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Don’t Call A Mech A Gundam

Don’t Call A Mech A Gundam

– We just got word. The government constructed a giant gundam, it’s attacking downtown! – Dear god! – We need to act fast. – Did you just call that a gundam? – Uh yes sir, a gundam. It’s like a giant fighting robot. – I know what a (beep) gundam is! That is not a gundam, okay? I would call that a mech. – Okay sir sure, we can
call it whatever you want. Now I think that if we act fast– – I’ve been in this game a long time, and I know a gundam when I see one, and that is not a gundam! It has a flamethrower for crissakes! – Well now hold on a second. Now I agree with you that
that is not a gundam, but I don’t for one second
believe that it can’t be a gundam because it has a flamethrower! – How dare you, sir. – How dare me, sir? How dare you, sir!
– How dare you sir! – How dare you sir! – Whoa okay, whoa! I think we are missing the point here. – We are missing the point. The point being, we have to
nail down these definitions before we can do something. – Yes!
– What, no. – My point was that it does
not matter what we call it. – How dare you. – How dare you!
– How dare you! (all talking at once) – How dare you, apologize! – What do I have to apologize for? – You can’t just throw
around the term gundam. – Do you have any idea the historical significance of gundams? Gundams have destroyed entire cities, they’ve killed millions! – That’s exactly what’s
happening right now, listen! (screaming) – [Man] Someone please help us! – You know misrepresentation
of gundams is deeply offensive. – Oh my god. These are real people out there,
with inherent human rights, and we are not helping them
by arguing over semantics, okay? I don’t even know what
the difference between a gundam and a mech is! – Okay look, when we talk about gundams, we’re referring to Generation Unsubdued Nuclear
Drive Assault Modules. – Are you mad, man? We are talking about
Generation Unasaulted– – How dare you!
(all yelling) – Both of you shut your mouth-holes. It stands for Giant Unrealistic– (all arguing) Giant, Unrealistic– (all yelling at once) – Okay shut up! We can all agree that there
is a giant robot outside! Yes? – Robot… – Close enough. – It’s close enough. – Yeah, fine. – Okay, that’s what’s
outside and we all agree, without a doubt that it
is destroying downtown and killing innocent people. (screaming)
(crashing) – [Man] Is anybody
gonna actually help us?! (screaming) – I mean you can hear
that from a mile away. – Okay so we are going to– – Continue our debate. – Can I say something? There are a lot of people
downtown that aren’t worth saving. – What? – Now I know, I know– – I just heard the news! – Oh thank god. I know, it’s devastating out there. I think that if we’re
able to mobilize our– – Jess used gundam incorrectly! – What?!
– We know, we were here. – Okay, okay. If I apologize, then can
we stop arguing about this and actually do something? – Frankly I’m… Pretty upset. The way you’ve used that word, and just might need a
moment to clear my head. What do you all say to a round of golf? – What? – Well that sounds great to me. – Sounds great to me, too. – You know I’m a scratch golfer? – Do some golf, hit the links. – There’s a pitch ‘n putt like– – Oh, let’s do it! – Are you serious? Are you serious, we’re
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  2. How to actually identity a Gundam

    -somebody yells IT'S A GUNDAM
    -grunt suits can't scratch it's armor
    -has powerful weaponry
    -it's fast
    -destroys the grunt within 5 seconds

  3. True Basic is calling every gundam a transformer. I've had that happen lots. I could understand if it was a Zeta or something, but nah, all Gundam or MS are friends of optimus prime now

  4. Actually Gundams are Mecha, more humonoid look(Japan), Mechs are American design of Robot with cockpit less human look and much more machine feeling, Mech Warriors "King Crab" is perfect example. Just search Gaijin Goombah Mechs in Video Games Analysis he will explaine even better with design history.

  5. To identify a Gundam is the V fin the red chin for example granddaddy RX78-2 sees them arguring LET ME FCKING SEE WHAT IT LOOK LIKE SO I CAN IDENTIFY IT MYSELF!!!!

    Most of us Gundam fans would laugh or take it too seriously

    (Edited) they are mobile suit so to identify that Gundam are mechs/mobile suits but not all mechs are Gundam,just don't say it out loud that's is Gundam but doesn't like a Gundam just shout it it's a giant robot attacking the city

  6. Reminds me of 'You don't call Anime, Cartoons!' On a side note, their definition of Gundam made me laugh. They went ala Seed where GUNDAM is acronym for the OS, I was waiting for one of them to shout 'Gundam is made from Gundanium/Gundarium alloy.'

  7. It's true I'm literally went to the gundam community and asked what makes a gundam a gundam and people exploded with answers like his lol

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