DIY iPhone 7 Headphones

Making iPhone 7 Headphones Early! Hey, what’s up, guys, Keaton here, so what
I got is a product I’ve been working on for the last two months. So this right here is
the world’s first Lightning EarPods, and I gotta be honest, I spent the last two months
working on this. I don’t know, I thought it was cool, and since Apple’s getting rid of
the headphone jack on the iPhone 7 at least. – Mm-hmm. – It looks like that. – It appears that that’s likely gonna happen. – I wanted to get a jump-start and just kinda
start living with these because it’s just a sad day when that happens. It’s coming sooner
than we all think, so. – Yeah. I made these, took two months. I’m
proud of that, I’m gonna keep saying that ’cause like, Keaton did not know anything
about any of this before I started, but. – So, this seems to be a somewhat kind of
cool piece of. – Somewhat cool? Somewhat! – So this is pretty cool. There as to be at
least two pieces here. Kind of, what’d you do, did you have to merge? – Yes, so what I did, is I went to the Apple
store, hit it up, you know, and said it was good, and I bought. – What up, TechSmartt in the house! -Stop hurting our devices! So I got, I got
a Lightning cable, just like the standard ones, and then I picked up, obviously, standard
EarPods. And these are like all official parts, so picked ’em up, and then from there, with
some help of some buddies, we soldered it together, like, I didn’t know what the word,
soldered meant up until like two months ago, and that’s why they can like, the control
talk, where it goes volume up, volume down, play and pause, is all ginormous, so. – Hmm, so now, this part right here, is this
an OEM part too as well? – No. – So this is the only part here that’s. – Yeah, that’s the only part like we had to
get real crafty on. – And that’s like, this is the part that,
I guess, did you take this off of like another headphone to merge this, do you know how you
did that? – No, it was just made, I mean, they were
just shells that were available. – Hmm. – ‘Cause like the big deal, the big deal with
like Lightning EarPods, and just really Lightning headphones is there’s, at least right now,
the amount of power that is required to drive these is so much more than like your standard
EarPods like with a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, so. – Hmm. With like headphones like this, I made
a video on these. If you haven’t see it, check it out right up here, but you can see it’s
all flush, there’s no like big bulky thing or anything like that, and that’s ’cause it’s
built into the ear cup ’cause there’s a lot more like space. These are little tiny EarBuds. – Right. – Right there, like you can’t, yeah. – There’s no room. – There’s no, so, put it in wrong here. – There’s no room. – That has been the last two months of one
of my secret projects. I’m super pumped, I actually got two extra pairs, so stay tuned
to the end of the video because we’re gonna be givin’ these away. Really happy that like
this came fruition, like, I didn’t this would actually happen like, I am pretty crazy person.
I’m a dreamer. I’m Steve Jobs, what can I say? -He’s a dreamer. – Yeah, I’m a dreamer. Um, so, yeah. They’re
here, they work, but since Daren’s never used these before, he’s gonna. So, I Keep callin’
him the wrong name, and it’s so sad ’cause like I’ve known him, for a bit. – For, yeah. – For a bit. – For a bit. – Online, we’ve met, but IRL until like last
weekend. – Yeah, we met at VidCon, few days ago. – Yeah, we met at VidCon, so. – We made a video together. – Yes, go check that out too. – We’re like video bros now, wow. – We’re voes. – Voes. – So Brandon’s gonna go ahead and try these
out for the first time, and show you guys that they actually work, so do you wanna put
these in your ears, my good sir? – Sure. – Not, you were gonna try to put the other
part in. – I was gonna plug it in first. – Okay. – But I’ll let you do that. – [Keaton] Got my iPhone six s plus here. – [Brandon] There we go. – [Keaton] In a GizmoSplip fashion. – [Brandon] Mm-hmm. – [Keaton] It works, brand new. – Yeah right. Ready to be drop tested. – Yeah ooh. I got Spotify open. Daren’s got
