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Don’t Buy another Phone Gimbal without looking at DJI Osmo Mobile 3… Here’s why

Don’t Buy another Phone Gimbal without looking at DJI Osmo Mobile 3… Here’s why

– Guys, it happened, I got
this from DJI, for free! I’m on the list, I’m on
the DJI list. (laughs) Let’s see how long I can stay on here. Now, it’s no secret that camera phones are starting to produce actually
really good quality videos, but you just kinda suck
at holding it steady, so you end up with all the shaky footage. Time to get a gimbal, but
which one should you get? They all kinda do the same thing, right? But there’s a few different
reasons why you should check out this DJI Osmo Mobile Pocket, no, that’s, said that wrong. Osmo Mob, DJI Osmo Mobile 3 is (mumbles) proper name for this………. Now this right here is the
biggest factor, right here. Look at how skinny that is,
and that’s very important, especially goin’ forward,
because all these new phones are comin’ out with
ultra-wide-angle lenses. Samsung and Huawei’s already doin’ it, and it really seems like the next iPhone will come with a
super-wide-angle lens as well. This is my other phone gimbal, and this is the Freefly Movi Cinema Robot. And I honestly really like this gimbal, but see how this motor
sticks out like that, especially when I start adding
a wide-angle lens on here. It’s gonna be in the shots. So their solution is to
actually slide the camera lens all the way out here to clear that frame, and then add some
counterweights here on the back. Still love this gimbal, but considering that all these phones are probably gonna have
super-wide-angle lenses, I’d say this is going to be a little bit more convenient for you. Next thing this thing does that’s awesome, is that it folds, hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo. Now the design of this
is very, very similar to the Snoppa Atom 3, which is a Indiegogo
campaign for a phone gimbal that came out, and it
raised a ton of money. Now I’ve never personally
tried the Atom 3, so I can’t tell you if it’s good or bad, but I am always wary
about trying new companies for gimbals, because all I
really want out of a gimbal is for it to work. So many gimbals out there that I use, that’s completely
unreliable, unpredictable, and start tweakin’ out
in the middle of filming, so because of that, me, personally, I’ve only really used gimbals
from, like, three companies and I really don’t try to
experiment with much else. But I bet you 20 bucks
that there’s gonna be a lot of gimbals coming out
with this type of design, because you really need to
be able to have a clear line of sight from the back
as well as the front, so this one nicely tucks
its motor back here, and everything else is down here. And I actually think you
guys will like it a lot, which is why I’m doin’ a
giveaway with three of these, that’s right, three of
them, so I get to go, “You get a gimbal, you get
a gimbal, you get a gimbal! “Everyone else fuck off.” All you gotta do to enter is
leave a comment down below, and you’re part of the notification squad, then hells yeah, because
we’re gonna pick out the first winner within 30 minutes of this video going live, and then we’ll pick the second
winner two hours after that, and then we’ll pick the last
winner two weeks from now, so we can let the casual viewer come and have a chance to win as well. So heck yeah. By the way, if you’re curious,
I have the iPhone XS Max on here, with that big ol’ Moment case and also the Moment
Anamorphic Lens on here, and this seems to be
totally fine with balancing. Now if you wanna throw in a
bigger lens like this 18mm, it’s actually quite a bit bigger
than this Anamorphic Lens, so it doesn’t seem to be too
happy tryin’ to balance this, but there is a little
threaded slot in there, which is supposed to be for
screwing on a counterbalance, so maybe when those come out, we will be able to balance
some bigger lenses like this. Now even though this is an
awesome design for the gimbal, the one downside is you
can’t just drop it down just like that to get a super-low angle, which is what I’m used to. So instead of droppin’ it down like that, you just have to learn
to put it on its side, and then you can get the
camera down really low. Doesn’t feel as good as just
