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Do Cell Phones Cause Brain Tumors?

Do Cell Phones Cause Brain Tumors?

do cellphones cause brain cancer yeah if you’re on them a lot yes you can’t be good for you I did decide to stop you know putting the the phone whilst I’m driving in my groin inside movie and over there in case it’s gonna cause testicular cancer my doctor advised me on this now it doesn’t seem to make sense that cell phones should cause cancer because the radiation they emit is non ionizing which means it doesn’t have enough energy to rip electrons off atoms or molecules and destroy DNA so how would cellphones cause this type of cancer in the as black magic today and the radiation from cellphones is almost identical to the radiation inside a microwave the wavelengths are almost the same about 15 centimeters long basically the same size as your phone oh it was my microwaves they like heat food up and like they fry they fry like living stuff living organisms so maybe it would fry your brain barbecuing O’Brien slowly this led to various internet videos where cell phones were shown popping popcorn or cooking eggs now that is obviously impossible because the amount of power in a microwave is over a thousand times the power of radiation of microwaves emitted from your cell phone would you be concerned about living near a cell phone town do you think that’s worse than just yeah initially right next to it yeah but the truth is this if you live in an area with better reception that means your phone has to emit less microwaves in order to transmit to the tower so you’re actually exposed to lower levels of microwave radiation living near a tower than living far from it however there have been some scientific studies that show very high level microwaves like those from a mobile phone can cause heat shock proteins to be released inside the body and it’s thought that that could be related to the onset of cancer so perhaps there is a reason to study the biological effects of cellphones on people what would happen if a study came out saying that you were two or three times as likely to develop a brain tumor if you used a mobile phone regularly with that change absolutely yes two to three times it’s just massive like I know it’s a slim I’d but still the chances of life you don’t want that to happen to anyone let alone yourself so it definitely not use it as much what if I told you that a study has come out that says over long periods of times there’s a three-fold increase in brain tumors a recently published Swedish study found that cellphone users were 30% more likely to develop glioma that’s the most common form of malignant brain cancer and it gets worse those people who had used a cell phone for over 25 years had a three-fold increase in this type of cancer due to studies like that one and expert opinion the World Health Organization actually classified cell phone radiation as possibly carcinogenic to humans but now consider that brain cancers are exceedingly rare in any given year you have a three in 100,000 chance of developing of glioma now according to the Swedish study long-term cellphone use can increase that risk up to nine in a hundred thousand still a very small risk but a significant increase now given the scarcity of brain cancers how can they really quantify this risk the ideal way to do the experiment would be to perform a randomized control trial which is where you get a group of people who don’t use cell phones randomly give half of them cell phones and force the other half to live without then follow them for 15 to 20 years and see how many in each group developed glioma oh and you would need hundreds of thousands if not millions of people to take part because of just how rare brain tumors are and immediately you can spot the problem with this experimental design virtually everyone already has a cell phone I mean there are more mobile devices than there are people on earth more people have access to a cell phone than to a working toilet so the next best way to do the experiment would be to perform a prospective observational study in which you gather a group of people and follow them over a period of decades monitoring their cell phone use and then you find out how many developed glioma and correlate that with their cell phone usage the problem is people who use their cell phones a lot may differ in other ways than just their cellphone use plus there’s the problem of scale even if you followed around 50,000 people for 10 years you’d only expect to observe 20 gliomas and that’s not nearly enough to detect a difference between the groups so the third way to do the experiment is to perform a case control study where you collect a group of people who have brain tumors those are the cases and you find a demographically very similar group who don’t have brain tumors those are the controls and then you ask them about their behaviors over the previous decade and see if they differ markedly between the groups for example did the brain tumor cases use their phones a lot more than the controls the Swedish study was one of these large-scale case control studies but there is a question about whether this study was methodologically flawed in hindsight if you get a brain tumor you might remember using your phone more than you did and if you don’t have a brain tumor you might remember using it less now there have been a few prospective studies completed including one in Denmark using almost the entire Danish population and records from their cell phone companies and they found no link between cell phone usage and incidence of brain cancer another prospective study using almost 1 million women in the UK again found no link so what are we supposed to believe then what are we supposed to believe this is where I think we really need to figure out the right methodology exactly to look at it and here’s a thing right over the last 15 to 20 years almost everyone is used to mobile phone mobile phone use has gone way up everyone’s going so you can look at the actual brain cancer rates on the overall population yeah and if there is a link you would expect that to be going up is it it is not okay if the results of the Swedish study were correct then the rates of glioma would be more than 40 percent higher than they are so it is extremely unlikely that cellphones actually cause brain cancer and if they do either the effects take decades to show or the increase in risk is very very small hello Hey so if you’re looking for more ways to use your smartphone maybe you should try audiobooks is a leading provider of audiobooks with over 150,000 titles in all areas of literature including fiction nonfiction and periodicals now this week I wanted to recommend a book which had an impact on my life it is called the e-myth by Michael Gerber it’s a business book about why a lot of small businesses fail it’s because they have this myth at their core the e-myth is the entrepreneurial myth that if you know how to do something for example make videos then you know how to make a business that does that thing for 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  1. Older vid – but awesome coverage of epidemiological methods! Some people forget though that case-control studies cannot demonstrate causation! Awesome content as always!!

