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DIY Challenge: Tissue Box Phone Holders 📱 Maker Masters | Netflix Futures

DIY Challenge: Tissue Box Phone Holders 📱 Maker Masters | Netflix Futures

(upbeat music) – Okay, wait, you’re smooshing it. – Okay. (screaming) – Okay.
(screaming) – Scissors, scissors, scissors! – Hi guys, I’m Talia Jackson and this is. – Merit Leighton. – I’m Anjelika Washington. – And I’m Ava Michelle. – And we’re playing Maker Masters. – Where two teams race the clock to create DIY projects with
these surprise supplies. (project crashes) – Okay, let’s open up the
box and see what’s inside. – Here we go. – Oh, okay! – We got two tissues boxes. – Spaghetti, rubber bands. – We got some eyes.
– Eyes. Googly eyes.
– Googly eyes. – I used to leave these. – Ones with eye shadow and eye lashes. (hands smacking) – Boom.
– Yeah! – Okay, so where do we start? I don’t know what we start with, okay. – Let me take a little bit of this out. Just a bit. – We better put some back. – So we have a lot of yellows, a lot of blues. Oh, we need cotton balls, because clouds. – Do that. Do that. – The pink tape. I’m gonna go get big, the pink tape. – Okay. – Is there a garbage, or. – Found it, found it. – I’m not gonna be able to get that off. (laughing) I can’t get it off. – Here. – Okay, do you need help? (heroic music) Wait how do you get it out? – I don’t know. – [Merit] Okay, oh my god. – Thank you. – [Ava] Glad I could help. – [Merit] We wanted the pink one. – Anything for the pink tape. – Oh! – It’s fine, it’s fine, it’s fine. We got it, we got it. Thank you, thank you so much. – Thank you. – You’re killing this.
– Am I? – I’m really proud of you. – Fun fact, Anjelika became an actress because she failed arts and crafts. – That’s exactly how it happened. – I’ll bedazzle this thing. – I’m heating this up right now, because it take a little bit. – This is like Dunkleman’s crate. (dinging) – Boom. What are we putting in this? – How much time do we have? – Oh my gosh. – Hand me a wrench, thanks. – How long? 10. – Ugh. – Come on. – Oh here we go. – Oh, could you do like a line? – Yeah, that’s what I’m gonna do. – Yes. Yes. Oh my gosh, you’re slaying. You’re slaying the day. – Boom. Anjelika, look at that. We’re kind of good. – Oh now, my paint brush broke. – Oh no. – There’s another one in there. I got it, it’s still on. – You got it? Okay. – Wow, wait it’s kinda cute. Wait what if we wrapped it in yarn? – Stripes? – We’re gonna wrap it in yarn. – Oh, I love that. – Oh, hot glue. – It’s actually hot glue plus me. It’s like equals pain. – It’s not that hot,
it’s like medium glue. – We’re wrapping. – [Ava] We’re wrapping. Okay, this is not staying, so let’s like throw some glue on here. – Do you need help? You got it. (project crashing) – Stab it. One, two, okay. – I need one more. – [Produer] Four minutes. – Oh wow, this is going by really quickly. – How many minutes? – Four. – Four minutes? – [Anjelika] Oh geez. – I thought 15 minutes was kinda a long time until this moment. – Whee, we don’t have much time. – How about we put these back there, so it stands on them? Like hot glue? – [Merit] Yeah, yeah, okay. – Try to wrap the other
tissue box in the tape? – [Anjelika] This one, in the tape? – [Ava] And then we’ll tape it on it. – There’s paint everywhere. Oh, okay. Oh my gosh, I need tissue. Thank goodness. – Thankfully, we have a lot of tissue. – Wait, you’re smooshing it. – Okay. – Dangerous way.
– You’re so strong. – Thank you. – Goodness, she goes to the gym. – I go to the gym. – Here let’s see if the
scissors will stand up. – Lean it again. – Yes.
– Yeah! Oh my god. – Yes, it needs to be taller. – I think this is cute. – Tall.
– Taller? – No. – You are the tall girl. – I am, but like that’s… – Really tall. – It’s kinda cute; it looks like a person. – I wanna do one more. – Ah! – Okay, stick your phone in it. – [Ava] Is it gonna stay up? – Ah! – Why is it gonna be brown? I don’t know, but it needs a nose. – It’s fine, it’s fine. – This one, this one.
– [Talia] There we go. – Ten seconds, ten seconds. – The nose looks kinda
crazy, should I take it out? – Oh my gosh, okay. – Put your phone in. – I’d use this.
– Okay, we’re done. – Wait, oh. (claps) (laughing) (upbeat music) – This is our beautiful creation. – This is our masterpiece. – [Ava] I love it. – We were inspired by cotton candy. – And rainbows. – Yes, because who doesn’t
love cotton candy and rainbows. – I would agree. – I do agree. – [Merit] It’s stuck on the pom poms It’s stuck on the pom poms. – Yeah.
– Ta-da! (clapping) – [Anjelika] Okay, so our design
was inspired by Tall Girl. – Which is very surprising,
because it’s really short. And it also has lips, that
was like a last minute touch. Don’t know how it looks from the front, but I gave it some lipstick. – Oh it does.
– So cute. – Okay, put your phone in it. – Okay, this should go in here. – And.
– It’s dual purpose. Two phones. Double – [Ava] Yean, see how it goes vertical. – Oh.
– Oh my gosh. – [Talia] I feel like
I’m at like an award. – And the Oscar goes to. – Team 2! – What? – That took you a second to realize what team you were on. – She looked at me and was like. – And here is your magnificent trophy. Oh, it’s soft. – I know, it’s like kind of Play-doh. – It’s Play-doh I think. – This was so much fun. Thank you guys so much for watching – [All] Maker Masters! – Whoo! – [Ava] I went like low on that, and everyone when high
so we were kind of like. – [Anjelika] We were harmonizing.

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