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DON’T ANSWER THIS PHONE! | Simulacra – Part 1

DON’T ANSWER THIS PHONE! | Simulacra – Part 1

(Whoopsh~) Top of the morning to you, laddies! My name is JackSepticEye and welcome to a game called ‘Simulacra’. Really weird sounding name, but it has this really cool music playing in the menu. Wait for it… (Music plays) It’s so spooky! It’s so scary! So this is the– This is a game made by the same people who made ‘Sara Is Missing’ which I really, really liked. It was a short, little horror game based around reading the messages off somebody’s phone And we played a lot of games like that since but very few of them have been horror experiences. So.. and that’s what this is! So, I’m excited to play more of this ‘kind’ of game. Uhh… Begin! I don’t know what the premise is on this one.. ‘Welcome Anna’. That is not my name. It’s 3:15. No, it’s not. Everything is wrong. Ahm… Seven missed calls from Greg. Oh… Hint: Toby’s birthday? (laughs) What?? Oh, fuck! Jesus Christ! Okay, don’t do that to me! Ohhh, time is flying by. Ohhh. One. Eight. Zero. Seven. Haha! It’s me… I guess. I knew that. Don’t even worry. Oh, look at all these fucking notifications. I don’t like it… Stop freaking out phone, okay? Whew~ I don’t know what software this is. (Deep inhale through teeth) Not likin’ that! Okay, the days are flying by! Oooh-kay, I have fully expected this to get weird eventually, but not straight off the bat. Okay… And you don’t give me a lot of options, so let’s just watch this. Anna: If you look into my eyes Anna: You can see it looking back! Anna: Can you see it? Anna (crying): I just wanted to be happy. Anna: My name is Anna, my name is- Anna: I don’t want it to t-t-take anyone else!! Anna: My name is Anna, my name is Anna– Anna: It’s too late for me. Jack: The fuck…? Anna: If you’re seeing this, don’t come find me… Don’t-d-d-don’t– Okay! Cool! Listen to her. Let’s just leave it at that, put the fucking phone down, and go away! They don’t want anything to do with this. Oh, it give me creeps. Gave me that feeling up my back! There’s something about found-footage stuff that really creeps me out. I think it’s because I do YouTube and I’m always like, “What would happen if somebody just walked in in the background And I didn’t see until I was– Ah! It’s giving me the fucking hibees. Ugh… I don’t want it. I already had the gibees, so I don’t what the rest of it. Okay, this is ‘Iris Memos’. Okay, so it’s still Iris again. Ahhm… Oh God… Can I just leave it at broken phone? Is this, like, following on from the same stuff that ‘Sara is Missing’ did? ‘Sara is Missing’ was about a kind of a cult, wasn’t it? I can’t remember. Fucking Greg… Ah, Greg, give it up! You know, if you have a lot to say in a message, put it all in one message. Stop sending me a bunch. Stupid instant message… Future… Ahm… Okay! Let’s go through all this. (Coughs) Uh, Murv is talking to me. Good old Merv. “Hey, you still with your boyfriend?” “Come on, Murv.” Don’t let me leave, Murv! Don’t let me leave, Murv! “Just askin’. People are talkin’.” “Have you consider that the things you say might come off as creepy?” “Creepy?!” “I’m just speaking my mind (devil emoji) nothing wrong with dat.” isnt it company policy to get to know your colleagues better as well Yeah, but I don’t think company policy is to ask about your fucking boyfriend Yeah, but you need to tone it down way down Tell me to wear my bareback dress because it looks hot is not appropriate. Oh, Merv. Why? You’re making a big deal out of this. I’m just being honest. I can’t even tell you you’re pretty I don’t get it you’re being way too sensitive chill lol Right Jesus all these messages. I’m gonna be you’re a giver for the gift swap You’re gonna. Love what I have in mind for you. Oh is it underwear? Okay, so Merv uh Can I can I not delete block send the cops? Anna I have these cookies I need to pass to you Okay, we’re talking to our mom. mom some other time please I told you I have tiny shelves There isn’t more space what a weird conversation mom Okay, come on you can come over and be in my house and give me food. I have tiny shelves My shelves cannot handle your food mom It’s only a box of them then why can’t you finish it? Can’t a mother bring her daughter some food? I don’t need it. This is the weirdest conversation ever. Why aren’t you answering your phone? Are you still there? mom, all I ask is some space ok? There’s some space for my tiny shields So you only want to see me when you need something, that’s not true mom then why are you avoiding me? I am NOT then let me come over. I am busy. You are always busy It’s like we are strangers now. mom, I just want to want you to be supportive of my decision that is all Supportive? you say as if I never do anything for you zip this emoji Who paid your rent when you took three months off to do that silly self-help course. so silly trying to better yourself You told me it’s