  2. This video was going well and seemed to be presenting a balanced perspective. Then he said that glioma rates weren't going up, which may not be entirely true. This 20 year study from the uK found that rates of GBM, "the most common and malignant tumour of the brain" had in fact doubled in that period

  3. I have a slowly growing benign brain tumor and i use two phones (in case 1 runs out of battery), but i am also pretty smart, and prefer to work nightshifts

  4. At 6:15, looking at the non-increase in glioma with time as cell phone usage increased, may lead you to the same statistics trap as pointed out before! There may have been other underlying variables that compensated the effect!
    That's not to say I have a strong belief one way or another. Btw, another very interesting video! Thumbs up!

  5. This video has 1.100.119 views.

    33 to 99 people who saw this video will end up having brain cancer 🙁

  6. I don't like the videos where you spend the first bit just humilitating people. It does not help explain the subject, it adds nothing to our understanding and you come across as a smug arsehole who has edited the interviews to make the people you interview look stupid. You're good when you stick to demonstrating truth.

  7. Shut da f*** up you idiot😠! Phone's don't cause cancer idiot. Phone's are good and if you still think they cause cancer then you are a idiot.

  8. It still may have some impacts other than brain cancer. More over it has some known psychological affects. I choose to stay on the safe side.

  9. So you're saying that when I'm on my phone it's like putting my head in a microwave?

    Well that explains the similar tingling they give me in my head.

  10. What does use mean here? Looking at it? Playing YouTube video? Calling people on hangouts or using cellular? What does it specifically?

  11. 100 percent of people who use cellphones, even occasionally, or next to never, will die. That said, 100 percent of people who do not and have not ever used a cell phone will die as well. Bubble bursted.

  12. I am The Grass Man and I did not gain a tumor from this video but I did gain short term anxiety from here

  13. There's no way phones can cause brain tumors or brain cancer … it' a problem only after you had many chemiotherapies and radiotherapies combined and doctors told you not to use electronic devices …
    Doctors never told me to stop using my phone so what could go wrong ?

  14. Why is general america so ignorant…? these people say completely made up BS with such confidence?! Theres zero excuse to be as ignorant as these people.
    Starting a petition to replace science class with veritasium & vsauce videos. One like = one signature

  15. This video honestly made my day. I was not ready to let go of my phone. I’d attempt letting go of other things in my life, but not my phone. Thank you!

  16. Imagine if he had concluded that Cell Phones actually DO cause brain tumors.
    And then concluded his video with: now check out today's sponsor,! You can download it on your PHONE!!!

  17. One of my coworkers had a brain tumor on the side of his head where he frequently held his phone for hours a day (he had an addiction to talking to women) the doctor told him to get a hands free set. Science has proven that drinking hot liquid causes throat cancer. Fast moving molecules can scramble DNA; which causes cancer. Cell phones heat the molecules in your brain. Also most people forget about constructive interference, you have a wifi router, a cell tower next to your house, a wireless charger next to your bed, an old microwave with leakage, the airport shooting RADAR, there are points where the waves combine to make very high EMR.

  18. Its not only brain cancer, and this channel is aware of this… Kids with cell phones in their back pockets are developing colon cancer at age 12. Women who put the cell phones in their bras get breast cancers directly under the cell phones at an increased rate. This doesn't take 20 years, and happen at rates of 3 or 9 in 100,000 people. It is much more frequent, and is happening in children with limited exposure levels.

