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Do You Know What Your Vagina Looks Like?

Do You Know What Your Vagina Looks Like?

– My name is Mallory. – I am Dana. – I’m Michelle. – I am Rosa. – I am Ashley. – My name is Jamie and I am… – What are we doing here today? – I’m going to have a really
intense look at my vagina. – I am going to show you
what my vagina looks like. With my words. – Oh and someone else is going to draw it. – And get a little portrait of it. – I’m going to pick out my vagina from like a lineup of different vaginas and pick which one’s mine. – It feels embarrassing and weird. – I kind of had to psych
myself out for this because it’s like okay it’s awkward but like there’s no
shame in having a vagina. – I’m feeling curious. – This is fun. – I’m excited to see the results. – I’m Caroline, I’m a professional portrait artist. I’ve been drawing for eight years now and I’ve never drawn vagina portraits but I’m confident I can do it. Hi there. – Hi. – Nice to meet you. – Have you ever had your
portrait drawn before? – Not of my pussy. – You will be describing
what you’re seeing and I will be drawing
exactly what you tell me. – Okay and I use this
mirror here and stuff. All right. – Ooh, yip been a while. – It’s like weird. – Yeah and it’s just, it’s there. – Describe the lips. – Small. – They’re very even. – Darker than any skin on my body. – Maybe like two string cheese. – Okay that’s good. – Is that good like that. – That’s perfect. I’m going to go ahead and
get a rough sketch going. Then we’ll move into detail. – Well it kind of looks like an iris, like the flower. – Okay. – Oh my gosh it’s like, it’s like a pistachio. – A very health raisin maybe. – Have you ever had a dried peach. – Yes. – It looks like that. – All right, and can you
describe the top part. The hood. – The hood of my vagina, okay. – Like a smaller version
of the rocket pops. – From the top it kind
of comes down like a Y, so it’s like skinny at
the top and it widens. – When I’m walking around you can’t… It’s not, you don’t see
the fun inside stuff. – I don’t I’ve ever seen
anything that looks like it. – Never looked at me vagina for so long. – I feel embarrassed that I don’t know as much about myself as
I feel like I should. – I hope it looks pretty, like I’d like Georgia O’Keeffe. – I feel really good about it. – [Voiceover] Ah this is cool. – Wow. – They’re all unique. – That is pretty, that’s not mine. But I like that one. – I have no idea which one is mine. This would maybe look more like mine, but these three look so
similar from what I described. – I can eliminate these three because these people
get waxing apparently. – They all look so different. I think this one’s mine. Yes, I did it first go. – I think it’s this one. Yes. – The way I described it, it fits this one the most. I would say that one is mine, it’s me. – This one, it’s Ashley’s. – I’m just going to pick that one and it’s weird that is me. – I think this one’s mine. Oh shit, it’s Jamie’s. – This, yep. – Oh my god, it’s going
to be like the last one that I choose. That’s mine. – I don’t think I gave enough detail. – I dis a good job describing it. I used words that other people knew. – It’s weird when you see
things you’ve never seen before. – I learned a lot about myself for sure. – It was an uncomfortable but enlightening experience. – It’s like okay so maybe
it’s not as intimidating. – I feel like every female
should have this experience. – You should know your body, better than anybody else. (light upbeat music)

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  2. ok so i'm a girl and i literally have no problem w looking at vaginas. like i've seen many pictures and models of vaginas and my own of course and yet for some reason i'm not grossed out AT ALL about seeing them. but then again i think dicks are lowkey gross. although i consider myself straight. does this like mean anything??

  3. This is… interesting.

    I'm a Sculptor myself and I have been practicing Sculpting Vagina's for a while now to get better at human anatomy.
    Through my experience, I learned so much about them!

    I'm Transgender, so… yeah, I don't have a Vagina.

  4. She's drawing the vulva. The vagina is the hole between the urethra(where pee comes out) and the anus(where poo comes out).

  5. I was watching how to bake a raspberry layer cake and I got this in my recommended. YouTube you never fail to amaze me

  6. …Was hoping for some deli descriptions.. I love admiring lips!!! snapchat me if you have lips pleeeeeeeese lol

  7. Yes I like everything I hear when I would like to see till I understand my name is BA baracus I am from St Lucia and I will never experience all that until somebody shows me all that in life Ibiza

  8. If the woman is not a virgin or full blown lesbian that don't like penetration of any kind,its properly meaty, and I hate meaty ones.

  9. as me and my friend watched this at the end she said it’s probably not good that my boyfriend knows my vagina better than i do my mom asked us why we were laughing

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