going to be good for you well What do you have to show at the end all I ask is that you come see your mother every once in a while is that so difficult for you fine mom next time. I promise good Anna, aunt penny is coming over for a visit soon I hope you are keeping to your promise. yeah, I can make it I will call you on when and where ok hmm. I heard about what happened Maybe it’s time you listen to me for once and let it go This world is not run by silly mantras or your “sense of purpose” It is a material world your work, and you get you work, and you get paid You live your life based on that it is not that complicated You have that already so why are you so desperate to throw it away? About time you take what you have and be happy with it you think I love what I do Do you think anyone loves what they do? I want to support you. I really do. this sounds like the worst mom But none of the expense of your security if you want a change of pace aunt penny has a position in her company It’s doing quite well. Maybe I can recommend you. Are you there answer me, so I don’t have to find a missing persons report Hmm, okay, I’m very scared about this one Anna: Sorry, I’m at work. Just wanted to drown everything out for a bit. It’s just Every possible shitty thing that could happen Happened at the same time, and it sucks I know you’re worried, but I’m okay. I’ll call you soon. I promise Love you Okay, No spooky scares in there. Thank God. I thought we were just going to get Mine melted for a second. have you talked to aunt penny yet hi mom yeah? But I don’t want to work for, at a PR firm. you said you want something different. Here I am trying to help you out. You said you want something different Okay, you want to be an actor and I suggest lion taming you said you wanted something different You don’t want to walk work for aunt penny PR firm that sense for Pretty rad firm. Again, you turn it down. What is it you want? that emoji Maybe if you listen to me really listen, then you might come closer to understanding she consults at a pet store And that is not the same Nothing is ever enough for you is it Ungrateful, I give you so much, and this is the treatment I get fine. I’m sorry. I’m such a disappointment Trying to be a better I’m trying to be better But please this is my own way so much is happening right now all I ask is that you trust me I got nothing to show you now, but I will not give up. Okay. You know what this oh my god mom anna just fucking relax okay? You know I do this because I love you right. Yeah. Love you too mom hello. Hello Okay That didn’t go that well. Oh my god. These messages are so fuckin long Uh-huh here we go it happened again. Oh That emoji. this whole let’s play is going to be me making emoji faces. long day huh? let me guess it’s the meetings again right how late can someone be for a team meeting Half an hour and I get called to the office for extending my lunch time by just five minutes. I hear you Ashley. nailed it Being the editor in chief doesn’t turn you into the queen of the world it was so last minute And I had to rush like maniac dropped everything just to be on time had to skip my afternoon latte Got grumpy and scowled at the assistant again. shit. This is the second time I lost my shit this week, anyone see some shit Anyone see some shit. I’ve missing some shit here See you gotta be chill and watch your temper and also watch friends on Netflix. It’s out now Binge watch the whole thing again all ten seasons. no, it’s my watch. I thought I had it with me I can’t remember where I put it It looks like you lost track of time haha My jokes are gonna be the death of me oh? Do you want me to check my place? never mind I’m sure it will turn out somewhere you will lose your head if it wasn’t attached to you. Ha ha ha you still want to go out later yes, please vortex club the devil emoji wait Vortex club sounds familiar isn’t that the thing from life is strange? God why do I have to be sick? Okay, talk to you later, then or as I like to say tittle I’ve got to finish an application first. Hey on my way Okie Hehehe or hi hi hi. I don’t know whatever you’re into why’d you leave Greg wasn’t feeling it? You missed out dancing with me. Haha next time. I promise anyways looks like you had fun with Victor I did have fun with Victor devil emoji hahaha night-night Thanks for listening to me. That’s what I’m here for try to get some rest, okay mm-hmm okay, so something happened 31st of July I came wait when was this 38 of July can’t believe that guy shit You know you know what he literally just did Scowl emoji. Oh wait wait don’t tell me let me guess he didn’t lift the toilet seat and Tell you that it’s your responsibility to you know what happened that happened to me once Ashley sorry sorry okay, tell me oh No, I don’t like is so I confronted him about it and again. He denied it Ucch fuck Stop it message corrupt, it’s like the words in the correct. Oh, No So I took his