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Don’t blindly repair it, take you 10 minutes to understand the camera circuit-别再盲目维修了,10分钟带你深入了解相机电路

Don’t blindly repair it, take you 10 minutes to understand the camera circuit-别再盲目维修了,10分钟带你深入了解相机电路

Hello, everyone. This is AIao Technology. Today, I want to share with you a camera maintenance case of the iPhone 6. This cell phone may have been sent by a colleague. He also sent several front-facing cameras by the way. He said he had changed his front camera at home. He was sure the front cameras were in good condition. But they still don’t take pictures. So take this opportunity. Let me share with you. A complete idea for the maintenance of the whole camera First, let’s turn on the camera and have a look. Postposition is photographable Then turn on the front-end When opening the front-end photo It’s stuck. It’s a black screen. Unable to switch Then let’s switch again. Switch to Pre-Photo It’s the stuck state. All we can say is that we’re going to quit the background program again. Postposition can be opened separately Openable and visible Then you can move. Then the front-end photograph can’t be used. Under normal circumstances After we receive the machine, we must start with the outside parts. But this guest has helped us exclude external accessories. Because he’s sure his accessories are good. So we have to find the front-facing camera seat directly on the motherboard. Then measure it. So before measuring, I’ll open the drawings and give you an analysis. How do we measure it? Let’s open the drawings. This is the seat for the rear camera. This is the front-facing camera seat. In the Sixth Generation of the iPhone Series Including 6P, the main power supply of the front and rear cameras is the same. They supply electricity in the same way. It’s called U2301 by chip. A 2.85V power supply in turn So how did this electricity come from? It’s from this side. Here’s B+, the battery. Batteries give electricity to many chips and, of course, to this component. Give this chip It gets electricity and converts it internally into a 2.85V power supply. Re-supply cameras Through this point, power the rear camera seat. Power the front camera seat, too This cell phone is post-positioned and can be turned on. Pre-camera is not working So it has nothing to do with the main power supply components of this chip. Because they have something in common. Then the rear can open the front must be able to open the front. That is to say, the front-end and the rear-end must also have electricity. If the front and back can not be opened. We’re thinking about this chip. Now that’s the case, we don’t have to think about it. How to determine whether the front-facing camera seat has electricity We only need to measure on the inductance-connected side. Output to end position to measure ground resistance or to measure on-off here If it’s connected, the electricity must exist. Next, let’s open a block diagram of the front camera for you to see. This is a separate block diagram of the front image head. Let’s look this way first. First is the battery holder. Then the charger chip is converted to B + electricity. And then to the chip I just mentioned. It has four feet All the way is the main power supply. The other side is connected to the CPU Let’s see here is the CPU Then it converts to a 2.85V power supply. Power to a seat of the front camera through an inductor Then it has the main power supply after Of course, other auxiliary power supply is needed. 1.8V from the main power supply Connect to the fifth foot through an inductor Then the other line is 1.2V. Connect to the sixth point through an inductor All of these are the connection points of induction signals and Sub-voice signals. There are labels on it. We don’t have to go to see this. It doesn’t matter here. So that’s right here. That’s the way it is. There are four wires connected to the CPU. A bus clock, a bus data One is its main clock. Another is the shutdown signal, which is connected to the CPU. There are also some connection points for its data transmission. It’s all given to the seat by the CPU through some inductance. Then it’s transmitted to the camera for a control. We don’t need to take care of it here. That is to say, we only need it in actual maintenance. Just measure the resistance and on-off of 13 points on this side. Their Communications Let’s switch to the point bitmap. There is no need to consider the main power supply now. So we just need to consider the front camera and its individual signals. That seat is simpler. If you look at this seat, it will be better repaired than the block diagram. Personally, I think Then when you turn it on, you will find its main power supply is here. 2.85v And then there’s a 1.8V electricity on this side. Then it has a 1.2V power supply in the upper left corner. Then six-way inductance These points of inductance-on CPU Then the CPU is visible on this side. And then here’s its main clock. Then a bus clock and a shutdown signal Then one is its bus data. That’s all. Nothing else needs to be considered. So let’s take a measurement of these points. I’ll take the machine down first. In this case, we don’t need to take the motherboard apart first. Front-facing camera, not in the back, seat can also be seen directly. It’s basically on this board Let’s measure the motherboard first. So you don’t have to disassemble it first. But the batteries must be removed. The button of the battery must be removed It’s not about taking the battery out altogether. Take off the button. Because the connection battery measurement is not good OK. I’ll put it under the microscope. This cell phone… There’s a big project here. Let’s take a closer look. A lot of thread has flown under the screw post. Then there’s also a connection under the display seat on this side. And then there’s a lot of wiring on this side. There’s also a lot of wiring on this side. That is to say, this person may be very strong. Let’s not talk about handicraft first. It must be a maintenance teacher who can do repairs. Let’s ignore it first. We