elders. Now no audio jack on the IPhone 8 Plus
    Not happy about that. So if Apple drops the Plus Size that Zooms.
    Well Then I will need to go shopping next time for a big device with features and only with the Audio Jack absolutely.

  25. It is a beast! And the best smartphone i have ever seen. People underrated this device just because of it’s price!

  26. I also heard that Apple doesn't want to lower the X price. Since X is not much different to the Xs, ppl tend to reach for it because it's supposed to be cheaper this year. This would be a big disadvantage for Apple, they wanted to push the sale knowing the X was a failure in term of pricing for the customers.

  27. I think they’ll cancel the production of iPhone X because there is another iPhone model releasing with more modified specs so that’s will lead them to this thought that people would not buy the iPhone X. That’s why what I think is that the production will not be continued.

  28. the real reason why they discontinued it is because apple's philosophy is when a new device comes out the previous generation gets a $100 discount , but they will lose money because of that so the iphone 10 had to be axed

  29. Apple thinks we r stupid cuz they want to sell their stupid X r with a 720p display and so they knew that ppl would rather buy the iPhone X with an oled and a gen older cpu which is till faster than all android competition. Apple is just money hungry hit like who thinks am correct.

  30. Personally, I'm gravitating away from the big brand phones. I'm tired of my phone bill being huge because of me agreeing to pay $600 for a phone bomber a period of two years. And Lewis Hilsenteger opened my eyes on how to do just that. My next phone is going to be one of the following brands: Umidigi, VKWORLD or Bluu.

  31. Just saying!
    I work selling phone for Telus and the iphone X is impossible to get in anything else than 64gb…but… even the 64gb is next to impossible to get! Sometimes we have to fill forms to prove it has been sold. with that being said, we can't order anything 256gb from iphone 8 and older. Even the iphone 8 plus 64gb are Extremly hard to get (30 days wait and up).

    I don't know what apple is doing but before the Xs Xs MAX and Xr came out, we never had any of these problems.

    It just happened couples days before the launch.

    Also, thanks for your videos! I learn a lot about Asian phones that we don't offer a Telus because of you and I am sure that I am not the only Rep you helped out 😉

  32. Iam the real winner here I bought a 500$ iPhone X that had been dropped by an engineer of a construction site bought a replacement frame for 59 bucks and it works like a charm it was a risk that I don’t regret now I use it as my second phone next to my note 9 that I just got recently and if iam honest with no biased opinions even though I spent more money on the note 9 I like the iPhone X more idk why but I feel like the interface the ui is simply more user friendly idk why anything else is the same except for the headphone jack I really hate having my phone plugged into my power bank and not being able to listen to music unlike my note 9 durability wise this thing is a beast the note 9 is also durable but the screen on the note 9 can be scratched with a feather even though they both use gorilla glass 5

  33. Ok just recently I brought the iPhone 8 full price from using the 5se ( and the screen broke again) realized the money I spent for that was the same exact phone I had in the 5se should have brought the 8plus (duel camera, better operating system ) but I would have to spend another 100$ nah in that case I’ll buy the x – only problem is apple doesn’t sell the x anymore what could I do? 🤔 def not spending 1300 on a phone no way I’m trying to own in 2021. So what I do is go to at&t ask if they still have the x , they said yes I brought the x there. 😂🤣 can’t out slick a slickster apple. iPhone was the perfect deal for my situation. Because I got 100$ back with a more advance phone at the end of the day. 😉

  34. Technology is at a standstill and if Apple is already in China is a domestic Phone over there they can't sell it at a high Price Chinese Produce products from US companies to be sold elsewhere not to them they are the competition.

  35. That not what I heard but thanks for that info. I heard that iOS 12.1.2 is not performing as it should. People are complaining that of slow connection or no connection at all, dropping calls, problems with data, and slow in general and battery issues. It’s not getting great reviews and they are to change again but wasn’t able to get a date. Could you report on this?

  36. Oh yeah yeah I don’t care if they stop making it as long as they keep updating the phone with latest software for years I’m happy 😃

  37. This iPhone X smartphone screen size is okay for me cause i got no problem with it whatsoever. But for the 2018 model they just did something different with it but they have a larger model for the iPhone X. But i prefer this 5.8 inch model iPhone X 2017 better than the 2018 model it’s no use to upgrade spending money on this garbage 2018 iPhone. But the 2017 model iPhone X rocks like a workhorse.

  38. please dont hate apple. I know you literally dislike iPhone. Smh on apple. Thumbsdown. THE reason people use iphone … IOS. IOS. IOS! Not laggy android(not all android). i talk about longlast UI software and privacy security. i hate you about reviewing apple. but i subs because ur other unboxing video. still subs

  39. Which is a better choice. 8Plus 256GB or X 256GB. (Keeping the price aside). I am confused. Because in my place used iPhone X with 1year warranty is available at a lesser price than a New iphone 8+ (from Authorized Apple Resellers).

  40. iPhone XR is what I have I have dropped it 6 times on the screen and has not cracked, highly recommend a case and screen protector get chipped and scratched real easily

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