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Don’t Charge Your Phone to 100%, Here’s Why

Don’t Charge Your Phone to 100%, Here’s Why

You know, these days, our phones are basically
part of us. Almost like your lift pinky. While they are magical devices that can do
pretty much anything, phones aren’t invincible! Check out these tips and tricks so that your
cell can stay by your side for longer! 1. Get rid of old apps. Occasionally, take an app inventory. If you notice that you’re not using an app
anymore, uninstall it from your phone. This will free up space and help it run more
efficiently! It’s also good to be aware of which apps
are using the most space. 2. Use Low Power Mode. Turning on this feature will make your phone
charge faster! BUT just know that apps might run slower and
you may stop getting emails, automatic updates…any “extra” things running in the background
will stop, or at least slow down. 3. If you’re in an area with bad reception,
turn on Airplane Mode. Your phone uses battery to search for reception. Even if it isn’t picking up any service,
your phone will continue to search for some. This will seriously drain your battery! If you know you’re going to be in an area
with bad reception, turning on Airplane Mode will save your battery. 4. Be smart about putting your phone in your
pocket. Its’ the easiest way to carry your phone—we
all do it! But the thing is, your pocket could be full
of lint, dust, and other little debris that could get into your phone’s charging port. If the port is full of this yucky stuff, it
won’t charge as well. When you’re picking a phone case, get one
that has a little plug for the charging port! 5. Clean your phone safely! We all know not to get our phones wet, but
ANY kind of moisture is bad for your phone. This includes what you might reach for to
clean it with; don’t use wet wipes, rubbing alcohol, or sprays. Just use a dry cotton cloth to clean the screen
and the back, like what you might clean your glasses with. 6. Know when to stop doing software updates. The people who made your phone will only give
you software support for 2 generations. If your phone is older, you might still be
able to do the update, but certain apps may not run right, which can be frustrating! A new update that isn’t exactly compatible
with your phone will just eat up space, too. 7. Power your phone all the way down once in
a while. This is different from letting the battery
get to 0%; hit the actual Off button and let your phone sit for a few minutes. Doing this once a week is good for your phone,
and it will extend its life! 8. Your phone can tell you a lot about its battery
life! In your phone’s Settings, you should be
able to see how much battery time you have left, in hours and minutes! Your phone might also be able to tell you
when you last charged it. This can help you stop overcharging! On that note… 9. Staying at 100% all the time isn’t good
for your phone! If your phone is hooked up to your charger
and keeps charging after it’s reached 100%, it can drain the battery. Your phone contains a lithium-ion battery,
which means it operates best when your phone is between 30 and 50%. Keeping your phone at 100% all the time makes
it tired! Speaking of which… 10. Don’t charge your phone overnight! To avoid the problem I just talked about,
get out of the habit of charging your phone when you go to bed. I know it’s easy to do but charging overnight
will cause it to get to that 100% but keep charging past that for hours while you’re
in a deep slumber. In the morning you’ll find that your phone
probably won’t stay at a very full battery for long! 11. Avoid charging your phone on your bed, too. It’s a fire hazard! Your phone will get warm as you charge it,
and it’s plugged into an electrical outlet, right? If there are any tears in the cord you haven’t
noticed, or if it doesn’t fit just right in your phone’s charging port, you might
be at risk for a spark. 12. So, what IS the best way to charge your phone?? Don’t let your phone lose its battery completely
before you charge it; just wait ‘til it gets below that 30% line. Your phone can remember when you charge it. So, if you plug in your phone every time it
gets a little below 100%, eventually, it will have a hard time recharging. Remember your phone functions best at 30-50%. If you’re on the go a lot, get a wireless
charger or charging pad; smartphones charge best this way anyway. And… 13. Leave your phone alone while it’s charging! This may be the hardest advice to follow,
don’t use your phone while it’s charging! Think of charging as a way of letting your
phone take a much-needed nap. If you keep using your phone while it’s
plugged in, it won’t charge as quickly, and the battery will drain faster after you
unplug it. 14. Phones don’t like extreme temperatures. Hey neither do I! If it’s super cold or super hot, it’s
not good for your phone. Either one can hurt its internal parts! Keeping your phone at a consistent mild temperature
is best. Don’t leave it in your car or outside. 15. Invest in that screen protector. It might just seem like spending extra money,
but it could save your phone’s screen! Replacing cracked screens can be expensive
and frustrating. Doing everything you can to protect your phone
from drops is important. This means getting a good shock-absorbing
phone case too! 16. Using a black wallpaper can make your battery
last longer! Bizarre right? But it makes sense! If your screen is black, your phone doesn’t
have to “work” to light up any brightly colored pixels. Along with this, using a wallpaper that moves
can drain your battery too—that’s a lot of effort for your phone to make that wallpaper
move all day, or light it up! Try out a black screen for a day, and let
me know how it goes in the comments—did it really make a difference? 17. Use the locking system on your phone. Whether you prefer facial recognition, iris
scanning, or your thumbprint, locking your phone not only keeps things safe and secure,
but it prevents any accidental usage while your phone is tumbling around in your bag. By “accidental usage,” I mean accidentally
opening apps or email, and of course, calling someone by mistake! You know what that’s called. 18. Set a short Screen Timeout. Yeah, it might get a little annoying unlocking
your phone more often, but setting a 15 to 30-second timeout can go a long way! It keeps your phone running more efficiently
because it will take a little snooze more often, and this will save your battery too! And while we’re talking about your phone’s
screen… 19. Try to make yourself check your screen less
often. That might sound hard, and you might be thinking,
“Does it really make that much difference?” Well, it turns out it does! Researchers say that the average person checks
their phone about, wait for it — 150 times a day. Each time you light up your screen, it uses
a little bit of battery. Think of how much battery you’re using just
to check your screen that many times a day! 20. A tip for travelers: turn off your phone’s
location tracking! This is a good tip for anyone, but especially
for those frequent travelers who might be stressing about their phone going 0% on them
while abroad! A lot of apps will ask you if it can track
your location, so your friends will know where you’re at. Whether you think this is cool or creepy,
it really drains your battery! Turn this capability completely off in your
Settings. Hey, if you learned something today, give
this video a like and share it with a friend! And here are some more videos I think you’ll
enjoy; just click to the left or right and stay on the Bright Side of life!