maintain it according to our normal way of thinking. OK. Let’s take this multimeter. Then we measure the ground resistance of the front-end phase. This is its main power supply. OK 1.8V with resistance 1.2V good. And then this row of inductors is side by side. We can measure it first. Because it’s okay to look at the CPU first Nothing here That is to say, this inductor has no resistance value. That proves that there must be something wrong with the inductor. Or there’s a problem with the CPU We don’t care about it. Measure the following four See if there is any problem. And then here it is. This is grounded. This side is grounded. Okay, no problem. No problem here. That is to say, it’s a front camera that we just measured. In fact, it was quickly swept out. That’s all there are. All right. Only one problem was found. There is no resistance at the point where an inductor is connected to the CPU. Then we must go to the other end of the inductance to test it. Judging whether it is a problem caused by inductance damage Or is this side to the CPU broken or virtual welding Let’s take another test. We’re directly testing the sense of exhaustion. Change direction This is convenient for measurement. It has resistance value. Did you see? 471 is the same as this one. All the resistance values of the displacement are the same. There is no resistance on this side. This side 471 Almost Maybe the inductance is damaged. Or maybe he didn’t notice this during the maintenance process. This inductor can be replaced first. Just pull a line between the place and the place. Just pull up a copper wire. Let’s see if we can take a picture. Let’s weld a wire for it. Because this place communicates to the CPU If there is a problem, it means disconnection, it must be impossible to communicate. Let’s weld a wire and try it. Make sure that the pictures are taken properly. OK Then on the other side It’s a bit long on this side. Get rid of it a little Otherwise, it might run into other lines. This position There’s still a lot of welding oil on this side. He hasn’t cleaned it up yet. Normally after we have finished repairing Be sure to clean up the welding oil for it. Otherwise, the welding oil may conduct electricity for a long time. The quality of welding oil will also have a certain impact. I have to add a little welding oil here. Then weld it on. There’s a little less tin on this side. I can add a little. That’s all right. Let’s cut off the redundant line and measure it again. See if the resistance value to the ground has been given. If there is one, let’s try it first. Let’s take a test. Here it comes. Did you see? There are both sides. Let’s install it and try it out. If the front-facing camera takes normal pictures Go and replace him with an inductor And then it’s more stable. After all, there’s data to be transmitted here. Let’s install the machine first. Start up and try it. Let’s turn on the camera and try again. Wow, this machine is a bit stuck. The rear camera can run normally. Then switch to the front camera Front-facing cameras are OK, too. Take a look at our camera brother OK,Then let’s replace this inductor for it. In fact, it’s more troublesome to replace the inductor. Because it had copper wires here before. If I blow it with a hot air gun, it may collapse. I have to make it up again. No problem Let’s take it off first. Nevertheless, blowing is OK, not blowing is OK. Suddenly it occurred to me to teach you a method. Because I haven’t talked about it before. We can use soldering iron. Burn it off directly with a soldering iron Electric iron From here on Anyway, all kinds of ways to teach you to use That’s all. Then clean up the extra space with a pointed head. The inductor was a little broken when it was removed. It’s a little damaged internally before that. See that? Just now, when I touched this iron, it fell off. Clean it up here. Right? This is convenient for welding. And then get rid of it. A little more So whether it’s testing or maintenance Try to be as careful as possible. Don’t make it difficult to rework at that time. Then throw the bad away. Let’s take one and install it. We’ll have to test it after loading. Get rid of the glue here Put a little more fresh welding oil in. Better welding. Not too much. OK Put it here Then blow it up. OK Then we’ll test the ground resistance again See if it’s here. This way is this way. Yes Because it’s a little bit hot now. So its resistance is a little lower than that just now. You see, it’s going to come up slowly. It will come up slowly. You should know that. Actually, I think the last one should be repairable. But maybe it wasn’t that careful on the inspection. No such a small problem was found. Then he didn’t detect the fault. I think it’s a pity that he didn’t. So I suggest that we should be in the process of maintenance in the future. Be sure to check it more carefully. Multimeter to measure Don’t do whatever you want to do as soon as you come up. Listen to other people’s repair cases Look at other people’s experience You have to use your own watch to measure what you are sure is wrong before you can go down to the knife. You can’t be very casual. A casual remark Not only did it cause a second damage to the motherboard And it will bring more trouble to our later maintenance. If you like my videos, you can send me some compliments. So that’s all about this video. See you next time.

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  1. 蒋兄;你好!
    今天有事请教,我有一只美国的【Minix Neo X7 mini】 电视盒子,开机不显示,指示灯不亮。
    -开机时,盒子的电源芯片【Active 8846QM 】马上烫手,大约有70-80度以上,所以我每次通电都不敢超过5秒。
    -测量电源芯片【Active 8846QM 】的大部分输出端电压都为0V。
    根据上面的情况,是否可以判断【Active 8846QM 】坏了(内部短路)?
    因为换【Active 8846QM 】对我来说比较麻烦,很怕费了九牛二虎之力换了【Active 8846QM 】,却又不是它坏了。

  2. loved your Video … Simply Bravo !!!
    i also want to thank you for Adding English Subtitles for Better Understanding ( for international Viewers) ,
    I wish i could come to Learn From you…. Till Than Keep Uploading. and spreading your Experience.
    You are the Best Master.
    Love from Pakistan

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