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Dr. Joe Q&A – Cell phones and dopamine

Dr. Joe Q&A – Cell phones and dopamine

(Participant) I have a question regarding the use of cellphones and how it generates dopamine and how is it in some way effects our meditations, our ability to meditate (Dr. Joe)Excellent question! The question was, to repeat it I want to know the effects of cellphones on our brains and how it effects our dopamine levels and you know I raised three kids and you know kids use technology! And I was saying this when I was talking to some of you this morning over a cup of coffee. That, that if your children are using cellphones for information and basically we are information, that’s all we are and they’re accessing information they way they do and they’re using their cellphones in all kinds of ways for stimulation, there should be a period of time where they were able to set it down, just like for you. And if you can’t break your romance with your cellphone then it owns you. Would you agree? Because that’s what keeps you connected to networks, socially that kind of social conciousness is… is… is… maintained through networks and it feeds us, because we love tribe, we love culture, we love connection but it’s got to be done with discernment so what happens for people is, if they didn’t break from it and go from a narrow focus to a broad focus like they get out in nature, go hike go get out on a boat I mean open your focus and look at the sunset. You don’t think that creates alpha in your brain? Ha ha it does. Nature does that. The resonance the human’s constance is the exact 7.8 frequency of alpha brainwaves entraining us to connection. So, when they’ve done the research on cellphones, video gaming, to start with, they said to these kids: “hey listen, here it’s how it’s gonna go: you guys wanna make some money? What do you think the kids said? “Yeah!!! Let’s make some money Yeah”! Is that “Ok “We’re gonna get you involved in a video game and then we’will ring a bell and you have five seconds to stop. If you stop in five seconds we’ll give you a dollar and we are just going to go as long as you embody your own long way” Do you know that none of the children, none of them were able to stop. That’s how, that’s how addictive it is. So the research shows then that when you begin to blow somebody up or you shoot someone or you get a text you know that’s an important text to you there is a release of dopamine in your brain a pleasure chemical, reward chemical is released but if you’re overdoing it and you’re playing a lot of video gaming and you’re blowing something up, blowing someone up or breaking through some level, or doing something the reward systems are being activated in your brain and you start releasing too much dopamine all at once. And that burst of dopamine into the brain is more than the receptors sites have to handle it, you understand what I’m saying? Come on! So then the over amount of dopamine is not being absorbed by those receptors, the receptors close down it’s too much, then they become desensitized it’s like living with the spouse that always yells at you the have to yell a litte louder to get your attention, the next time you need a little bit more now to turn it on the next time.
Does that make sense? So then the pleasure chem…the pleasure centers start recalibrating to a higher and higher level! It takes more now to turn them on. You have to do a bigger burst to get them stimulated. Are you with me still? So the pleasure centers start recalibrating to such a high level, that now the person needs the game, needs the phone, to feel something! To make that feeling because in the absence of any stimulation they experience a loss of pleasure do you understand what I’m saying? They become desensitized to pleasure… so a walk with your dog go tell a kid to go see their grandmother, watch a sunset, just way to slow… They’re over stimulated. Are you with me still? That’s called anhedonia. you can’t find pleasure from anything Anhedonia. Does that make sense? Now what happens, is this is the scary part is that learning should be a reward by itself Yes or no? But if you just blew up a nation and you’r going to school and your brain is shut down, it can’t get stimulated, by information, there is only one way you’re going to stimulate it, and that’s you gotta arouse it How do you arouse it? Get in trouble! Act out. Do something dumb. Get some attention. Just so you can arouse the brain. The child doesn’t know they are doing, releasing epinephrine norepinephrine just for an arousal but they are doing it and when they do that they’re actually shutting blood flow further down, in the forebrain Now, here’s the problem: when that child gets older and they face challenging situations in their life they’re going to look for something else to make the feeling go away and it’s going to be something bigger. You understand what I mean? They’re not gonna wanna realize that they can do it themselves. They’re just going to go to another chemical, something bigger so then hm that… that… that.. dependency that’s created from technology has to be inhibited at certain times I just have certain things that I do now, like I I don’t take my cellphone to dinner. I very rarely take my cellphone to dinner. I just don’t, don’t want to disrespect anybody at the table. That’s me. I wanna connect. That’s why I can connect any other time. I sit at the table I wanna connect with you. You’re right there! I wish to connect with you and not with somebody else! And now in my home after a certain time I put my phone in my bedroom. Doesn’t mean, if I wanna use my phone I’m gonna leave the rest of the house and go to my bedroom after a certain time cause I’ve been making thousands of decisions every day… I just wanna be able to disconnect from technology. Are you with me still? And so then if you keep shifting your attention from one text, to another text, to another text to another email, to another Facebook… What are you practicing? You’re actually practicing a short attention span and the rush, the rush of the dopamine combined with the short attention span becomes a very short attention span Are you with me still? And now the person doesn’t wanna learn. They do wanna be stimulated. So the solution of course, is exactly what we`re doing in this work. I joke around all the time and I draw a picture and it says: where you place your attention is where you place your energy outer world of physical reality inner world of thougts and feelings And then I draw a line where your attention goes every day. Your cellphone, your WhatsApp your Linkedin, your Instagram, your Facebook your pictures that you put on Facebook, you know your email, your computer, your other email, your job your co-workers, your boss, your enemies, your ex, your husband, your wife, your kids, your ..all there is your face, your pain, your disease, your diet this is where all people’s attention is, now, none of those things are bad. But there is a neurological network assigned to everyone of them. And when you learn how to disconnect from your cellphone, now you’re saying that it no longer owns you. You use it as a tool instead of as a something that stimulates you. How many people understand that? So it takes practice. I mean you have to be able to navigate in a world of technology. I mean we have so much technology in my company now, I mean I’m always learning, about it, and it’s, you know it’s faster than me – it’s a big deal. But we cants lose our connection to the earth we can’t lose our connection to one another when we are sitting in the presence. I mean I don’t know about you, but in the United States sometimes I I … I… can’t believe I’m sitting in a restaurant and there’s four people sitting at a table and all four of them are on their phones… nd they’re having dinner together. I’m thinking wow that must be a really deep conversation you guys are having over there – are you texting one another, what are you doing? Sending each other links? I mean Connection is so important! and physical connection is important! So, we have to balance it out and you can recalibrate those pleasure centers by finding pleasure in other things like with what you’re doing! And there’s nothing wrong with dopamine it’s just you can’t overdo it, cause you know, you’ll get kidnapped you literally get kidnapped by technology. umm, remember that, remember that remember that book called Future Shock? I don’t know, and there was a movie, that Orson Wells did He was young, and it was in the seventies or something, anyway I had to read it, when I was in college or high school or something And the author reached out to me and said hey, I’m doing a thing called After Shock and I’ve been familiar with your work. Are you wanting to write an essay? And I wrote an essay about just what we talked about And he said: ” I love this! This is.”..cause we’re victims to the very technology we created. Isn’t that crazy? It is crazy, if you think about it… So you gotta be able to use it but you gotta be able to disconnect to it and stay in balance.