throwing it straight down, but it works, so once you get
used to it, it’s not so bad. Now when it comes to pricing,
this basic set comes in at 119 bucks, which comes
with this, the power cables, and a carrying pouch, and
then there’s the combo, which comes in at $139,
and that’s gonna come with a carrying case as
well as little tripod feet so you can set it down,
so I think that’s worth that extra 20 bucks. Anyways, let’s take this
Mimo out for a little spin. So there’s Steve, doin’
his superhero pose, and with the Mimo app, we have access to some of the smart
features, so I’m just gonna go and highlight him, right
there, oh, check it out. There it is, following Steve
around, see, check that out. It’s got a pretty good hold on him. Now one of the reasons
why I never really loved using ActiveTrack in the past is because after you select your subject,
it keeps it in the center, which can make it really awkward in terms of composition. But what’s really awesome
about the ActiveTrack here is that I can actually
shift it with the joystick so he’s in the top right corner, so this composition seems a lot cooler, and then you can still
move around a little bit, take a few steps, yeah. Generally keeping him in that corner. Like this shot, here, it’s so awkward that he’s so centered in the frame, so I can just nudge it back down, let’s see if it can track
Steve’s parkour skills. – Parkour! Get that parkour! – If you’re filming sports,
probably not gonna stay up with you, but if you’re
just walking around slowly, then it works pretty well. And let’s just see how this tracks, while I tell you about
our sponsor, Skillshare, who’s an awesome sponsor,
they make this video possible, as well as the giveaway possible, so, shoutout to them. Skillshare’s an online learning community with thousands and thousands of courses, anything from fine art to
business to photography, videography, and creative
writing is one of those subjects that I think is super
important to understand for every filmmaker. One of the courses that
I found interesting was Creative Writing for Nonfiction. That’s one of those things
where you take something that’s actually happening, and telling it and conveying it in a interesting way, perfect for if you’re making
vlogs or documentaries. Skillshare is putting a
link in the description that is gonna give you
a two-month free trial, and once you have a Skillshare account, you have access to everything on there, so you can just keep learning
until your mind explodes. And even after the two-month free trial, with an annual subscription, it’s less than 10 bucks a month. So, really good value,
thank you again, Skillshare, for sponsoring this episode, and thank you, Steve, for
giving us a tour of your truck. By the way, Steve has a producing channel, case you guys wanna learn about producing. – Click Subscribe, and
be sure to tell your mom. – [Potato Jet] You tryin’ to
get hooked up with some moms? – Uh, no. (laughs) – For those of you who like
to shoot vertical video on your phones, you have
the option to do that, and then you just double-tap
to straighten it back out. One of the things I don’t
like about this Mimo app is that, as of right now, there
is no 24 frames per second, so you could switch between 30 and 60 p, so for features like that,
you’re gonna wanna use FiLMiC Pro, or even the Moment app. What else is on this app? We have story mode. So basically, there’s
all these little stories that you can pick out from. Let’s try Brisk, and
see how this works out. So I’m gonna start that, and on the bottom’s kinda my timeline, so I need to start off
with a two-second clip. So let’s see what happens. (upbeat music) So it basically just goes
through these motions, so… (upbeat music) (laughs) Two more clips. (upbeat music) (Kari laughs) All right, so I just
recorded five random clips, the two- to three-seconds
each, and let’s see. (upbeat music) You don’t even need to
learn how to edit anymore, you just, you just shoot with this. – (laughs) I can make videos! (Potato Jet laughs)
(Kari laughs) – Let’s try one more. (Kari laughs)
(dog barks) (upbeat music) (dog pants)
(dog barks) (upbeat music) (dogs bark) (upbeat music) All right, ladies and gentlemen, we just made another
movie, let’s watch it. (upbeat music) (Potato Jet laughs) – Ho, my stick!
