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DO NOT Destroy My iPHONE X in REAL LIFE Challenge!

DO NOT Destroy My iPHONE X in REAL LIFE Challenge!

are you ready to help me out below guys
is it number one number two or number three all right we’re gonna each
randomly draw one weapon from this hat here we have to put our phone in a box
the boxes are gonna be shuffled up we have to guess which box does not have
our phone in it and then we’re gonna smash okay if you let’s do a little test
around here do you have your phone be I sure hope it stays safe we got your
phone in the middle box yeah I’m gonna mix these up you guys follow along see
if you can follow where the phone is no give me a 10-second countdown okay
ninjas down below right now right box middle box or left box Justin you guys
first so which one do you think her phone is in okay oh this is one of my
favorite phone games it’s called the back Rock all that cartoon for the 1950s
okay be if you’re so confident than which box has your phone in it yeah I’m
confident I know it’s in this one so this one if you had a weapon you would
not destroy this one is that what you’re saying fact I would destroy one of these so you would not have crushed your phone
yeah compete let’s have you pick a weapon to
crush your phone with if you guess incorrectly we gotta get my I’ve got your phone in one of these
boxes here you don’t know which one go ahead and pick one to smash no no no
smash one let’s have Justin pick a weapon first before you do that huh
what’s your what’s your gun up in Chinese hook swords hook it up you got the pink slip on your foot there
dude I knew these would come in handy okay jet it’s your turn to pick a weapon
let’s do it this one is done job what are you gonna do with those
training chucks you’re breaking any phones guys trying to save his phone no
no these will hurt my phone really bad good barely swing these these
mothers around steel I think these will work a little bit better Justin are you
ready to smash your phone no what are you kidding outside that’s my phone
well I hope you can guess correctly who should go first guys me or Justin how
about we write our names on this board I’ll write my name here you write your
name there we’ll break the board whichever side is bigger they’ll have to
go first who’s ever is this bigger okay Justin hold this Oh what are you doing
there sorry I just had something in my teeth oh you got something to hold I’m
keeping that for later that’s my dessert We get our names written on it let’s
see who woods wait a second way to say I want him to hit his own name not mine the moment of truth
who’s this bigger justice let’s measure oh my gosh
Justin’s is big oh oh I always knew that deep down all right Justin you get to go
first give me that big old phone of yours ship ah
going into the box don’t bother oh hey look V it says just add hooks
swords yeah all right your phone is in the box Justin oh now now time to
shuffle these up but it’s a little too easy as we saw from thee to guess which
one is this oh we need to make it a little more difficult on you what’s
alright hold on I gotta I gotta memorize the box no don’t you you gotta pay close
attention here because you guess maybe you could help Justin out his phone’s
right here as you guys just saw now we’re gonna shuffle up keep your eye on
it and count down 10 which box has Justin’s phone in it number three number
two or number one you guys vote below right Justin one Justin two for Justin
three maybe he’ll be able to read your comments and know which one not to hit I
need my phone Chad wild clay um you’ll get it in a second but it might be
broken you know which one you’re gonna chop yet
I think I see the one you put my phone in but I’m not sure they all look the
same to me beep you’re probably gonna be wrong doesn’t look like you’re enjoying
this game very much Justin no no I’m enjoying it you ready Justin which one did you choose
number two let’s check it out feels empty thankfully goodness thank goodness
grab my phone back now please it’s which one is it in guys number one if you guys guessed number one you were
correct I don’t know play games with you anymore
Chad but now it’s my turn I’m not too worried about breaking my phone cuz I
have these OHS your weapon buddy these might actually break my phone the whole
huh yeah here’s my phone guys give me that phone no you’re gonna have to go
through the same stress that I just went all my games are on there all my high
scores what’s your score in flippy knife there is 10
million ha ha ha you gotta put a little box I’m keeping an eye on it I need you
guys to keep it close eye on this for me and you need to comment down below what
box my phone is in don’t trick me you guys don’t tell me it’s in this one when
it’s in that one and then I accidentally chopped my phone in half
alright I’m gonna turn around let’s go ninjas my phone already Justin I heard
it drop on the floor number one number two or number three leave a comment
below guys nobody can help you haha alright guys you ready to see my fucking
smash oh yeah but before I do that lift a 5-second subscribe challenge you got
five seconds to hit that subscribe button know below and to click on that
bell symbol five four three two I have no idea what’s on my phone is it
alright guys I’m just gonna go for a random one hopefully not hit my phone wait I only see two boxes where is the
third one oh it’s under there oh my god came open thank goodness
just bunch of rocks I chose correctly I hit number two and it just had rocks in
it so which one has my phone in it guys she’s number three oh wait a second it
was number one thank you guys for pumping down below
let me know his number one be are you ready to smash the end Justin both had
risk you have to do this I don’t know what happened help help me out below guys is it number
one number two or number three oh my You guys should go on my like leave me a comment
right now I don’t think that’s gonna help you ready to smash Vy can I touch no
you cannot touch no it’s too late it’s already done which box will it be yeah I
was trying to like see if there’s like a misprint or something on the box but I
can’t like note it or like Chad accidentally like dented the one that he
put in but they all look exactly the same
it’s smashing I really need some good vibes for you guys hit that thumbs up
right now and give me some good vibes good vibes take a look what just opened up Oh like oh my gosh it doesn’t turn on
anymore give it a call nope nothing hello Hello? Vy are you there you know what
that means no V even though you lost technically you win we’re gonna get you
a free phone did you guys tell view the wrong box the punch or wash let’s see
that phone B ha ha ha yeah that’s pretty cracked up shout out to all of you
ninjas we’re showing your comments down below thank you for getting here during
the first hour and for having that notification symbol on click right up
here if you want to see a really awesome video click here to subscribe click here
to subscribe to me here’s our awesome merch right here check out that merch oh
yeah don’t forget about it next episode you’ll see view with a brand new phone

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  1. Happy Tuesday! Let me know how many times you guessed correctly or if you would have accidently smashed your phone! I'm reading all comments for the next hour! #KickBump👣

  2. Justin 1.💓❤😱🦀🦀🐢😰🤡🤪🦀🐟😰🐢🦀🦀🤪😘😰🤪🤡🤓🙈🥥🥥🥥🥥

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