phone so so I took his phone and Showed it to him. is that it? Hell yeah Nice, I was just guessing whatever it sounded like an actual sentence. No way you looked through his phone It’s wrong. I know I’m not the jealous type really. I’m not I know that babe. Oh God, but it was just there a message came in and I just looked hey. I’m not judging but what was that? something just made like a (mouth noise) sound in my left ear dis that actually just happen or am I going fucking crazy? you heard it too, right? (Yep.) Hey, I’m not judging whatever it takes to be completely sure you know at least you know at least now You know you can let this whole thing. Go now. You should see his face, or you should see his facce I don’t know. I’m not Italian and he has the nerve to accuse me of invading his privacy. I mean you did I’m sure what he did was douchey and scumbag-y And all that kind of stuff, which technically let’s cannot get into semantics. He yelled at me I told him to leave and that’s the end of it cry emoji Hugs for me. Okay? so what did he say he’s gonna do about it? Honestly I don’t know. I don’t want to know hurts to think about it. Thanks, Ashley For what? listening I know it’s very difficult thing for you to do lol bich i know it’s bitch, but Hey, I use this emoji this and : capital D. Those are my emojis even though like when does anyone ever go Stick their tongue out it never happens. Just let me know if you need anything okay? Anything. you need, you need hot cross buns at 4 a.m. Ashley’s gotcha! you need someone to play My little pony on the recorder when you’re feeling down in the shower. Ashley’s got you covered! Okay, now don’t do freaky shit again Alright Greg’s messages just came in well 10 minutes ago. Oh Come on pick up my calls. Will you I can’t pick up a call Greg. Please come on i was ready that time okay message is corrupted You are The one That went out of line I’m good at this I could be a detective Detective Jack. I like the ring to that they’re pretty good You’re the one who went out her lightweight, and he was the one who sent that message when you went through my property I’m not even mad just disappointed. What are you my parent or my teacher? But I know you are so talk to me. I can explain everything. I will let you cool off first Hello, it’s been a while. Are you feeling? Okay, so the thing happened in July Yeah, that would make sense it was the 1st of July so these are all right back to back I’m taking care of everything okay, just give me a few days And I will sort things out you can’t ignore me forever Anna you know It’s great in this day and age, but back when you I was growing up and mobile phones first became a thing SMS messages were a lot different If someone was messaging you you couldn’t really block them or report them or anything like that just an onslaught of messages well We live in the future now and everything is instant messaging You can even see when people are writing back to you, and they’ve seen your messages all that case stuff so You shouldn’t have been able to see that you didn’t see the message or maybe it’s a different kind of thing But you can block numbers now. That’s a great great asset Can you stop being so emotional right now? I’m think I’m nailing these emojis. If only you had aniemoji iPhone 10 TM not sponsored just Happenstance. This is difficult for me, too It’s not just you this shit is punishing enough for me, so I don’t need your crap as well Literally has not messaged you back without anything. Oh, we got a good on a voice message down here. I hope it’s aggressive Could you just hear me out for a minute one? It’s settled you have nothing to worry about anymore We need to talk in person, so please answer me Oh Greg: Anna? Fuck this silent treatment shit oh FuuuCk IT SOO MUCH I get it, but fuck it, but I get it Get back to me when you’re ready I’m gonna give you a week Okay, I want to give you space I’m sorry, but who recorded that voice line? listen to this shit again Greg:Anna? fuch this silent treatment shit! oh fuuCK IT SO MUUCH that might be that best part in This whole fucking game is gonna give me oh It was good Fuuck it so muuch That’s a real humans talk. So that was on the tenth. you give her five days okay? They said you didn’t come into work today. Are you blocking my calls now where on earth are you? oh, that’s today? Or at least back when I restored the phone Where on earth are you? very very good question Who is this You’re kidding me Anna you give me the silent treatment disappear now you forget I exist Anna is currently unavailable. Ah this is creepy Are you rambling about Is this some kind of trick to stop me from reaching you? you’re better than this Anna. you keep nagging me You keep nagging me that as a couple we need more So let’s talk. we need, we need, we need more what? She lost her phone. here we go Oh, you’re not Anna for real who is this? that’s a good question You’re not her new fling or