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  1. addiction yes true. in one book (Tänk dig själv frisk") you wrote electromagentic fields are much more important then the chemicals to get results, cellphones use these EMFs, the interuption on our own fields should be taken seriously. Wifi, cellphones etc use these EMFs. thoughts about that Dr Joe?

  2. Dear Dr. Joe, I'm a new subscriber, I want to know more, it's literally all I said and it did FEEL right. Yesterday morning I was listening to one of your videos. I had to turn it off so I could finish getting ready for work. I didn't want to keep listening if my mind was on getting to work. There was a little glitch on the computer and it disappeared from the screen, but I could still hear you. The video would not shut off!, but I could not pull the page back up. The video was somewhere in the ethers. I even just closed the laptop and when I reopened it I could still hear you! I said WOE! That was such a validation that the teacher has appeared and the student is ready. Thank you. "…are you with me still?" has taken on a whole new meaning. much love and respect.

  3. Thank you Dr. Joe very important to disconnect. When I go to dinner my cell phone stays in the car. When I walk the dog I usually leave cell phone at home. Gratitude

  4. All addictions are bad. And children who are as young as 7 addicted to their phones? That’s not going to end well for them. As adults they will have mega short attention spans not to mention other problems in life. Children in the East and places like Africa are much better off as they will be happier.

  5. Firs of all I think that those people who disliked this are so in love with their cell phones, that ths cell phone has told them, that he has insulted them and ordered them to go and dislike this video. I came last days to discovery. I believe that many of you have also found it before me. But to me it was really sad when I found it out. We know how to use any machine we create, we know of what it's made, what every part is for and etc., but we didn't know how our own body works. I am really happy that it's changing. Peace 🤗

  6. I'm teaching myself to use my phone less and less. I had to wean myself little by little everyday. When I was in middle school my computer became my best friend because the people in my household would just fight all the time and to escape it I'd stay in my room. That's where it all started and fell in love with technology but now I'm choosing life again at 28 💙

  7. Joe is there a way I can contact you directly if you are open to it. I see you are coming to Ireland next year 2020 would love to do an interview with you whilst her in Ireland.

