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I think it’s leaking I think the burning case is leaking. You guys did it We crushed it basically if you don’t know what I’m talking about I made this five weird gadgets at 5 and below video and one of the products in there was this liquid glitter iphone case So I said in that video if we hit the like goal, which you guys absolutely crushed I would crack open some of these liquid glitter iphone cases. So you’re saying to yourself Keaton Why are these liquid glitter iphone cases such a big deal? Let me explain a little further Basically what went down is a few weeks ago some people started saying they were getting burned by their liquid glitter iPhone cases, and I thought to myself how? Like how is this possible, you’re probably saying the exact same thing What happened was the liquid inside these cases Apparently isn’t water and it’s causing chemical burns people. 24 people said they got burned and over quarter million That’s two hundred and fifty thousand cases got recalled They’re made by this company called mix bin and fortunately enough, well kind of unfortunately if you got burned Fortunately enough if you did pick up one of these cases which went from anywhere between Twenty to sixty five dollars and were sold at some of your favorite stores like Victoria’s secret and Nordstrom’s you can get a full refund So that’s good But I still am curious why do these liquid glitter cases burn people? Chemical burns like you think it’d be water So I picked up all of the cases at least the main ones that I could find and We’re gonna crack these open and see if the liquid in here actually burns, and real quick I threw some gloves on some tough medical gloves I don’t know if one of the cases has started to leak, I’ve been cleaning it up for real here And I don’t want to take any chances if this actually does burn so the first test that I’m gonna use is a litmus test Science Keaton is here and basically what a litmus test is gonna’ Tell us is if the liquid inside is acidic or basic, okay hold with me It’s not that difficult. You guys can see we got our litmus test here And how this works is when I pierce the case and get the liquid out, I’m gonna do it in a second I’m gonna stick one of these strips in and pretty quickly if it turns one of these colours or just remains the same colour We’re gonna know what PH it is, most of the time this works I don’t actually know what’s inside here and could just dissolve into the paper That’s also a possibility and whatever colour it turns that’ll tell us if it’s basic or acidic, the lower the number the more acidic That’s what I’m personally thinking, but we’re about to find this out. I’m a little scared, I’m not gonna’ lie I’m gonna’ hop on into this case the safest way I know how with a nail and a hammer, and just side note I don’t think we’re gonna crack open the liquid glitter iphone case That one probably doesn’t burn these are the ones we care about. So, got it in a pyrex dish, please be, oh wait I need a mask I almost forgot. Safety is number one priority I’m just going through like a checklist in my head of is this a good idea? No. How do we make this a better idea Glasses, check, safety’s number one priority. Gloves, Rick and Morty’s smock, is that a smock? No, lab coat. Then a mask and then we’re good Fogging up my glasses, whoa. We’re feeling safe now, here we go [Hammer noises] I might break the glass before I break the case. These cases are pretty tough, a lot tougher than I thought [Hammer noises] I feel like it’s just a pen. Just feels like a pen is poking I’m trying to screw now. I don’t know I’m sciency’, I’m not that sciency [Hammer noises] We got liquid Whoo! Finally! Yo that took way too long! You guys can see we got some liquid just drop by drop by drop We’re filling it up to the top. Oh great, it went all over my clothes This was fun, this was a great fun video. I hope it doesn’t start burning I should have put the lab coat on way before. Whoa that just like seeped into the desk. Actually happy I have a mask on. Alright, that should be plenty of liquid you can see yes It’s coming out there. Now that we got a little bit of liquid from the case right at the bottom I’m gonna try the litmus test out. You got a strip here, and these are the colours that we’re looking for So… Let’s see if we get something [Noises] Come on case, stay out of here It’s Pretty much, not turning any colour I want to say that it’s Just, six it looks like it’s six on here, but I feel like it’s just being absorbed into the paper So I got another test. It involves a pork shoulder Yeah, that’s a pork shoulder alright. Basically, I’m gonna stick the fat side in, you guys can see it I’m gonna get rid of this case as well Whoo! That is, my hands they’ve they’re feeling on fire, I feel like the hulk right now [Hulk screams] I’m gonna stick the pork shoulder in fat side down, and we’re gonna see if any stored Sort of bubbling or burning goes on. I know it’s not a complete science I’m not gonna use anything living that would be way not cool, so let’s grab this knife Cut open this pork shoulder, yummy yummy Someone would have enjoyed this I know that. Fat side down, let’s see if any bubbles start happening, listen I don’t think we’re hearing anything, I’m gonna push it in a little more See if anything starts happening, I feel like it’s just being soaked in and absorbed. While it’s soaking it up at the bottom I’m just gonna start marinating it with the other cases [Noises] That step plastic is pretty tough, how did these even crack open in the first place? Someone’s dropping their phone a lot, I guess that’s it. I just punctured this one, we’re gonna’ start marinating it Oh yeah, you can definitely see juices going out No burns, nothing? Wow, that just looks like a really bad marinade. Is it changing it colour at all? Oh, alright, we got more on me. Yes, that’s my favourite! No, I don’t see any colour changes Maybe a little bit Alright, I’m gonna’ flip the bottom side over see if there’s any damage Damn, that’s a nice pork shoulder. Did it soak all of it up? Probably Alright Crikey’s, that is a big shoulder Whoo! It pretty much just soaked up all of the liquid glitter. It’s looking real shiny But, no burns Well that was kind of disappointing. If you guys have any other ideas Let me know in the comments below and if there’s any other really good ideas I’ll retry this some way somehow and just post a clip. I really want this to actually burn or do something This is just How? Shout out time! I want to give a huge shoutout to Jad and Disc-Man for having my Notifications on for this video. If you guys want one turn them on and let me know in the comments I upload a brand new video every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at 3 p.m. PST. Subscribe if you’re new so you guys don’t miss it and tweet me at techsmartt if you guys find any other Dangerous iphone cases, I’ll see you later, bye! Whoa that went through. I’m at the grove right now doing some shopping with my sister and what’d you say? Shut up If she doesn’t see a youtuber here, she’s gonna lose it. Alright, we’re gonna’ see

100 thoughts on “DON’T Buy A GLITTER iPhone Case (BURN WARNING)”

  1. My friend her phone broke because the liquidgot in the phone
    and that happend on school
    Her hands we're full off glitter

  2. My sister got burned to but it also got in her phone and it dose not work so all of the people that is reading this DO NOT BUY GLITTER IPHONE CASES

  3. I cut mine open to get the glitter out and it was like an oil but also it made my hands all red so i ran to the bathroom and washed them

  4. 5:45 years later in history class…

    Teacher: So kids, this is one of the rare instances where history cannot be explained.

  5. Well my liquid glitter case got cracked today and the liquid inside it started to leak, it got all over my hands and it was hard for me to breath cus the liquid smelled like chemicals and had a really strong toxic smell, i’ve washed my hands a couple of times but the smell isn’t going away from my hands and my phone, & I’m feeling a lil bit of itchiness on my hands rn too.

  6. Things with floating glitter etc like these phone cases are filled with mineral oil, it's the same thing as baby oil which is perfectly safe. Maybe it depends on where you buy them. For example, buying from AliExpress/wish, maybe they put something else in. I doubt it though.

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