anything are you? in case you are unaware, we are dating this emoji scowl emoji She’s kind of cute. nah. thats fucking weird i guess all of them kind of hinted we might be together. yeah, I get it So you don’t know Anna? why are you holding her phone, them? I don’t know this fucking phone on the ground and pick it up and now I’m holding it i think someone sent me this phone, the phone was left on my doorstep. Oh weird Did Anna send you her phone That’s kind of odd. I forget how sara is missing ended I know there was kind of like a cult But it was at the thing where they sent people each other’s phones as some sort of like sick joke Huh, this is a black mirror episode She looks like she’s in trouble, she needs help, I think she’s in danger Huh is she okay? Danger Anna left a weird video Send it to him. Yeah, there you go. send me that video now here. We go ooh. There’s lots of videos. I should watch them. no fucking Is it actually going to wait the 12 seconds for him to watch it? That’s pretty cool, it’s just static and noise if you did something to Anna I swear to god. wait, can you not- Oh No Looks like it deleted itself. Jesus! I don’t like this. I’m gonna throw my phone away after this. the fuck is going on? Yeah good oh (singing along to ring tone) i dont like it oh thats a fucking annoying ringtone whats up greg? greg: hello? who the hell is this answer me (jack: hey greg) where did you get the phone? is Anna with you right now? (jack: No) Are you ignoring me dammit Wow Someone has a very very short fuse. Also, fuck’s sake, it said you were offline and then all the sudden you’re calling me? Hey, why you’re not talking? I was talking. I have a microphone right here. That’d be a cool idea for a game where somebody calls you and then You have to actually talk back to them I mean, it’s very very hard to do that but if you implement as some sort of like Siri or Alexa kind of thing and you were actually able to talk back to the game that’s a cool idea for a future game patent pending copyright this video is the idea creation if anybody makes it i’d play it because it’ll be also be very cool for let’s players i can’t make up what you were saying Take it off silent mode or something. is my call not going through? Shit something came up I’ll try again later And you better answer Or what Greg you’re gonna yell at me with your shitty voice again. Um look at all these apps so cool. Stop it Our spark app is opening up Okay, whatever I want to visit the gallery. There’s a lot of shit in here, okay pictures. Can we just fly through these? That’s a cute picture. fish and chips? Are you in England right now? That’s brown sauce right there. That is HP brown sauce. you are definitely in the UK in this picture Okay, it’s a gym picture. select fragments in the correct order to rebuild the image Okay There we go, and then we get oh shit, I should have picked this one What if we go? there we go. nice and I’m missing the very bottom. What? oh, there we go, okay, got it! Just working out here in the gym Okay cool whoa scandalous Anna I don’t even know you, just found your phone. Okay? oh, a little kitty cat These are the cute pictures No look. Is that drool? oh no it’s a piece of string cute cat Very cute very cute I wonder if these actually- Tobias? what a fucking cool name for a cat! wonder is these are these actual pictures? Hey, it’s Ashley! from what i remember some of the stuff in Sara is missing was just like pictures of the development team so this could be the same thing again Coffee dough These are all super cute Okay that one. Oh, yes, I want all this food Look it’s you guys, all cute oh more? Okay um BAM Oh, okay what if I go this one this has a huge chunk, here we go Come on man Okay, I didn’t actually think it was going to be this freaking hard to do these things If I do this and then this shit Okay, I’m bad at this one for some reason That one okay, so this has to be the last one then umm Or not That was actually super simple I was just stupid Very nice picture, why am I getting these back not even worth the effort. Oh, I agree Really love some chocolate cake right now. oh wait, are these the dates on the pictures oh, I don’t know what that’s just chips and ketchup Wait who took this picture Okay So these are the dates on the picture, so we’re at the 15th of July and she was messaging Ashley around the 30th So we’re gonna find out what, if anything happened, maybe It’s a kitty cat picture Okay, I think I get it now Happy birthday Tobias oh, that’s Greg You look way different from the front than you did from the side profile. I don’t know why. you look like a Power Ranger Okay umm Uh yeah, I was gonna say could I be cheeky and just swap that one that one No that was stupid Damn it. Okay, maybe I don’t get it so they cancel each other out these actually add to each other There, did it, perfect just crop out Greg and it’s a great picture. boom Greg and Anna how many pictures are in