’em in his, Bran. Oh my God, I keep callin’ him the wrong. I’m sorry, like I could see. – Don’t feel bad. – [Keaton] I could see. I could see you. It’s
just, keep make it funny, just make it funny. – Behind the camera, I’m gonna get you and
film it. Oh. Probably because I’m tired. – I’m the actual Daren, everybody. – Hi, hi. – Hi. – So Brandon’s got the EarPods in his ears. – That’s right. – Gonna play some Kanye West. Did it work? – Mm-hmm. – Wanna hold it up, the mic, show ’em how
it’s done. – Sure, hear that. – And then raise the volume. – [Brandon] I paused it. Lower the volume. – [Keaton] There you go. – [Brandon] Decreased the volume. – It works. – Workin’, yup. – What do you think, how’s sound quality compared
to like regular EarPods? – Sounds pretty good, it sounds good. Yeah,
at least as good as normal if not better, I dunno, it’s hard to tell. – ‘Cause that mean they are the best, right,
like why, why even buy real headphones at this point, you know? So it worked, the control
talk works, there’s a microphone on it, so you can use it too. I mean, it’s essentially
your regular EarPods you’d find, just with a Lightning tip at the end. – What are the, what’s the dilemma, if you
will, of using these? – So the dilemma is, since we hacked this
together and it’s not Apple official, sometimes it pops up saying, like, oh, it’s not recognized,
but all you have to do is replug this back in, I mean, that’s the trade off here since
I’m not Apple. I wish I was, but I’m not Apple, so, that’s. – So we got it work, but. – It works about 90% of the time, really. – Yeah, I mean, it definitely works every
time you plug it in, it’s just how long you can get it to stay working, so. – Exactly, exactly. – Definitely, really, really cool, and I’ve,
I mean, I think the only thing that’s gonna be different potentially from, if Apple does
this officially, is that this would probably be smaller, obviously. – Oh yeah, I mean, I’d hope. – Right. – Or there’s EarPods ’cause there like, there’s
rumors that like they’re just gonna keep the standard EarPods and then just like have an
adapter come with the phone. I don’t know, I just kinda wanna show off what I made, and
I’m happy. – It’s really cool. – Yeah, thanks man. – I mean, it’s kind of a slice of the future,
potentially. – Ooh, slice of the future. – Slice of the future. – I like that, I like that wording, sweet. – Yeah. – So since there’s not a lot of Lightning
ear buds that exist, I actually found one made by this company called Besound. It goes
149 bucks, link’s below. It’s actually dropping on Indiegogo this month, so what’s cool about
that is it has active noise cancelling, and it’s just gonna, it’s just gonna sound a lot
better than the basic ones that come with your phone, like, it’s just made with better
parts, and I’ve checked out a prototype, they sound legit. So yeah, if you guys wanna check
it out, more info below. Me and Brandon wanna do something pretty cool, so we’re actually
gonna be giving away two pairs of these Lightning EarPods. There’s only total of three pairs
that exist, so two of ’em are going out to you guys, and we actually. – Also doing a giveaway on my channel where
the winner gets to pick any phone they want, and Keaton was kind enough to get on my channel
and have fun. We took a wig of Donald Trump’s hair. – Yes. – Wrapped an iPhone six s in it, and then
dropped it off a building. It was pretty awesome. Do you think it’s gonna survive? Go check
out the video and find out. – There you go, so if you guys want more info
on the giveaway and how to enter, links below, and please enjoy the last two months of my
blood, sweat, and tears, seriously. – Yes. – They’re awesome. So that’s pretty much it
for this video. If you guys want me to do more crafty build type stuff, be sure to drop
a like on it. Go and get subscribed if you’re new around here. Just hit the icon on my chest,
and go and subscribe to Brandon’s channel. I almost said the wrong name there. Go and
subscribe to Brandon’s channel. He makes really awesome tech videos. – Well, thanks man. – Like Donald Trump’s hair, like who does
that? So crazy, so go and check out his channel. Links below, and yeah, I’ll see you guys soon,

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