100 thoughts on “Don’t Charge Your Phone to 100%, Here’s Why”

  1. I charge my phone to 100%, charge over night, have a super bright background(BTS hehe)and other stuff but my battery lasts for a really long time 🤷‍♀️

  2. 5:43 it actually works! When i turn my wallpaper black, and im just looking at it and the battery percent is still the same!

  3. Ok let me just say that the don’t charge your phone on your bed probably helped a lot, like seriously I put my phone on my bed every weekday

  4. I was charging my phone when It was at 100 present and when u said”Don’t charge your phone while it’s at 100%” I said,”NOPE” and unplugged my phone😂

  5. at exsactly 52 secs in my phone went loading an i was like didnt trick me but i tricked myself bc it was my phone😂😂😭😂😂😭😂😂😂😂

  6. Most expensive phones have what's called a charge controller built into them, either digital or a physical chip. It prevents your phone from being over charged. Thought everyone knew this

  7. Nope i tried this on my iPhone and it broke…..cause of the battery is broken DONT TRY THIS AT HOME USING EXPENSIVE ITEMS

  8. But what if i charge my phone to 99% and when i sleep keep it work on it's own data and keep it clean? Because my phone doesn't die ok ill try but in the morning for school if it will be on low battery ill have to charge it

  9. me: does all of this. I charge my phone to 100%, unplug it at night, but since I just got it and it only charges 1% every hour, its never at 100%. then it dies in 2 hours. IF I PLAY IT AT 100% WHILE CHARGING. dies in 1 hour if unplugged and used at 100, dies in 4 if unplugged and unused, sooooo

  10. Another tai tips :
    -check your downloads inchase you wanted to download something but either forgot or didnt want that app anymore ;
    -sometimes delete some files from the gallery cuz that saves space as well.

  11. 1:41 well the I phone x and above are all water proof so if you have that kind of phone then that isn’t really a problem so yeah

  12. My phone can't have those lock things. It's a blackberry. And I'm not allowed to habe them anyway, since my parents like to look at what I've been doing. Yes, I'm 12 and my parents do this. Lol.

  13. Obvious,and this is for bait,this is probably not true. Even if it is,it'll take a long time for your phone to break from this. The guy making this probably dosent use any of this tips,and he probably found it off a random site. Lastly,This guy thinks we use phones every second. So he had to make a clickbait topic. [Usually criticism can help make things more popular,but im not trying to do that.]

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