  19. You also have to consider individuals overall immunity to everything and how there bodys chemical reactions interact. Take drugs for instance. Ppl with ADHD seem to wine down from uppers as ones with out will wind up (given the level of access of seritonin the is released/or not released)

  20. Theres evidence that towers cause cancer. One small town has a bunch of people kids to old folks have cancer.
    5g was made as a weapon. Crazy stuff.

  21. My parents always tell me im dying cuz of gadgets cuz im the touching the screen and the radiation is coming in my finger

  22. One important aspect of the correlation between brain tumors and cellphone radiation is that there are multiple types of brain tumors. The tests have only been done on gliomas, which could be cell types that are less likely to be affected by radiation. So you need trials to be done on other types of brain tumors like astrocytomas and medullablastomas. And there are a lot more types and variations to reserach next. The answer is nog as easy. So no myth debunking. Here

  23. i think that because of increased cell phone usage, people have less time to exercise, leading to a weakened immune system, which makes them vulnerable to cancer.

  24. and what about if you do the same studies in child population (I mean till 12 y old) I think the results are dramaticaly different

  25. The statistic you quoted, 3 in 100,000, is specifically for glioblastoma, which is a type of glioma. The incidence of all gliomas is higher, but I can't find a number right now. (Source: I was recently diagnosed with glioblastoma (GBM) and have been doing tons of research)

  26. In all pics that seem to show population there r only 2 people this man and another girl…Pls c how much people r inviting & approachable whoi don't have cell phone

  27. Most cancer is genetic, if cancer runs in your family, well you should do whatever you can to avoid cancer triggers, even still… You can't escape genetics

  28. I trust no one except my instinct and common sense! Educational or commercial?🤔Prevention or acceleration?🤥

  29. Look at the warranty under settings on your phone they actually have a disclaimer that if you get cancer they will not have anything to do with helping you but they do say it can happen, educate yourselves

  30. I grew a cist in my neck weigh 20 grams i use to use a old nokia in 2000 i did 3500 calls in 2 years !, impresive

  31. Distance is your friend with cellphones. Even a short distance away gives you substantially less exposure,” she says. Using the phone with a headset or on speaker is safer, she says.

    Davis tells people if they’re going to carry their cellphone next to their body, put it in airplane mode, which drops the radiation.

    Parents need to be especially cautious letting kids play with their phone. Kids’ growing tissues are more vulnerable to damage.

    “We have to stop thinking of these things as toys and playthings for kids,” she says. “These are bad ideas.”

    Lastly, she says the most dangerous time to use a phone is when the signal is weak. Phones are smart, so they’ll boost their energy output to try to connect to a base tower.

    “Only use it for a true emergency when the signal is weak,” she says.

  32. I think all cell phone company employees and officers and CEO's and their families should be required to keep cell phones on their bodies and on their heads continuously ….. since cell phones are so safe …………………… right?

  33. You will find that every goverment funded research that tests phone usage on susceptibility to brain tumors all say the exact same thing ("no link") or ("not enough evidence"). And compare it to independent studies that have all shown a clear correlation between mobile phone usage or electromagnetic radiation exposure to certain types of cancer and neurodegenerative diseases. Maybe its just a coincidence 🤔🤔🤔

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  35. its the 'low' levels that are most dangerous. this guy has not bothered to research 'non' governmental/pharma sponsored sights

  36. brain tumors rare..??????? is this guy human or android! ask hospital nurses- they been saying SINCE 15 yrs ago- they cannot believe how many youth are coming into hospital with brain tumors- no stars for guessing why/how

  37. I saw somewhere where a claim was made that charging a cell phone gave off harmful waves. You should supposedly never have a cell phone charging on a night stand near your head. With the low incidences of glioma I'm guessing that's bunk also.

  38. brain cancer takes an incredibly long time to show up. Hiroshima victims got Delays of 40 years. This video is too early. mobile phones is still relatively new compared to Hiroshima. Just cosnothing it showing now means diddly squat. Some experts claim in 8 years we will start seeing changes in brain cancers as Brain cancer takes a very long time to "show up" as Hiroshima proves that

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