– I would never use this feature, But it was fun. You know, I think that’s what this app is designed to do, have
less of those, like, custom manual settings,
but more of just, kinda, “Hey, pick this up and have fun with it.” You also do have hyperlapse and slow-mo, and you also have control over the zoom, when you have the app open, so you could do some
weird tricks like this. (Potato Jet laughs)
(Kari laughs) Overall, solid little gimbal,
let’s go read some comments. And we’ve made it to Mexico. Look how foggy this is, this humidity, just complete, look at this,
I can’t use this footage. I had this camera in the
nice, cold air-conditioning, and I brought it out, and
immediately just boof, turned into this, so I
gotta let it sit here for probably like ten minutes, and let everything acclimate. So it’s been a couple minutes,
and still a little bit hazy. This is silly, let’s
just take this inside. It’s gonna be a lot more
comfortable that way. And there we go, so much
better that we (laughs) here in the air conditioning now. Good mornin’, Sam!
– Good morning! – How you feeling, get some good sleep? – Hell, yeah. – Did I wake you up, by just
screaming into this camera? – Uh, no, it was, it was time– – So yeah, I’m here with Sam, and Kari, and we’re here to do, it’s kind of like a meetup, but I announced a little while ago that we’re doin’ a trip here to Mexico, and we’re inviting a dozen of you guys, so I think today about 16
of you guys are gonna come, and hang out with us, for the next week. We’re gonna go all over the place, we’re gonna go out and film,
we’re gonna go on boats, we’re gonna do all kinds of stuff, and we’ll all get to do it together, so it should be a good time. And this trip hasn’t even
officially started yet. But I’m already thinkin’
about, I was like, “Oh, man, “we need to do the next one,” already, ’cause this is gonna be fun. We wanna keep these really small, so we all get to kinda hang out, instead of having it be
this one giant thing. So yeah, if you wanna be
involved in the next one, then I’ll put a little
link in the description, where you could add your
email to the email list, and you’ll be one of the first ones to find out about the next trip. But let’s wrap up this video
with reading a few comments from my last video, which was
the RED versus the Sony a6400. Top comment: “Whenever
a new camera comes out, “I’m always waiting for Gene’s
comparison with the RED. “He’s 100% gonna make one “with the Blackmagic
Pocket Cinema Camera 6k.” “Absolutely.” (laughs) And funny thing, I just got a notification that the 6k Blackmagic arrived at my place back in Los Angeles, so
I’m like, “Oh, it’s there!” I’m just, but I’m gonna be
here for the next week, so, I’m gonna be a little
bit late to that party, for makin’ the reviews on
that, but I’m excited about it. “It’s easy to know which one the RED is, “because it has that greenish look to it.” Yeah, I did actually notice that, like on the default settings,
the RED and ARRI Alexa, they both have a much greener tint than most other cameras do, but I think for the
next one what I might do is peel that back a little bit. It looks like most of you guys
knew which one was the RED, like 77% of you guys were, like, “RED is on the RIGHT FOR SURE.” Eight percent of my audience
is a bunch of dumbasses. (Potato Jet laughs)
I’m just kidding. I love you guys. “I actually prefer the a6400
after grading with your Luts.” Thank you, guys, for all the
people who got the Lut bag, and I’m glad you guys are enjoyin’ it. “I’m still trynna figure
out how Potato Jet “got that girl.” (Kari laughs) When Kari and I first met,
she wasn’t interested, but I told her I have a
lot of YouTube subscribers, and she’s like, “Ooh, okay.” (laughs) No, I’m just kidding,
she actually didn’t know that I had a YouTube channel
until, like, way later, and actually at the time it
was a really small channel. So it wasn’t really
worth mentioning anyways. But for the first hour, she
thought my name was Alfred, and I was a novelist. – (laughs) I thought you
and Dylan were a gay couple, and you showed up– – Just ’cause I show up with my homie, she’s like, “Oh, they must be gay.” Here, check this out, I’m
still Alfred The Novelist on her phone, she hasn’t
changed it since. (laughs) So the secret to getting the
girl you want is to lie to her. (gentle music)

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