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Disney Invented A Room Where Your Phone Will Never Die

Disney Invented A Room Where Your Phone Will Never Die

Hey there power-crazed viewers, Trace here. Internet hero Nikola Tesla dreamed of delivering
power wirelessly to the masses. Of course, that was over a century ago, and
here we are today with “wireless phones” that are anything but. Researchers at Disney, yes, the cartoon/amusement
park juggernauts, have decided that simply will not do, and they are trying to solve
the problem with a little Disney magic. And science. Mostly science. Wireless charging pads have existed for a
while now, but they’re far from perfect. They work by running a high frequency alternating
current through a circular coil, which creates a magnetic field. That field induces a current in another circular
coil in the receiving device, and the device converts it to direct current. Presto change-o, your battery is charging
wirelessly. We actually have a whole video about it. I’m sure you get that the device isn’t physically
tethered to those charging spots, but just because of that, if it’s picked up or moved
off the pad just a bit, and the juice stops flowing. Therefore, unless you just can’t stand the
sight of cables, wireless charging is still not perfect. The real holy grail would be wireless charging
at a distance. Something that can keep you topped up while
you walk around and using your phone. Researchers at Disney think they have an answer
to this. Their solution was to design an entire room
that basically functioned as a giant three-dimensional charging pad. You’d never even know it was different from
any other room, aside that conspicuous copper pole right in the middle of it. If you look closely at the copper pole and
you’ll see a gap towards the top. In that gap are small discrete capacitors. By combining those capacitors with a signal
generator and they can send alternating current through the pole, the walls, the ceiling and
the floor at the frequency of their choice. This creates a magnetic field around the pole,
and just like with current wireless chargers on the market, if you have a receiver that
resonates at the right frequency, you’ve got wireless charging almost anywhere in the
room. Still, t’s not perfect. Unless your phone and the receiver coil inside
are perpendicular to the magnetic field, nothing is getting charged. And of course, there’s the issue of safety. The room can transmit enough power to charge
over 300 smartphones without exceeding the government’s safety guidelines for how much
power a body can absorb, so long as you’re standing more than 46 centimeters away the
pole, you shouldn’t have to worry. Also, it’s probably best not to touch it. Anything practical would need a shut-off mechanism
if a person got too close, or a wall around the pole to keep people far enough away. The researchers note though it’s important
that something actually consumes that power since whatever goes unused is stored in the
room, and could be potentially harmful. So future systems would need something to
monitor how much power is being used too. There’s a long way to go here. The researchers are optimistic this technology
could be scaled for a variety of uses, from small charging cabinets to warehouses that
use multiple poles. Since this was developed by Disney, don’t
be surprised if future theme parks advertise that your phone will magically never go dead,
while all the rooms suddenly have mysterious pillars in the middle. We can’t do episodes like this without some
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isn’t perfect, but maybe your phone’s own radio waves could make your battery last
longer. Amy’s got the science on that here. So would you put up with an awkward pole in
the middle of your living room if it meant you never had to plug your phone in again? Let us know in the comments, make sure you
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100 thoughts on “Disney Invented A Room Where Your Phone Will Never Die”

  1. Its called having a charger constantly in your phone while you are in bed. It never runs out and im living life in my cosy bed

  2. I think it would work great for VR devices. It would eliminate the need for either charging or tethering. But giving that you are not supposed to use VR for more than 30 minutes continously by far, it's not that much of a deal as long as you are willing to carry a battery backpack.

  3. You might glow in the dark after, get cancer or brain tumor, but at least youll always have a charged phone

  4. how do they know this only emits an non-ionizing magnetic field? elf and emf are both linked to several types of cancer.

  5. Hmmm this technology is called cell dna modifier. I would really like to live in a room thats charge your phone while also giving you free cancer.

  6. This was already done by someone else at a previous CES (I don’t remember exactly which CES and the company that was testing it.)

  7. Now make it some kind of router thing.
    I saw something called a "Motherbox" but other than the video demonstration nothing about release :

  8. This tech is junk. There are so many technologies in development that are renewable and green and way more practical and efficient.

  9. There was a research paper I read last year where they proposed recharging a device through a directional WiFi router like device. It detects the most efficient direction to bounce the signal to connect to the device. By this methods it is able to bounce around the room going around obstacles like people. The paper was primarily talking about increasing bandwidth using the directed transmission. I think that that technology would be safer and more useful than the one described in this video.

  10. at 2:30 , so what exactly happens if there is not something to consume the power being emitted what would happen if given long enough time? and wouldn't that be similar to having a Wi-Fi device in your home running without anything using the power or would that be a different scenario?

  11. Sounds brilliant, just I, along with many other people want to contact others by a sound picture instead of a mobile.
    A bit like whats app, just not on a mobile,. It could be on a cloud that could be made anywhere but only you can see it for you will have something that allows you to view the other person only, like a lucky charm

  12. Tesla invented this already but he made it work, he also invented teleportation, timetravel and anti-gravity space ships but those goddamn Illuminati screwed him GAGGGGGRRRRHHHH we'lll get you one day you reptilian evil doers, and we shall rescue Dr Tesla from his prison planet in Alpha Centauri gamma gamma epsilon nova 69B-1

  13. blah ,blah ,blah, …yes and in the beginning they never told us cell phones cause brain cancer and what are they hiding now…whole body cancer from whole room charging signals?

  14. ###Nuclear BOMBS placed in AMERICA BY 0-bomb-ASS & MUeLLER ? ?

  15. So you just said that the room stores energy, they just created a battery. I guess it's more like a capacitor, cuz I'm assuming once it's stored high enough it all discharges at the same time. This would mean that the electricity from a battery Bank that wasn't used could go back into the battery Bank. Waste not what not. It would make solar and wind energy much more viable.

  16. At the very beginning of this video, I was already seeing problems with this technology. How could Disney not see the potential hazard this tech can have on a human body (from the beginning). This is even reckless and really stupid to even consider pursuing. This is what happens when you put a bunch of strictly bookworm minded engineers in a room to brainstorm. A lot of engineers are very good at making things work but that’s not on a creative level that allows them to think (outside) of the box. You need to combine the creative conceptual level of thinking of an Industrial Designer with Engineers to nicely execute and complete a project.

  17. No they don't try to talk to me directly being the #1seeker3 they don't get all the info I don't know why they choose to just take my idea and miss all the missing steps but if they want the right information all they have to do is call me and ask . It's a long and over done problem we can not seem to agree on . Just ask me Disney .

  18. The rocks seem to be more energetic than pols but then again they don't care to directly ask hint hint Disney. Call u only take half of the (my) ideas. So u miss the true meaning of the information. (Call) text.. email? Stop sending bits through play store, can't get much clearer than that ( ask me I'll tell you ) stop just taking my idea

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