  8. I agree! I always felt that way with cell phone use. Is that person on the phone more important to connect with them the human in your face? I put my phone away as well and find it very draining at times!

  9. Also, I love everything you are teaching and want to thank you for helping so many! Can’t wait to meet you at a live workshop!

  10. A kinfe can be used by a doctor to save someone s life it can be used for cutting vegetables and can be so many other activities as well .you learn to disconnect from technology & stay balance start living consciously Thanks doctor Joedispenza warm regards 🙏 Ravi

  11. I have never had a cell phone. I have been running a successful business since 1980. Everyone I know has one and can not have a serious conversation without having to check or answer their phones. They miss so many opportunities to connect with each other and the earth. I lie down on the ground to unwind and dissipate negative energies and store up loving and compassionate energies. To me just the act of watching an ant crawl up a flower stem is more interesting than watching a screen or talking with someone who is not in front of me.

  12. Hello Dr. Dispenza, I wanted to thank you for sending your energy my way. I have never heard of you until today. I cannot stop listening to you! I have replayed and replayed things you have taught me that amazes me. This is exactly what I needed! Thank you SO much for being You! I'm going to fill my mind with the FUTURE and stop being addicted to my old self. I'm excited that I'm going to attend one of your retreats!!! THANK YOU FROM MY HEART!!! This is life-changing!!!!!

  13. He could have spent 60% of the time getting this point across if he didn't feel the need to keep getting validation from the audience. "Are you with me?", "Do you understand?" "Yes or No?" "Does this make sense?"

    …"Are you with me still?"

  14. I don't believe that that was the question. I believe the man was referring to the magnetic field created by technology and antennas and waves…

  15. Shut all social media off it's not hard .
    I just have YouTube and far happier than when I was on the devil's platforms .
    Just to add . When we buy a phone it states 8 gig 16 gig standard . Not true is it , we the consumer are paying for the operating system , when will Google stop , when there is no more room on the phone , and then what .
    It's BS they won't full control .
    I say don't stand for it , keep your old phone do you really need a new phone new contract , not really do we . Let the big corporations fall , don't give in 🙏
    5G will kill you and most don't even know it .

  16. I noticed from the moment that I got a smart phone my anxiety level increased exponentially. So it’s hard to feel like there’s any downtime in life with all the technology. Therefore I’m going to have to cut back. Thank you so much for doing this presentation.

  17. Just imagine if the young generation becomes addictive to mobile phones and remote communication and then a form an indoctrination of the masses are introduced by these communication devices to manipulate and control populations. Humanity is already programmed with greed and selfishness so the "elite" have these "faults" on the people to use as tools for the minority control the majority even more than now.

  18. There should be a day or multiple days during the year when the whole world looks at the moon and blesses it with the greatest good. Who knows what would happen. Or the sun, maybe love would be merged with the rays and all the crops and people would be bathing in love.

  19. I've been trying to notify people of this for a while now, i am glad to see Dr Joe Dispenza speak so eloquently about this very needed dissertation. 🔑

  20. Yes they are..not forgetting how lucky we all are to have access to his findings and sharing it with all of us surfing the world wide web..🎶💚🙏🎶

  21. Maybe an acronym: DR.LOOTWIN.detach relax look out of the window into nothing.

    Fantastic way of starting my day, really awakening and kickstarting some neurons.

    Great talk.


  23. Dr Jor Dispenza, will you consider doing a workshop in Istanbul, where the two continents Europe and Asia- the craddle of several ancient civilizations- merge beautifully with all their diversities and colours🙏🏻💜

  24. mind wants to make any pleasurable experience last longer whether that is materialistic or spiritual experience. It's food is experience therefor it craves.

  25. He’s a neuroscientist yet he speaks wrongly about how dopamine and the reward pathways work according to the latest scientific understanding. You don’t get a dopamine rush when you do something rewarding, you get dopamine hits when you take actions towards doing a rewarding thing, but not in the moment you do the thing. This is the difference between phone addiction and actual chemical drug addiction. You can easily re-regulate the brain and enjoy walks and food and normal pleasures again after decreasing time with your phone or games. A thousand times harder with chemical addiction. It’s explained by a practicing scientist much better here –

  26. Please Dr Joe Dispenza i will like to ask you if this are really your works because there is a channel on yputube which are making some subliminal with your name on but there are so many people which said that seen that they are listening to it they are making bad dream with violence and torture that why i want to ask you if its really your work or not because its our subconscious an its something very important. To much person are trusting this subliminal because there is your name on. Thank you to informed us and hoping to be clear on this subliminal thank for all your help

  27. Have recommended your work for several years. I think of you as a mind/soul engineer. Thanks for your educational clarity and research!