this? That’s a cool image Food show me food while I’m hungry. Yes. That’s my reaction stop stop at the food Look at Greg writing his Microsoft Expel- Ex Microsoft excel sheet. I was gonna say expel sheet Food coffee and food and teas and cats and Greg’s Okay, this is around the time when she went through his phone Is that her actually going through the phone or taking pictures on her own phone yeah, this is her phone what am I talking about? Okay, so we saw all the photos right yeah Except all these ones and this is her again Okay nothing of interest in any of those let’s look at her videos Anna: Why does it keep focusing there? god What? Is there something over there? Anna: oh shit What? Anna: oh shit Can we go by like frame-by-frame just fucking CSI this shit and trying to figure something out. Okay. That was kind of useless. chat audio. Anna: Sorry, I’m at work. just wanna- Okay. Is this? Greg: Anna? Fuck this silent treatment- Fuck this silent treatment Alright, okay, we went through some stuff. Not a lot Still no closer to figuring out what the hell is going on I get the spark in a second I want to figure out what this frickin app called vloggr is oh hell yeah, she has a bunch of vlogs She’s a youtuber except. They’re all not finished syncing Anna: Hi, hello to myself This is video log number one I’m supposed to just speak my mind Jack:You’re a natural. Anna: whatever comes no wrong answers Nobody’s gonna see this so, work has been pretty crazy lately, and I just needed an outlet of sorts This is supposed to be therapeutic What am I doing? It can be that’s actually a really good thing to try out if you Especially if you’re uncomfortable talking to other people Vlogging yourself even if nobody else watches it, is actually a really great tool to be able to overcome your own Insecurities about how you talk to people ’cause me doing this When I started off doing it it was horrible talking out loud to myself in my room Worried that other people could hear me is still really awkward it’s still kind of awkward when I go out in public and vlog because I’m not used to that yet But I’m trying to get better at it I’m not I’m not It’s one of two things you’re either Just extremely comfortable doing it or you’re incredibly cocky, and then you go out and do it And then you think that everyone should be listening to you But I’m just I’m just not there yet where I feel like I can talk to people or talk to a camera out in public and I think it’s also because of the Environment is that I don’t think this side of the world sees many vloggers walking around, but if you’re uncomfortable Talking about stuff Talking to yourself in a vlog Can be really good outlet because you get used to hearing your own voice and you get used to your own mannerisms And you get to see how you are like if I’m here now, and I’m doing weird shit I get to you get used to seeing yourself so often that the weird shit you do is not that weird anymore if that makes any sense Okay Spark is this like tinder if it’s a like swipe right if it’s a nope Swipe left. I think you could have like rhymed that better if it’s a like swipe rike if it’s a nope swipe dope That makes no fucking sense either sparks will fly when you both swipe right. yeah, so it’s just tinder Okay, cool cool I’ve never used tinder myself ’cause I’ve never had a reason to I don’t nothing wrong with using tinder or anything I just have absolutely no idea how the app works it is if you just swipe right and Somebody else if your picture shows up for somebody else and they swipe right then you match and you can message each other, right? but if if you swipe right and somebody swipe left on you then you can’t message them, is how it works I don’t know um Hey cutie, hey there, I got a romantic proposition for you, what is it if you sit on my face I will eat my way to your heart Good job, Pat. That’s how you stay alone forever How many lobster dinners would you would it take to turn your bedroom into an acrobats gym hey? I’m talking to you here. Is it any wonder you didn’t get a reply This is like whenever you go on reddit And you see some of the, some of the tinder messages from real life You like, wait, people aren’t actually like that are they Tell me Anna. What are your Monday priorities movies, yoga? Happy hour, ring. Oh, no response. You need some rescuing. Sorry. It was caught up at work I’m here. This whole like ‘oh no response’. It’s (breathing) Okay, okay, okay, I just heard breathing in my right ear. That is extremely uncomfortable Honestly if I didn’t have the thing up here so I could see myself as I’m recording to make sure everything’s in frame or whatever if I didn’t have that they’re in my Peripherals like I’m kind of able to see it now and I can see that I’m in frame So I don’t actually have to look up and look away from the lens because I like talking to the lens ’cause I’m talking directly to people but if I didn’t have that there I would seriously