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Does It Suck? – $60 Android Phone

Does It Suck? – $60 Android Phone

What’s up guys Lew here back with another video And today we’re looking at something unusual. It’s unusual because it’s a $59 phone. Full-fledged. Android. Phone. You might not have even known that it was possible to buy one for that amount of money but this is the Advance 4.0 from a company called BLU who appear to specialize in budget Android smartphones. Anyway, I kept seeing this pop-up on Amazon, And I was like You know what Why not – Grab it Buy it And tell you guys Whether or Not?! It’s any good or if it sucks? The box is a lot of fun. So on the front here you can see it says — Advance 4.0 And it looks like a relatively stock Android experience from this background, we’ll find out when we get inside. That’s a party on the back right there — 4.0 Capacitive Touchscreen good thing it’s capacitive 480 x 800 res 3D Gaming that’s important record up to 720p video It has 4G HSPA+ 21 MBits/Sec, No LTE here Dual Core CPU 5 MP Camera It’s running JellyBean It has a MicroSD card Expansion Slot Bluetooth, and of course Wireless Connectivity Wireless LAN, WiFi whatever you wanna to call it Pretty Comfy! You know what it reminds me of — A lot — is the — Nexus S The Nexus S which I actually owned so this feels really familiar so, volume rocker over here on the left-hand side Removable back – Let’s go ahead and try that — Little bit stiff incredibly stiff Wow! C’mon, C’mon BLU You can do it BLU Holy Moly There we go!! SUCCESS! Whoa! We’re looking at Dual-SIM Card Slots And a MicroSD That’s pretty cool. We’ve also got — a Power Brick Of Course a micro-USB cable to charge it up. They gave you a headset here’s our Battery 1600 mAH not huge — but, you’re dealing with a smaller device, smaller screen whoa! A case! gettin’ a case for $59 it’s like BLU is no joke. Kinda like a smoke, smoke flavour to it. I can’t speak to the flavor, but… Alright, so capacitive buttons on the front here’s something different the micro-USB connector is on the top so you charge this device on the top it’s also where your headphone jack is — Nothing in the bottom except for the Microphone So, let’s go ahead and boot this up. Now the screen is not the best I’ve seen. It’s a little bit washed out and — there is like a visible gap between — the glass on the top and actual LCD panel below it It has haptic feedback If I head over to brightness I’m at full brightness So that is the major drawback so there you go That’s a $59 phone against a — I don’t know, this is like $650 phone You know what — given the price difference you could have like what is it?.. a.. hundred of these for the same price that was a joke by the way here’s the camera don’t know if you guys can see that — the image is okay — it’s about as much as I’m willing to say about that image it does take pictures that’s a plus truthfully I expected it to lag more and be little bit slower around the — the — UI look at the forward facing camera oh there’s me this one’s even worse you’re not gonna be getting the hottest selfies off this I don’t know if you can see that there So here’s YouTube let’s see how snappy this is if I try to open up a video real quick you guys see that there You’re not buying it because it’s the best camera in the world You’re not buying it because it has the brightest, or most beautiful screen to look at. You’re buying it — as a phone to communicate for texting — to have a basic web browser on the go — And I think there’re some bonuses in here like the Dual-SIM Card Slots that you don’t see everywhere. It’s not gonna be the fastest phone either and it probably won’t have the best battery life but for $59 it’s really amazing the point at which we’re at — maybe it’s your first cellphone this is an interesting place to start and it’s only 59 bucks so — To answer the question — about whether or not it sucks? I would say no. It doesn’t suck. I think for $59 this entire package is better than I expected. If you wanna check out the device for yourself, I’ll drop a link down in the description, but as of right now — I think it’s $59 well spent Granted — This space is becoming more crowded You’ve got the things like the Moto E that come in under 100 bucks and you’ve got a number of phones under 200 bucks. I’m happy that it exists It doesn’t suck It’s surprisingly decent. For 59 bucks. The BLU Advance 4.0 So there it is if you guys enjoyed this content make sure to leave a thumbs up down below also, I’m thinking about doing more videos like this with this title “Does it Suck?” maybe things that you see on Amazon that are inexpensive that you think ‘should suck’ that you assume ‘suck’ but actually don’t they might be of good value If you’ve any suggestions leave them down in the comment section Or hit me up on Twitter Alright! that really wraps it up! Thanks again for watching and I’ll catch you up on the next episode. Later Guys.

100 thoughts on “Does It Suck? – $60 Android Phone”

  1. Hows abt $100 for better cameras, small bright screen, android, removable battery, fastish processor?

  2. Walton Primo GH7 $80 (18:9 ratio 5.45" Phone) (running Android 7 )(1GB+8GB)(8mp+5mp) Please review it in Does it sucks (Please sir)

  3. Got a Blu Advance A6 from Amazon today…list is $90, on sale for $70. 6 inch screen, Android N (nougat)…got it as a burner for international travel. That bitch is UNLOCKED and will work globally on bandswidths of 850-1900MHz (I think it said) AND has dual sims. No 4G, but so what. Use bluetooth and VPN in the hotel or cafe and talk via Skype or Google Voice. Pretty bitchin. And if Customs stops you for some reason and threatens to take your phone, big deal. Sync it to a throwaway email and toss the sims and they can keep it.

  4. I LOVED my $100 Blu Studio 6" phone. It worked beautifully until I tried to do an Android OS update which totally bricked the phone. Sometimes I take it out of the box just to hold it.

  5. Bought a ZTE majestic android phone for 8.47 so and it runs android 6.0 so I got the better deal get it a CVS

  6. I love it. Reviewing budget phones. Im so sick of flagship phone videos. Thank you Lew. It is Lew isnt it.

  7. i had a 30 dollar lg back then. on straight talks plan. then another. then another. because they kept bricking themselves. i still have em hoping to unbrick em.

  8. I have a co-worker from Jamaica who uses a Blu phone. She sends those phones back to her family in Kingston to keep in touch with her. Those Blu phones aren't bad.

  9. In the PH 🇵🇭, your $60 is already Php. 3,154.5. ..and you can buy already a phone that has higher specs, and greater quality 😂😂

  10. i used to have a doogee x10 60 dollars 8gb and i was in love the model was good but sux the phome keeps freezim when i reboot and keep kickin me out from the wifi so im like im done

    after the order it came with the case

  11. Please review the smart phone brand of the philippines, the cherry mobile and myphone .

    Its affordable smart phone

  12. BLU phones are the go-to phones for parents. When kids enter secondary school, this is your starter phone!!!!!!! Trust me I had this brand for most of my Secondary school life!! As a Caribbean Young adult, this was my childhood in terms of phones

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