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Do NOT Vape from a iPhone

Do NOT Vape from a iPhone

(upbeat music) (choking and coughing) – Oh, gee.
(loud bang) Oh, oh boy.
(loud beep) Hey, what’s up, guys? Keaton here. So, I’ve been thinkin’. What is an iPhone missing? It’s got decent battery life, it looks okay, the size is great. But it can’t vape. So I picked up this iPhone vape case. We’re gonna check it out,
see if it actually works. And I showed you guys
this on Twitter earlier. If you’re not following me. (bird caw)
Right up there. And I’ve been favoriting and like, replying to everyone who Tweets me. So, go ahead and do that. Now let’s get vapin’. So this right here is a vape iPhone case. If you want to check it out, links below. (loud ding) And they only make it for
the iPhone 6 and 6S and hopefully the iPhone 7, ’cause
that’s comin’ out real soon. So, I saw this. I was really interested to
see if it actually works and I mean like, let’s be
honest here, the iPhone’s got everything but it
just doesn’t have a vape. So, this is what you get. Just takin’ a look at the
box, it says adults only. I think this might be
a typo because a lot of you guys refer to me as a child, so… Cool. Alright, we got the case? I gotta just hop on into this. Woo, that took too much effort. This is the iPhone case. It honestly looks like a battery
pack case for your iPhone. Let’s put my iPhone in right here. Okay, alright. And then, on the side here, this is where you recharge the case. Don’t quote me here, but I think that just slides in like that? Goes down like that? What? (laughs) This is some next level stuff. I feel like I’m gonna kill myself if I don’t actually read the manual. Okay, oh, here are the directions, okay. See, I don’t wanna mess
up the instructions here, like usually I can go and
do that but I feel like this is just a little bit more important. Cool, cool. Great. I need to go and charge this thing. – [Narrator] 20 minutes later. (loud clap)
– So, we’re back. The case is fully charged and I actually learned a few things. So, I thought when I
bought this that these come pre-loaded with like,
juice or whatever to vape. But no, you actually have
to supply your own juice. Which, for me, I had to
actually go out and buy vape juice from this guy
named, like, Dr. Kush. I don’t even know, first time doin’ it. I didn’t think it’d be
this complex and I didn’t think I’d have to actually go get juice. So, what we got is this flavor. They come in like, these little vials. It’s called unicorn puke. It looked interesting,
so I was like, why not? You know, you know why not? So, we’re gonna go ahead and load this cartridge up with juice. There’s so many like, little
parts, I could easily mess– I probably will mess up, who am I kidding? It’s like a little eyedropper. Oh wow, okay. Ugh. (groans) I don’t know if that smells the best. Oh, mm. I put it in the wrong hole. Can I please get a napkin? Woopsies. Oh, geez, this is so complex. Okay, I had it right. So basically, we need to take this little, like, top piece off and
we have a few options. We can use a nail or
tweezers or somethin’. (gasps) I broke it, no! (laughs) (gasps) No! (sighs) This is not going well. I didn’t read the instructions
all the way and I screwed up. Okay, oh shoot. Dammit. Geez, they don’t call us
TechSmartt for nothing, guys. Wow. The hole is so tiny and
tight, like it’s impossible. It’s impossible to get it in there. Okie-dokie, we’re good. So basically, you need to take the juice and put it in the hole there. I messed up and thought
it was the other hole, ’cause there are two holes there. No, it’s the one on the corner. Okay, that… The amount of sexual jokes
there does not get any greater. We got juice goin’ in there, guys! You see, I’m a winner. No! No! Ahh, what the hell? What was that noise? I’m not even vaping yet and like, this is taking me forever to do. Okay, you know what, just put it in the hole, like I don’t even care. Just get in the hole. Get in the hole.
(laughs) Please go in. Okay.
(bottle drops) No, no! No! No! No! (laughs) I spilled all the juice,
it got on my phone! Ugh. This table is forever gonna
smell like unicorn puke. (laughs) This vape better be awesome,
that’s all I’m sayin’. It better be great. (sighs) (loud beep) Okay, so now that we got the cartridge filled up with unicorn puke. It’s drippin’ out. (laughs) It’s drippin’ out the bottom here. Okay? We’ll click it together. (clicks) We’re gonna take it, slide
it back down in the iPhone. You flip it over. You got this switch here. Oh, this unicorn puke is
legit all over my phone. Ugh, bleh, alright. You slide this thing up. Oh, geez. Alright, it shoots out at ya
and this is the vape stick. So, there’s a battery
in this case to charge this stick when you’re
not usin’ it and then, I’m guessing you hold
the button down here. You suck in and you vape. Wow, the amount of
innuendos in this video. Oh my God. Alright, here we go, see if this works. Second time vaping in my life. (choking and coughing) Ew! Let’s try that again. (choking and coughing) (happy bright music) (choking and coughing) It works, it works. (exhaling and sniffling) That took forever to do, though. (choking and coughing) Oh, gee. (loud bang)
Oh, oh boy. (coughing) Dude, that hurts my lungs. So yeah, the iPhone vape case, it’s cool. Don’t really know if it’s worth it and, as always, I don’t recommend smoking. Just had to say that. My head and my eyes and my
lungs, they now all hurt. (sighs) So yeah, that’s pretty
much it for this video. If you guys made it to the end. And suh, dude? Drop a like on it. Just like the video, honestly, just do it. And as you guys know, I respond to your comments at the end of every video. Sorry, my eyes are goin’ wacky here. Alright, so, Gaming_with_Jake asks, “What hair spray you use?” “Your hair be amazin’.” Well, Jake, I’mma tell ya
a little secret here, dog. I use this magic right here. It’s this very secret trick. But you just take it, you
shake that thing up and… (can spraying) Beautiful. My hair never looks better. So, if you guys are new around
here, make to get subscribed. Just click the button right up here. If you’re on an iPhone, just tap it. Check out my last video right here and follow me on
Instagram right over here. And yeah, I’ll see you guys soon. (can spraying)

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    I'm 13 and i can even do fricking o s but he cant even hit that small couple dollar chinese shit.

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  8. Ik this video is mad old but you're not supposed to inhale it straight to your lungs. You're supposed to do it mouth to lung like a cigarette, suck it like a straw then inhale. you won't cough like a maniac either if you're new

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