be like looking over my shoulder every now and then right now I Always, though they could feel a breeze, but I have my fan on Sorry, it’s kind of a work. I’m here. I would pick none of the above actually I recently picked up reading otherwise it might be movie awesome anything interesting you picked up You won’t believe me if I told you. Tell. Philosophy. I believe you. you’re just saying that so are you always into the human condition? Nah, I’m just going through some stuff right now It just helps me put things into perspective. How about you? Are you as good as advertised we can meet up I will tell you all about it. Come on. I told you something about me. It’s your turn Tell me about your work. See this is this seems more like a regular conversation Is it gonna turn sour right at the end of it? Well I did I did it a while back How long was that? three years. What? I don’t know anything about your profile Alex. Oh god. No. I don’t want that Three years kind of misleading isn’t? I got your attention right? It’s all part of the game Anyways, aren’t your profiles just better versions of ourselves calling me an idealist, but putting an honest foot forward goes a long way And then he stopped replying hmm This is like yeah, that’s just the Internet in general Aren’t our profiles just better versions of ourselves, I feel like that’s what social media has become and at one point I was like I don’t want to tweet out this or I don’t want to post this or anything because it’s one of those things. I’m like nobody I don’t want to bog somebody else’s day down if I have something something That’s not considered perfect or super happy all the time. or very optimistic like if something bothers me I’d rather talk about it and get it out there because otherwise I’m not a fully dimensional person I’m just I’m an ideal version of what? People think I am or what I want people to think I am so I kind of had to break through that in my head And start posting more of my actual thoughts I mean only if something ever like really bothers me if I stub my toe I’m not gonna fucking talk about it, but you know what I mean Too good to be true Alex grant Enjoys volunteering at old folks homes, adopting puppies, and saving little kids from burning buildings, okay My Jesus I would say Being yourself online is okay to do, but there’s like straight-out lying to make yourself seem better is worse Like your pic. Thanks. Wanna eat cookie dough some time together? Excuse me? What? I mean you want to go out sometime together? you there? swing-and-a-miss Dave Edwin. I think that’s pretty much it. Hey. Hey. Animal lover, huh? you have one? yeah a cat Oh, I see you have pets too? Hah nah I don’t. it’s a joke. They’re pokemons Like the mobile game, the crazy popular one? That’s the one so the original was created in 1995 for the Game Boy I played it I mean the rerelease hence the joke because you have to pick one of those three so you have to have a very high IQ To understand Pokemon, and I played all three versions Charmanderis my favorite. unrelated trivia Do you know that the most expensive Pokemon card is the Charizard which is evolved from a Charmander? Right. You play games? I was a candy crush nut for a bit. I wouldn’t count that as a game Are you a fucking forum post? How is candy crush not a game? I mean like a real game. Candy crush is not a real game, what is it? like pcs or consoles? Oh Edwin come on Are you calling her a filthy casual? I played Mario Kart at a party once? I think that’s pretty much it Okay Taylor actually messaged today. Oh, it’s all corrupt again You like to travel right your name should be Wander Woman, huh? Get it? W-Wander Woman? ha ha ha Okay um Come on Not even a pity laugh I’m excellent at this one the pictures one area may. Maybe maybe maybe maybe not so good I’ll just assume you were busy saving the world Would it be considered cat calling if I called you’re cat? Okay Taylor I have a grand night of a date planned out for him/her/it So grand it just might even have room for you. This isn’t gonna be a pussy joke is it? I’m not Anna right now Man, these people message back really quick. Role-playing? I like it. NO I’d be your nurse for tonight. No that’s fuckin weird No, seriously Anna isn’t at her phone. so, you her friend? Okay, please don’t tell me you’re her dad or something Anna and I don’t know each other and you’re having her phone becauseeee? I’m also kind of wondering this Somehow landed on my doorstep okay, so this keeps recurring, so I’m going to assume that that’s the truth Total stranger picks up a lost phone and Responds to spark messages isn’t that kind of creepy? I’m just holding onto it for a while. I didn’t mean to I mean. right, that’s cool As long as you return the phone to her. You’re going to return it to her right? If you know where she is. I will if I can find her Finding girls is the whole point of spark am I right? I guess I’ll have to pick up my pickup lines