  28. Hi Dr.Dispenza! Can we change the entire world using LOA? Can I influence the 7+ billion people in my current reality? I am from a country that is seeing widespread ethnic conflict at this time. The media has lost its credibility. And neither side wants to read articles written by the other side. They dismiss it as fake news. This is what I call turning into camps. Can one hold an image of a particular political outcome, or even a change in and of the political system, and have it manifest? Please make a video on it.

  29. I just had a revelation! I'm going to quit caffeine-it gives pleasure (dopamine) without doing anything. With caffeine over time, lack of motivation to do fun things might result. Seventh Day Adventists live the longest in the USA and don't drink coffee or tea. I bet that’s the real reason why. Also, they don’t eat spicy foods (not even black pepper) which are also stimulating. Great food for thought, this video! Thank you!!!

  30. Sad that there is no mention of radiation and worse still noticed that Dr Joe is wearing a transmitting microphone right beside his brain when it is totally necessary unnecessary as he is sitting down and could use a normal microphone a singer died recently around 60 years old who had always used a transmitting microphone on her head, so dangerous!

  31. "Practicing short attention span" – Yes !! After seeing this, as a web developer, I noticed my need to jump around in my coding in stead of focusing and completing….

  32. My time spent on my cell phone is watching Joe and those like him sharing how we can connect with our inner self. I love all that he has shared with us as I feel he is sharing the truth we have all forgotten! I am being the best I can be with this new information I have learned! I cannot wait to go to one of his seminars to continue my growth!

  33. Great message, Dr. Dispenza! So much addiction through social media and technology use… More than DRUGS and Alcohol. 🙃 Thank you for your Wise words. 🙏💞⭐

  34. I was sent the link in an email ( dopamine hit ) and I'm watching on my phone ( stimulated attention ) the habit is strong in this one.

  35. #cruiseenvy 💜🕶 breaking up is hard to do🎶🎶🎸🎸🤕🤳🤳🤳🤳🤳 kids… no I'm rich…🤣🤣🤣

  36. Powerful stuff. I frequently hear people complaining that things move too slow for them. I rarely heard that 15-20 years ago.

  37. Dr Dispenza telling the truth. I've started to do the things that would get me back to my goal of working for myself, being my own boss, since I hate, I mean hate working at the job, and yes, it's only a job, I'm at now. I'm grateful for the check every two weeks, benefits, but long story short, not doing anything close to what I got a degree in. But righ right, have the wheels in motion to get going for 2020, but I'm finding my self needing to watch over and over and some new one's too, t motivational videos, and now getting caught up on the "prank videos" which are funny, nothing wrong with that, but I'm not moving forward as I should to get myself to the next level and up in my own success. Total wake up call. But honestly, I already knew I began, "procrastination". God bless everyone and many successus to you! 🙂

  38. This is why Dr Joe always says ‘are you with me still?’ As most people have very very short attention spans. I think he said 6 seconds in another video! That is scary!! 😯




  42. Clearly part of the problem with our society is overstimulation and too much emphasis on money along with being miseducated. Most people don't realize how intoxicated they are and how it affects their lives.

  43. Did the old sesame Street song "put down the ducky" get stuck in anyone's head after watching….enlightening video. Thank u

  44. The only thing missing is the importance of pH balance
    The blueprints of Divine Design .
    Dr. Otto Warburg Nobel Prize science 1931 there is a cure .
    Frugivores fructivore herbivore carnivore omnivore breathivor .
    Live as the one that you are live with no illness or disease !~)
    Live as more than the one that you are play Russian roulette with illness and disease suffering pain early death !~(
    All are sustaining but only one is rejuvenating !~) that's the one that you truly are !!!
    earth covered in fruitful flowers an fruit trees earth covered in equal loving freedom !!!
    No more need for the Vatican Crown Freemason Monopoly game of konstrukt slavery rule 👿🤡👹🙉🙊🙈
    loving gratitude all my beautiful Brothers on my beautiful sisters of this beautiful Earth for the shift in energy the rise up the pH scale of balance The evolutionary creation of an alkaline environment for self and the Oneness of us all 🙏🌞🌬❄🌈🌈🌈🥥🥑🍎🍈🥭🍍🍉🍐🍌🍋🍒🥝🎶🎵🎶💞🌏🌎🌍💞🌞🙏

  45. I appreciate this message a lot 💕💕💕💕💕I limit my exposure to watching Dr. Joe and the healings!
    Since following this work- so Gratefully!

