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Gunner Tanner are you guys ready to break your phones? I feel scared absolutely trying to be honest You got the iPhone X? I hope yours doesn’t break.Don’t say it like that. I think it’s gonna break! Tanner what do you got there? I have an iPhone 6… This phone is breakworthy. Put that phone IN THERE! We need you guys to keep an eye on this box. It’s gonna be up to you to help Tanner Not break his phone. Give me a 10-second countdown guys. Hey One leave a comment down below help Tanner out is his phone in box number one number two or number three Now we’ve got a bunch of weapons in this hats go ahead pickle weapon this hat Oh What did you get urban nugget naginata oh? This guy right here Tanner now you have to decide which box you’re gonna. Chop really hard We’re waiting for these guys’s comments to tell you which ones to hit alright Don’t let me down. Let him know which one his phone is in are you ready? I’m ready we need to prove that this sword is really sharp first Let’s do it Tanner. Show us how sharp this thing is our iris is the 2-liter soda? I’m gonna give them a little shake a little shake to prove We’re gonna add a little bit more pressure to this I’m shaking them all more game lüt Oh Sure Wow good job a man look at that That means this is gonna slice right through his phone no problem You ready to chop your phone No, hopefully not all Right votes in I’ve selected my box See how this goes Almost like you wanted to break your phone I’ll try to get that good spell just in case your phone didn’t break the first swing Second swing if I’m gonna kill it. I’m gonna kill it quick. Okay I don’t want it doesn’t have it suffer alright, so which box. Did you think it was in the box? I thought I was in with this box If you guys voted down below number one You were correct. I am up next I’ve got my phone right here I’m so confident and your guys’s ability that I’m gonna take it out of its case even ooh How much I trust you guys super unsafe now, but it’s going in this box here guys I need you guys to keep your eye on it. Don’t let me down. I’ll turn around You’re moving. Yeah. Make sure you do it well good these guys. Please keep an eye on it. All right In the comments down below type in chad one. Chad too or Chad 3 to let me know which box this is in I need to pick a weapon Come on good It is the six-foot katana oh Me please I’m gonna be slicing one of these boxes. I hope you guys kept an eye on it We better demonstrate how awesome this sword is first. Let’s get some fruit to do some slicing with it Beautiful, let’s cut Oh Let’s hope my phone doesn’t look like this after this guy’s oh my gosh you get nervous you’re sure I’m nervous I don’t want to leave fun. I love that bones. I hope you comment it down below Let me know which one my phone is it guys ready yeah, I’ve been waiting for them. All right You might want to back up or actually get out He’s the one that breaks his phone okay, all right, we ready guys are we running? I Was gonna go for number one, but at the last minute I decided on number two your last one up You know odds are statistically that your I won’t say anything. I won’t say anything well Stella. I’ve always had like a 33 percent Yeah, that’s true. I’m just saying the Reeboks 30% a Mersenne 66 percent of us haven’t hit our phone. No there’s only 33 percent left, and you’re that 33 tones Mathematically, this is gonna make sense let’s let’s see that beautiful phone Come on you agreed to this before we started filming on the pegboard let’s give him a phone gunner. I want to cry My phone X It’s up to those guys well, they say it your iPhone that will they say it your iPhone X. I really don’t like this Comment down below help gunner now type in in the comments gunner number one gunner number actually nobody’s up first Gunner turn around give me a 10-second countdown guys You know what I just realized while shuffling these up. My phone is still in one of these So well we got to leave a chat, No No Now which one was it my phone’s in that one gutter your phone, and this one right here. We go all right countdown One zero, all right All right guys leave a comment down below is Gunners phone in gunner number one gunner to or gutter of 30 Leave a comment down below to help him out gunner pick your weapon out of a don’t put it up so high. I’m short. Okay Know what you get? It’s not looking good so far gutter okay Gunnar before you we break your phone Let’s see how awesome the sledgehammer is against a Gatorade. We got to make sure it’s a real sledgehammer right? Yeah, it’s not styrofoam Or anything right? See what you did here, yeah, good job man that was very good you squished it I need my electrolytes Gunner are you ready? No, I am I’m worried for you, dude cuz that’s a nice fun, which one looks different alright, which one it looks heavier, which one looks heavier That’s gonna. Help to give this a video a thumbs up to give gunner Good luck, so he doesn’t break his phone ok Or if you want him to break this phone give the video a thumbs up – yeah No….No…..No [Laughter In Background] XD…. You did not justv hit your phone…[Laughter Strengthens] XD You’re actually right now That’s gonna be kind of broken That’s the most broken phone. I’ve ever seen in my life. Well. You got a good swing gutter gutter guess What if you are the winner of a brand-new iPhone app so I’m gonna buy you a new iPhone apps Guys Connor needs your love Rekt needs your love guys go subscribe to them right here We did a video over on their channel. Go check it out right here They would make gunner really really happy guys if you’re not subscribed to me click right there if you want some CWC merch click Right there, and we’ll see you guys real soon with a brand new video. We’re gonna do a kick bump

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  2. As gunner slowly hits the box his phone was in I was literally laughing and in complete shock thinking”Did he really do that?!” Lol

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