after she gets her phone back I thought my Wander Woman joke would have sealed the deal don’t you agree? Your jokes are terrible. your jokes are terrible. you’re terrible. You should feel bad Jeez harsh Its not for you anyways you wouldn’t get it I’ll let her be the judge Put in a good name for me if she comes back. It’s Taylor Perrera Tell her I’ll be waiting Sure deal Taylor Coolio woo, um yes Uh yes, hope your standards are lower than mine bill yes Good things come in small packages. ehh Not really fe- digging your look there mark Stephanie 22 Sure, why not? oh fuck What the oh Jesus Christ I don’t want to go on a dating app if it’s gonna jump scare me start chatting Hey there okay now this is weird Another girl Did I get my settings wrong? You swing both ways, I swipe you swiped right didn’t you that’s true You’re saying another girl, but didn’t you technically did my picture show up, and you swipe right on me? Yeah, but I wasn’t really looking who I was swiping lol since we’re here tell me something What does it like spark um? Everyone here sucks. I mean so far Yeah, always taylor writing back when it’s literally been 20 seconds Take some getting used to we’ll be- Is it though? aren’t we meeting literal strangers online? aren’t you scared? It’s 2018. Everybody meets everybody online these days. Isnt weird how the stigma against that dis’appeared. It’s like Oh meeting someone online Are you afraid you’re gonna get catfished? I mean, that’s still a very real possibility that could happen But people meeting online and dating and being married and all that kind of stuff. It’s not as weird anymore Just pick public place public places So yeah, but how do you think it happened you know what I mean lol? Gosh what am I doing worrying so much? I have this fear that the person I’m talking to is not who they say they are. pretty legitimate fear. its a possibility I mean isn’t it kind of ironic that I say that as I’m not the person she thinks I am I’m just after clicking with that That would suck so much to find out how do people do this? you know it you won’t know it till you tried it just your anxiety talking I will stop now while I’m ahead. Yeah, I feel bad for Stephanie Have you been reading the news, I just don’t feel safe now with all these reports going around you are right good luck then I think I will just stick to regular dating You do you Stephanie Anna, you there? You’re a funny, you need to be more patient. you’re a funny guy Taylor Why would you just write back that man you have no chill? Okay girl loses her phone gotta be more to the novella than that mm-hmm why wouldn’t Anna call her own phone by now. Did you check her text messages? Of course I did numbnuts oof course you did so, what do we have? I’m not telling you I get it. It must be packed with juicy details anything else? Taylor! I don’t know you? I’m not gonna tell you Fuck’s sake I guess I am ’cause the game wants me to Greg? Who’s Greg? Her boyfriend, I guess. Shocked emojis She never told me that. She never told you anything More reason to meet her right. I got competition. nothing much going on for now. hmm, okay, bud time for the next level You’re gonna dig a little deeper deep What is it like on her jabber What does she like on jabbr? I don’t, this is, I don’t know what jabbr is. it sounds gross jab her Isn’t it like an invasion of privacy do I really have to way ahead of you, bud, I mean technically yes because that’s what the game is but Come on what if she needs our help tell her it’s my idea I can handle all the tanks I’m gonna get if you find anything at all. I want to hear it. I’ll be right here Okay on her jabbr all right, so look that’s all the notifications. We have Fuck Greg: Hello? Hello? I know you’re there, you picked up. Why don’t you answering? (Jack: fuck off) This is serious, okay? Say something say something I’m giving up on you Okay, I was gonna say that I’m gonna leave this episode here, and then it scared here the absolute Bejeepers out of me, so I am going to actually leave this episode here We got all the initial messages out of the way we have a setup We know kind of what’s going on Anna’s in trouble gotta find her She’s probably where Sarah was the last time so who knows I don’t even know who I am in this game But we find out next time, maybe hopefully I don’t know For know thank you guys so much watching this episode, if you liked it punch that like button in the face LIKE A BOSS! a high fives all around (Whoopsh! 2x) But thank you guys and I’ll see all you dudes in the next video!!!~~ (outro music) You better not jump scare me okay!

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  18. Simulacra backwords is arcalumis which means: a two-part exploration of the abstract nature of photography. Images are taken from a range of projects within the artist's archive and so have no pre-existing relationship nor determined meaning

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