  46. I’ve been practicing Law of Attraction since 2009 (going on 11 years).  I want to tell you all that it ABSOLUTELY works.  I have a list of over 300 things, big and small, that I’ve manifested from $50k to healing cavities and growing an inch past 30.  It is SO important to hone our focus. As a powerful conscious creator, fear and negative emotion are indicative of only one thing – you are focused on something that you do not wish to happen.  When we are in  a state of fear or negative emotion (every type of negative emotion stems from some form of fear), it means that we are imagining events and situations happening (or not happening) and seeing it so vividly that we are able to feel the negative emotions that are produced by those imagined events as if they have already happened. 


    If you are familiar with the Laws of the Universe (Law of Attraction), you will realize that this is EXACTLY how things are manifested.  You focus on what you want (or in this case what you don’t want) and feel the corresponding emotion and BOOM, sooner or later a manifestation in the physical world happens.  When we are able to let go of our fears, we begin programming our minds to think and imagine only the things that we wish to create. 

    Here are 5 steps to help you release your fears so that you can focus back on what you like to attract:

    1.       Be aware – know how you are feeling at all times so you know when you are thinking negative thoughts

    2.       Ask yourself whether or not your negative thought is helpful – 100% of fear thoughts are not helpful at all.  Fear of crossing the street and getting hit by a car is not going to help you at all.  What will help is being careful when you cross the street and that takes focus in the moment which is NOT possible when you are focused on your fear and you may become a “deer in headlights”. 

    3.       Make an Intention to let the thought go –  After identifying that the fear or negative emotion does not serve you, it is much easier to let it go.  You would not continue to eat something that makes you sick or carry around a bag of useless bricks once you’ve identified that they are useless.  – making an intention to let the thought go will allow you to let the thought go much easier.  You are basically giving yourself the permission to let it go.

    4.       Clear yourself –  The next step is to clear yourself.  Take a few minutes to breathe, focus on silence or the sounds around you without judgement, focus on feeling parts of your body without judgement, look at something intensely without judgement.  This will shift your focus and allow you to move away from your negative though.  Do this until you feel a sense of relief or peace.

    5.       Think of what you DO want – after you clear your mental and emotional space, it is then much easier to fill that space with thoughts of what you do want.  You can now insert thoughts that make you feel good.  If you have fears that you will not get the job you want, this is the time for you to imagine GETTING the job of your dreams and feeling what that would feel like.  You can also go back to past memories of things that made you feel Love, Joy, Fulfillment Etc

    Much Love and Blessings to you all on this magical Journey!

  47. Ur a doctor, on a question re cell phone and children why do u say NOTHING about the extreme impact of EMFs radiation on the brain and in turn the body's physiology from 4g or 5g. All this addiction to dopamine that u speak of is valuable/true but i think its a serious disservice to clearly know nothing about physiological harm. Do some research on that and include in info u dispense.

  48. Cell phones are much like tablets and computers. My childrens schools are now turning most of their school work and homework into doing everything electronically and over the internet. By them doing this, I dont feel they are bettering our children. They are just making it easier for themselves. If I had the power, I'd ban electronics for awhile, maybe a blackout.. So our children can see how we lived and that we can survive without electronics. This world has become lazy because of this. Now so many children dont want to be an "astronaut" or a "doctor", they want to be a youtuber. I've shut down internet in my home for some months, only to have to put it back on thanks to hard times about my children's school work. We adults have the willpower to put down our cell phones, but it's up to ourselves if we want to or not and what kind of example we want to set to our children. If these parents cant put their cell phones away to get their children out of the house to be normal children, they will end up addicts to the electronic world as well. And not just parents.. I am just speaking on my behalf, what this is doing to everyone, and the personal h*ll I go through thanks to cell phones, tablets, and video games.

  49. Joe just discribed my younger brother from youth to adult hood. Growing up he was addicted to video games so much he robbed my moms rent money for arcades at the age of 5. He was diagnosed with ADHD by the age of 7, and prescribed meds for that to "help keep him stable in school". By the age 8 he was smoking weed and by the age of 15 he was doing harder drugs and that went on for years until he has doing very scary drugs in 20's. He broke out and I am so greatful he has made it as far as he did so far. I LOVE you brother! I see such a positive nourished future for our whole family.

  50. Its worse here in China nobody talks to anyone on a bus or subway people are glued on their phones ,no ubuntu lm still shocked coming from Africa where everyone talk to each other and know eveyone on the train to work ,and even tell the drive on a bus to wait for so and so person ,here nobody smile and greet just on their phones …

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