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diy home made spy camera From old mobile phone camera

diy home made spy camera From old mobile phone camera

you can make it easy just watch this video fully here you can see i have many smartphone camera but i need just one galaxy s4 back 13mp camera galaxy j2 back camera galaxy core 2 back camera front cmera j2 lenovo 850 front camera but i don”t use this camera for making spy camera i have other one here it”s galaxy dus 2 back camera camera put out on this broad carefully take your time i need this camera making spy camera but this camera have lot of pin how you can find b+ b- d+ d- let me show you here the camera right sid b- pin b+ d+ d- i need to remove wire cover this is a data cable you can see b+ b- d+ d- wire remove wire cover for butter soldderin im use logon here you can see camera is over zoomed sorry for that all done now time to test it let”s go it”s looking so nice put spy camera in my phone here im using spy camera detetor apps what you think spy camera it”s working let me know on the comment box this spy camera is not working well i show you realty about spy camera plz like this video see you soon

100 thoughts on “diy home made spy camera From old mobile phone camera”

  1. Esse video e tão falso iguanto judas escariotes pos na camera nao e a mao dele e sim o dedo dele atraz do celular aparecendo na camera principal do celular

  2. If we have to attached it to mobile. Than how can we called it spy 🤔

    Isse acha to mobile camera hi use kr lege na fir 🤣

  3. Hanya org bodoh yg percaya!! Liat aja sewaktu testing. Jari nya dilepas malahan dilayar masih terlihat ada yg menutupi (jari yg lain dimainkan)

  4. Gak usah nipu bang kelihatan yang di pake kamera belakan bukan kamera tambahan.
    Itu jari telunjuk kelihatan jelas..

  5. 6.04 sec.. back camera on finger view. so its fake. and he wrote THE SPY CAMERA NOT WORKING ON 6.21 SEC…. HA HA GOOD JOB 21K LIKE

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